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Winter Wonderland

Crispin checked on Elaine's location and once he found she was not in her quarters he made his way there. With being on a new ship and still learning all the security clearance codes, he used some old fashioned engineer know how to break in. Once in he made his way to her bedroom and left a large box on her bed, with a note.


“Meet me in the Holodeck.

P.S.; bring ice skates”


Elaine had already had quite a day. As she made her way to her quarters she thought about her patients, poor stir-crazy lads that some of them were. And her new Ensign, Eaglet or something like that, that she still needed to get to know better. And finally, the fact that they were on the Morningstar instead of the Excalibur, which was making paperwork a greater deal more difficult than usual. She let out an overly dramatic sigh and entered her quarters.


The first thing she noticed was a box. A box? That had not been there when she had last left this room. She quickly opened it while reading the note, wondering what this mass of black cloth could be…


Not too long later Elaine headed towards the Holodeck wearing a black dress and a pair of boots, the skates slung over one shoulder.


Crispin stood waiting at the Holodeck, he looked at his pocket watch, “Hmm, where is she?”


Elaine came up behind him and gave him a tap on his shoulder. “Hello,” she said with a smile.


Crispin turned to Elaine, and in a stern and harsh tone, “You're late.” He then smiled and hugged Elaine, being overjoyed to see her again.


Elaine stiffened at first, but then hugged him back. “You had me worried there for a moment. I was sure I had given myself enough time to get here.” She pulled back gently. “Glad to see you again, Old Man.”


“Ah, I was so worried about you. Now, I have been working the last two days straight and needed some R&R. And with what happened to you, I thought you could use some as well.” He paused for a moment, then added, “Old man, why... Oh wait, you are right.” Crispin extended his arm to Elaine, “Shall we?”


Elaine wrapped her arm around his, “We shall.”


Crispin pressed the button and the doors opened, revealing inside not the steely walls of the Holodeck, but a lush wintry field, and in the distance was a fair. “I hope you know how to Ice Skate.”


“It has been a while since I skated last... hopefully I won't require a trip to my own sickbay by the end of today.”


“I will not let that happen. This is time for you to get over the worries of late.”


As the two entered, the door and the outside world disappeared. Now it was only the two and the holographic people and animals.


Elaine grinned, “Smell is close enough to snowy. You know, I didn't experience the real thing until I was thirteen-years-old?”


“I remember my first snow like it was yesterday. Okay, no I do not, but I remember this. New England 1903, lovely year.” Crispin eyed Elaine, “And might I add you look lovely as well. I hope it fits.”


Elaine nodded, “Thank you, it fits perfectly. And you look quite dashing yourself.” She looked down at her dress. “It’s almost as though you asked one of my nurses for the correct measurements.” She smirked then nudged him.


“No, I hacked the computer for your personal file.”


Elaine laughed, “I wouldn't put it past you.”


Crispin thought to himself how much he feared that he would never see that smile again, but was thankful that he could now gaze upon it. And her. “Thank you, but this old thing. I put this on when I do not care what I look like.” Crispin smiled. “And, for your information, no this is not an original. I replicated it from an old photo of myself. Ah, the band is playing shall we go for a listen?”


“Yes, lets.” Elaine lifted up a foot slightly as they walked along. “These however are originals. I'm ever so pleased the made it through whatever happened to the ship, for my aunt would have killed me if...” She paused to note the irony of the statement. “Well, she would not have been very pleased if they'd been damaged, it took her a long time to find them.”


“Oh, well, then I shall be the perfect gentleman and make sure my lovely escort does not get her attire damaged.”


Elaine gave his arm a squeeze, “You'll spoil me.”


Crispin lead Elaine to the court yard, then an usher lead them to their seats. “I try.”


Elaine took her seat and crossed her legs, “Do you know the song they're playing?”


“Yes, Beethoven's third. I helped him write this very piece.”


Elaine smirked, rolling her eyes a bit. “Are you the serious type who will want to listen to it in utter silence, or can I ask you how you've been?”


“Let's listen, no talking, this is about relaxing. And by the looks of you, you need it.”


Elaine nodded, “If I fall asleep though, do forgive me...” She leaned on his shoulder facing towards the band.


Crispin took her hand, “Shh.” He smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder


The two sat quietly listening to the performance. Crispin listened to the music, waxing about how much of the music they played was actually written by him. After the band finished Crispin lead Elaine to the iced over pond. “How about we give those skates a go?”


