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History Of The N.F.S. Reaent

History Of The N.F.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-C:


By the conclusion of the Federation-Klingon War, massive reorganization of fleet assets were required. Scheduled class retirements and reorganizations planned to be completed by the end of 2294 had been put on hold following the President's death. The result was the augmentation, construction and complete refit of ship classes that history had seen retired from service by the end of the 23rd Century. This included the continued operation of over twenty-three Constitution Class Heavy Cruisers, thirty-one Miranda Mark II Frigates and an upgraded Constellation Class Explorer Class Refit.


2308 saw the start of a phased retirement of the Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser, being completed by the end of 2315. The final ship of the class to remain in service was the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-A, under the command of Captain Pavel Chekov. By the conclusion of November 2320, one quarter of the Constellation Class Explorer Class fleet had also been retired. Most ships of this category had been in service prior to the war and featured what was considered to be a substandard structural support frame. One vessel of the fifteen decommissioned included the U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-A, which history should have recorded as missing since the later part of the 23rd Century.


The early decades of the 24th Century saw the demand for a new dominate class to fullfill growing demands of allowing secure exploration of the vanish areas of space the Federation now held. Conceptual designs for the Ambassador Light Carrier Class fleet were initiated in 2325 at Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. Construction of the U.S.S. Ambassador was complete by the end of 2329.


Unlike the Ambassador Scientific Explorer history recorded, these ships featured a superstructure designed to allow the operation of over fifty-seven Chapel Mark X Class attack fighters. This resulted in expanded service bay access on the aft sections of the saucer and a redesigned engineering section to allow for additional deuterium for fueling for the craft. While possessing many of the scientific capabilities of the original Excelsior Class, these ships also complimented themselves with four forward torpedo magazines and phaser system designs that should not have appeared until the Galaxy Class introduction almost three decades later.


The class took up patrol responsibilities for most Federation frontiers, including those along the Romulan and Gorn border. By 2350, the Ambassador Enhanced Carrier was introduced into production. The modifications to key design features allowed for easier accessibility to internal systems and provided auxiliary backups to many fighter related functions. Such issues had been exploited in the first ten years of the Federation-Romulan War, a fault many experts believe was shared with the Romulans by NFA representatives.


The seventh of the Ambassador Enhanced Carriers to be built from scratch was given the contract number NCC-3345-C. This version of the Reaent was launched from Andoria Shipyards in February 2355 and saw immediate service in the Installer Campaign near Algeron in 2357.


The U.S.S. Reaent was scheduled for a three year long refit in 2366, a process that was delayed until 2367 following a covert attack by Romulan agents against New Vulcan Station in 2365. The ship was deactivated from active service at the beginning of 2367 and scheduled to return to active duty following a shakedown cruise in 2371.


It never happened.


Three days before the scheduled shakedown cruise, a group of New Federation Alliance personnel launched a covert operation against the Alpha Five Refit Center in Sector 032. With the death of over three hundred due, the ship was essentially stolen from the UFP with only minor damage. While successful, the ship's functionality was quickly put into question given a series of nearly fatal malfunctions. Engineers of the New Federation Navy failed to certify the ship completely operational until 2373, by which time the first Galaxy Heavy Carrier had been introduced by Starfleet.


At the end of 2382, the N.F.S. Reaent finds itself one of the oldest of it's kind in service within the rebel fleet. Increasing defections and assistance by the Romulans has increased the navy's fleet to include over ten carriers, though most are either in the forms of Akira Fast Attack Carriers or the Galaxy Heavy Carrier.

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