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The Game is On

Llairhi Ori’Na N’Kedre

hru'Llairhi to Avalon Station

SD 0504.17




N’Kedre strolled out of the room rather pleased with herself. She had gotten everything she wished to get out of the meeting. The Rihannsu Saehir Nnhenkia had no real intention of going to war over one of the Founders clones—however they were also not about to hand it back to them so easily.


To an outsider, her actions a few moments ago in the Round Table session would have likely seemed irrational and a bit brash, but to any Rihan, they would know exactly what she was up to.


Colonel tr’Aieme strode next to her, also seemingly pleased. “Au did mehnka Llairhi,” he said once they were out of earshot and safely in a lift headed towards the RSE portion of the station. “However I am…concerned about the Vorta…Semil.”


“Au and I both,” she said disdainfully. “I do na trust that little nei’rhh.”


“Nor do I,” tr’Aieme said cautiously. “I think he plotting something that would be…counter to our own desires.”


N’Kedre nodded her agreement as they stepped out of the TL and walked into the heavily guarded section of the station that belonged to the RSE, the guards reflexively snapping to attention at both N’Kedre and tr’Aieme.


“I do na have to tell you the Tal’Shiar’s position on him,” he said as they entered the briefing room.


“Na you do na,” she said, “I have been briefed on the matter.”


In the room were several other Rihans, notably Khre’Riov tr’Shaelon.


“Jolan tru, quii,” N’Kedre said as she and tr’Aieme took there places. “This is tr’Aieme, Tal’Shiar Envoy to Starbase Camelot.”


The group lifted their brows, the rift between the two organizations had always been a touch and go situation, however for the moment they knew it was best if they worked together.


“I am Khre’Riov tr’Shaelon,” Khevio said nodding to tr’Aieme, “Commander of the Gamma Quadrant Fleet.”


tr’Aieme nodded.


“But au already knew that, ie?”


“Of course,” tr’Aieme said dubiously as he took his seat.


He was a tall, lanky man. His dark hair and eyes were piercing and they matched perfectly with the pitch black tunic he wore, signifying his affiliation with the Tal’Shiar.


“So tell me,” Khevio said. “What business does the Tal’Shiar have here?”


“Our only business here,” tr’Aieme said flatly, “deal with the Vortas.”


“I see,” Khevio said.


“Once those matters are no longer…pressing,” he said. “I will return to ch’Rihan.”


“Very well,” Khevio said. “I will remind au that I am still the ranking officer rhae this quadrant.”


tr’Aieme had come to expect this sort of thing out of the Galae officers he worked with, and so he simply nodded, despite the fact that he could easily usurp the power of not only Khevio but N’Kedre as well…if he deemed it necessary to accomplish his goals.


“Khre’Riov,” N’Kedre said. “I do however have a request of sorts…”




N’Kedre paused for a moment, like tr’Aieme she knew better than to give an order to a high ranking Galae officer, instead like tr’Aieme she would simply manipulate the situation to better suite her needs.


“Yes,” she said. “The Lloann’na, Kll’inghannsu and the Vorta are being led to believe that we are ready to declare war upon them if all does not meet our desires…”


“How perfectly delicious,” Khevio said grinning.


“I wish for you to make this charade look a little more…realistic…”


Khevio nodded. “You want me flex our muscles…”


“Exactly,” tr’Aieme chimed in.




“Mehnka,” N’Kedre said. “Also I want au to be ready to make a full withdrawl from the Quadrant, if that becomes nessicary. And perhaps begin drawing up…attack plans should need them as well. I have been informed that the 5 and 6th Fleets are being rerouted to the Gamma Quadrant, and Galae Command is meeting to discuss battle plans as we speak…should the Vorta try anything…funny.”


Khevio lifted his brows, he it seemed had been out of the loop on this one.


At that tr’Aieme explained the situation, and to an extent, what they were up to. A few minutes later, Khevio was smirking.


“As you wish,” he said to them. “It will be done…”




Back in the Alpha Quadrant, Ensign Manny Taj was manning the OPS station on Deep Space Nine. It was 0200 and all was quite—just the way he liked it.


That was, until a blinking light went off on his consol. “Huh…” the young Betazoid said aloud.


Just like that the blip went away, and Manny Taj went back to napping assuming it had just been a glitch.


At that moment, nearly 200 cloaked Romulan Warbirds of different classes were entering the Bajor system. All of them heading towards the wormhole.


With no one watching, the Romulans entered the wormhole destined for Gamma Quadrant, and no one on the other side would even know they were coming.


Once they exited, the Armada quickly jumped to warp and headed straight for Starbase Camelot.




As the meeting rapped up, a yeoman entered, handing N’Kedre a message. She read it, and then smiled. “The game is on…”



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