“Alright, but you may have to help me a bit... these boots were murder trying to get on, and getting them off again could be even more difficult.”


“Well, might I add, I am a pro at taking off women's...” Crispin smiled sheepishly. “Yes.” He put his skates on and stepped onto the pond.


Elaine found a bench near the ponds edge and sits down. “If you can reach this foot I'll work on my left one while you work on getting the right boot off.” She stuck her right leg straight out. “Try not to accidentally tug me off the bench.” She winked.


“Certainly my lady, but I can do them both.” With delicate care Crispin undid the laces of the boots and slides them off Elaine.


Elaine stuck her chin out, “I'm not completely helpless... but alright...” She watched him take her boots off, handing him her skates to put on. At first, having him do something for her so simple as to take her shoes off made her feel uncomfortable. She found though that she seemed to be enjoying it, and at thought she blushed.


“Oh, you have such dainty feet.” Crispin took the skates and brushed her heel when putting them on, lacing them firmly, but not tightly.


“All set?”


“Yes my Lady.” Crispin held out his hand to help Elaine up and onto the ice, “If you are uneasy, you can hold my hand.”


Elaine took his offered hand, wobbled a bit, and then grabbed him around the waist. “Yes... I think I will hold on to your hand... as long as I don't drag you to the ice...”


“Okay, hold on.” Crispin skated behind her but still braced her by the waist; he moved his hand to her side by the waist and took her left hand. “Just follow my lead. It's a lot like dancing.”


Elaine watched him closely, “Hmm, then I will be sure to not step on your toes...”


“You had better not, especially with those blades on your feet. Let's start slowly.” Crispin stepped forward launching the two. “Take it easy. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.”


Elaine started with the foot movement again, getting the hand of propelling herself. “This is a little different than an inside rink. No wall to hang on to...” She gave his hand around her waist a little squeeze.


“There you have it. Now, let's try once around the pond. Shall we?”


“Alright.” Elaine looked around to figure out the course. “This is fun.”


“Yes, but it would not be as much fun if I were doing this without you.” Crispin led Elaine from behind, pushing her slightly, and keeping her balanced. “You are doing just great.”


“Thank you.”


“Now relax, are you ready to fly solo?”


Elaine nodded. “I think so...” She spun around slowly to face him and tilts her head to one side. “Do I get to still hold your hand?”


Crispin smiled, then leaned in and whispered in her ear, “As long as you need to Elaine, as long as you need to.”


Elaine squeezed Crispin's hand and started to skate off with him, but didn't say anything. Crispin stayed by Elaine's side, making sure she did not fall, and the two skated till the sun set.


Elaine scrunched her rosy nose at Crispin, “I'm getting cold.”


Once Crispin got Elaine's boots back on he announced, “Okay, I have something to warm you up.” Crispin whistled and a horse drawn sleigh came over. “Shall we?”


Elaine grinned, “Do you really have to ask?”


Crispin helped Elaine into the carriage, then took the seat next to her and pulls out a wool blanket. “This should keep us warm.”


Elaine tucked the blanket around them, “Indeed.”


“And I have a surprise.”


“I'd ask what it is, but that is both clichéd and silly, as you just told me it was a surprise.” Elaine looked at him expectantly nonetheless.


Crispin pulled out a thermos and two mugs, “Hot chocolate. And it's the real deal, not replicated. Real chocolate, real milk.” He poured her a cup, then himself. “A toast. To lovely company and good times.”


Elaine raised her glass, and then took a whiff and sip of it. “Delicious.”


“Not as delicious as your eyes.”


“Funny you should say that... I've always found your eyes to be much more enjoyable to look at then mine.” She took another sip of he hot chocolate, feeling a bit embarrassed and wondering if that sounded silly.


Crispin laid his cup down and entangled his fingers with Elaine's. “You know, I am here for you. If you want to talk about what happened.” Crispin leaned close in and kissed her softly on the lips. “I am here for you Elaine.”


Elaine kissed him back, enjoying the chocolaty taste. “I really do appreciate that, but I've never been much of a talker, even when I try.” She snuggled closer to Crispin, “Being 'there' for me though is more than enough. It does help,” she told him, hoping he would understand.


Crispin leaned his head on hers, “Driver, once around the park.”


The two sat quietly, enjoying the ride, but more so enjoying each other's company.

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