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Kairi's Bio





General Information:

Full Name: Kairi Kassem

Preferred Name: Kairi

Call Sign: Flux

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Species: Half Human, Half Romulan

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 113 lbs.

Hair: Long, Raven Black

Eye Color: Light Green

Skin Color: Pale Complexion

Noticeable Features: Pointy Ears

Place of Birth: Hong Kong, China, Earth




Rikku Kassem (Mother)

Biological Father Unknown (Suspected Romulan Galae Officer)

Charles Kassem (Step-Father)

Richard Kassem (Half-Brother)



Service Information:

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Chief Engineer

Assignment: USS Agincourt



Personal History:

Kairi was the product of a forbidden love. When Kairi's mother was in Starfleet, she was a young ensign in the Dominion War. About two years into the war, Rikku's ship was destroyed and many of the crew captured shortly after escape. While Kairi's mother spent the rest of the war in a prison camp, she met a young Romulan officer who was also a prisoner. Not long after, the two fell in love, but was unable to truly express it, due to the harsh prison environment.


After the war the two were freed from the prison, and were finally able to truly be together. During the couple of months they were together, Kairi was conceived. The relationship between Kairi's parents quickly came to an end, however, due to her father returning to Romulus. To insure his safety in the Romulan Galae, Rikku vowed to never reveal the identity of Kairi's father.


Not long after their departure, Rikku returned to Earth and resigned her commission in Starfleet after realizing she was with child. Rikku then returned to her home city of Hong Kong. It was there, months later, that she gave birth to Kairi. A couple years later, Rikku met and married Charles Kassem. After about a year, Kairi's half-brother Richard was born.


Kairi had a rough childhood, which she blames on being half Romulan. She was picked on and taunted most of her childhood and into her teenage years. It came to the point where she even resented herself for being half Romulan. Her mother tried to consol her and tells her that she should be proud of her heritage, but this lead to many arguments.


When Kairi was old enough, she left home and joined Starfleet Academy without hesitation.



Kairi didn't have many friends in the academy, which she actually didn't mind. She spent most of her free time studying for her engineering classes. She found that if she kept herself busy, she didn't have to worry about other people and how they saw her. She worked through the ranks pretty well, and soon became one of the top in her engineering class.


Personality Profile:

Kairi is very defensive, and tries to hide the fact that she is half Romulan. This leads to her nervousness and paranoia about what others think of her. Those that have been able to befriend her, have found that she is a very kind, caring, and reliable individual.


The subject of her family is a very touchy subject. Kairi sometime gets aggravated when others try to discuss the issue. Her relationship with her mother has been very rocky. It is even rumored that Kairi removed her last name just to spite her mother. Although she has issues with her mother, Kairi still stays in contact with her brother Richard.


After recent events, Kairi has resolved her issues with her mother, and tries to stay in contact as much as she can. She began accepting who she was, and with the help of her love interest, James Kroells, she has been learning about her Romulan herritage. Kairi longs for the day where she discovers who her real father is, and maybe get the chance to meet him.



Medical Profile:

Due to Kairi's unique physiology, she has been in almost perfect health all her life. She has never had any major illness and has never had a broken bone.


Her last check up was the academy entrance physical.


Note: Kairi fell victim to the Tobias Virus durring an away mission. This fatal virus caused her entire immune system to completely break down. Thank to a timely antidote, she was restored back to perfect health.



Service Record:

Stardate 0505.24 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy

Stardate 0505.25 - Assigned to USS Agincourt as Assistant Engineer

Stardate 0507.06 - Promoted to Ensign

Stardate 0509.21 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Stardate 0601.18 - Awarded the C.S. Lewis Excellence in Writing "Tragedy from a Different Point of View"

Stardate 0604.19 - Promoted to Lieutenant

Stardate 0609.13 - Awarded the Bronze Good Conduct Medal

Stardate 0701.24 - Promoted to Lieutenant Senior Grade

Stardate 0705.16 - Awarded second Bronze Good Conduct Medal

Stardate 0708.23 - Promoted to Chief Engineer

Stardate 0710.03 - Awarded the Silver Good Conduct Medal

Stardate 0712.05 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Stardate 0807.23 - Awarded the Gold Good Conduct Medal

Stardate 1203.28 - U.S.S. Agincourt was decommissioned

Edited by Kairi

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