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Cptn Corizon

USS Morningstar Technical Data

The Mk III Intrepid class, code named Morningstar, was initially developed in response to Fleet Commander's requests for a small, yet heavily armed warship that could assist in planetary capture situations. Utopia Planitia began working on the project almost immediately as the Dominion War waged on. Initially, Starfleet had requested a completely new design from the ground up, however, it was apparent that in order to properly design such a craft, Fleet would have to divert to many resources at the height of hostilities, an unacceptable option. Thus, the Intrepid-class was chosen to fill this role, as it already met many of the design criteria.


However, the small size of the Intrepid-class proved to be an Achilles heal to the project and slowed down development. By the time the first mock-up was completed, all parties had agreed to cessation of hostilities. At first, this looked to be the end of the Morningstar, however, Admiralty elected to continue work on the project as a test bed for a new direction in starship design?building smaller more powerful vessels that could easily defend several sectors at a time.


The prototype USS Morningstar, NX-82785, is a significant technological and tactical upgrade to the standard Intrepid-class, externally, most of the changes are the added weapons fixtures. Internally, most of the science bays and luxuries of an Intrepid class were removed to make room for the added weapons and weapon storage. The Main Shuttle bay has also been enhanced/expanded to carry a wide array of fighters and assault landing equipment for planetary assault.


The initial plans called for a two warp core system, however, that was scrapped in favor of simply using a slightly modified Intrepid-Core. Starfleet Engineering favored this move because it would keep production time and computer usage down, as well as not needing to add additional Deuterium Storage.


The Morningstar has completed her preliminary testing of systems, and is preparing for her first field trials. Preliminary tests revealed only a few minor problems: During Full Battle Mode (All weapons online) all but non-essential systems must be shut down to accommodate for power drain (Note: A Full Battle Test has yet to be completed.); EPS power grid required additional cooling units; shielding system showed a tendency to develop 'soft spots' during weapons testing, however SF Engineering ruled the problem did not present a risk to the project.


Technical Data

Category Details

Model Type: Assault Cruiser

Unit Run: Prototype

Commissioned: 2375 - Present

Length: 355 meters

Beam: 133 meters

Height: 75 meters

Mass: 1,075,500 tons

Crew Complement: 150 officers/enlisted plus Flight Crew

Normal Cruise: Warp 8

Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.97

Maximum Rated: Warp 9.98 for 6 hours

Phaser Armament: 2 Class II rapid fire phaser pulse cannons

3 multi-directional phaser turrets with 4 Class I cannons each

20 Type XI phaser arrays (total output 83,000 TeraWatts)


Disruptor Armament: 5 Class I disruptor cannons (total output 60,000 TeraWatts)

Plasma Cannon Armament: 4 MV rapid fire plasma pulse cannons

Torpedo Armament: 1 standard quantum torpedo launcher + 50 torpedoes

2 multi-vector torpedo turrets, 3 class III torpedo launchers each + 120 torpedoes

2 rapid fire quantum torpedo launcher + 100 torpedoes

4 standard photon torpedo tubes

8 class II burst fire torpedo launcher + 320 torpedoes


Shields: Regenerative shield system

Shield Capacity: 3.5 million terrajoules

Warp Propulsion: Type VII M/AM Reactor

2 high output fusion reactors


Impulse Propulsion: 2 multi-vectored impulse engines powered by two fusion reactors encased within engine housing

Maneuverability: 8 surface mounted retro-thrusters pods [4 retro-thrusters per pod] and a series of ten embedded RCS thruster quads

Beam Firepower: 3,600

Torpedo Firepower: 6,725

Weapon Range and Accuracy: 1,000

Shield Strength: 1,296.29

Hull Armor: 2,000

Speed: 3,159.36

Combat Maneuverability: 7,500

Overall Strength Index: 3,560.70 (Galaxy class = 1,000)

Diplomatic Capability: Grade III

Expected Hull Life: 120 years

Refit Cycle: Minor: 5 years

Standard: 15 years

Major: 30 years

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Excellent specs, I've been wondering what class the ship was and it appears you answered it :lol:

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I have had some inquiries about our sim and the Morningstar, so I'll post a note to clarify.


Our current plotline has the crew of the Excalibur aboard the Morningstar, as the Excalibur was damaged and taken out of commission. The fate of the Excalibur-B is still a mystery to the crew. It was towed away as junk several weeks ago.


Only time will tell whether we see the good ol' Excalibur-B again, whether we'll see a brand new Excalibur-C (There are a lot of letters in the alphabet.), or whether the Morningstar will be re-commissioned with a new name.


Remember the Vulcan IDIC principal. There are Infinite Diversities, in Infinite Combinations. :P

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I like the B just fine. One of the main reasons I joined was because of the class of ship.

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