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Murdok Helios

Whos that guy?

::After arriving at the Camelot Station on a transport going into the GAMA QUAD. I eventually found my room and began to settle in. I then sat in my room and looked over a PADD detailing the personal files of the Chief of Security Lieutenant Brian Graham and Arian McKnight. Finishing up I placed the PADD on the table and relaxed in the chair.:


First assignment on a Starfleet vessel and I come to find out that the ship is a wreck. Just my luck, the chatter in the station speaks of some sort of battle with the Romulans. Hopefully I will learn more when I meet some of my new crewmembers. The room I have been assigned to is small and the replicator acts up every time I need something. Then again anything is better than that blasted Transport ship I had to ride in to get myself to the Camelot Station. I’m going to go check in with the acting Chief of security McKnight. Things around here are still hectic; I’m having trouble finding the CMO or any of her staff, I need them to get my physical under way. I’m not as attached to the EXCALIBUR as the other crewmembers are but seeing their faces gives me idea of what they are going through. Off to go report to the USS MORNINGSTAR after clearing out the rest of the weapons on the EXCALIBUR under the orders of CSEC McKnight.



:: After finishing up on the EXCALIBUR I went back to my room got my bag and headed toward the airlock to the MORNINGSTAR. I Entered Deck 5 and made my way over to Crew Barrack 7A. I paused to look around at the other crewmembers and the untraditional set up of the crew quarters. I made my way over to my bed placed my bag next to it and laid back looking around and taking everything in.::

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