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Cptn Corizon

While Morningstar is Away, Evil will Play

As Morningstar ventures into the depths of the Gamma Quadrant, blissfully unawares, choas descends upon the Dominion


Gannel, Vorta Administrator of the Hanquin Cloning Facility, smiled to himself. It was glorious morning. Truly the Founders had smiled upon him. Jem’Hadar Cloning Production rose ten percent in the previous three months, and his facility was ahead of schedule for the new Gamma-series that would be the next generation of Jem’Hadar warriors.


The morning sunlight of the triple stars shined in his eyes as he looked over the open balcony at the facilities bellow him. A shadow crossed over his eyes, and he glanced up to see what had covered one of three stars Hanquin IV orbited.


It was the last thing Gannel 4 saw clearly. The next was weapons fire.


When the Dominion Battlecruiser Tilnoth arrived in Hanquin, even the Jem’Hadar onboard could not believe it. The entire facility had been eradicated. Not one living creature had been left alive on the planet, the surface of the once lush M-Class planet smoldering.


Terrias, Vorta of the Tilnoth could not imagine the hubris of the attacker. It was sometime before he could even repeat the horrible events to the Vorta Council.


“The Entire Planet…the clones…everything…destroyed. May the Founders forgive who ever committed such an atrocity!.”


The news weighed heavily on the Vorta Council. It was the fifth such attack in just over 2-weeks. And the third cloning facility they had lost, and despite the vastness of the Dominion, cloning facilities of the size of Hanquin were not easily replaced.


“This must be the work of the Hundred!” Demit, one of the senior members of the council, boomed following the transmission from Terrias.


“Mind your tongue,” Rexwin, another member of the council chided. “They are still our gods. Surely they would not destroy their creation in order to harm the Founders.”


“You place too much faith in the Hundred…”


Keevan leader of the Council frowned. “Perhaps what is needed further…investigation into the matter?”


Demit scowled. “We should prepare for a Civil War.”


“Indeed,” Rexwin said begrudgingly, her displeasure showing on her face. “Rebel Vorta must know the consequences of their actions.”


Keevan’s frown deepened. In the thousands of years the Dominion had stood, never had the Vorta taken up arms against each other. The thought of such a conflict sickened him. Secretly, he wished Odo and the Founders would break from their seclusion and give them guidance. What was Vorta to do? Torn between Gods…the choice was almost unthinkable.


“I will not allow this to escalate into a Civil War,” Keevan said firmly. “We must root out the Rebel Vorta and terminate them.”


Demit shook his head. “And if we must use force to do that?”


“Then so be it…”

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