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Ensign Jerry Graham StarFleet Biogaphy

Crewman Bio.


Rank: Ensign

Name: Jerry Eugene Graham

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Single

Parents: Father Thomas Graham; USS ELEANOR, Mother Ashley Graham; No recent post

due to fact of death at Wolf 359.

Siblings: One brother John Graham; died at Wolf 359

Date of Birth: Stardate July 20, 2359

Birth Place: Southern California in a Town called Tehachapi

Education: Starfleet Academy; Tehachapi High School

Children: No reported Children.

Last Posting(s): USS INTREPID Assistant Engineer

Training: Helm, Engineering, Security

Current Post: Assistant Engineer aboard the USS REAENT

Starfleet Academy Training: Mr. Graham has had low grades, due to continuing

distraction. The Cadet recently has been raising his grades, it is expected that

by the end of term he will have enough merits to graduate. With a few incidents

at the Helm-position, he decided it best to attempt another position as

Engineer. His ability perform this function goes far beyond words.

Physical Status: Able to perform deep space missions.

Mental Status: Able to perform deep space missions.


Highest Academy Marks: Helm, Engineering.


Mr. Graham currently resides on board the USS REAENT crew quarters.

Mr. Graham enjoys working over time to make sure that everything meets the

Commanding Officer’s expectations.

Mr. Graham’s CO is Mr. McLean.


The Ensign has been on board the REAENT for almost six months now. We here at

StarFleet Command see him going far.

Service Record:

Stardate: 2375 January, 5- Enters Starfleet Academy

Stardate: 2376 August 23- Exits Freshman year and Enters Sophomore year.

Stardate: 2377 August 12- Exits Sophomore year with high marks in advanced

starship piloting, and Engine Maintenance with a total score of 247. Enters

Junior Year.

Stardate: 2378 August 20- Exits Junior class with high marks in engineering

advanced training,

and enters Senior and final year.

Stardate: 2379 August 25- Exits Starfleet Academy with high marks in all


Stardate: 2379 September 5- promoted to the rank of Ensign.

Stardate: 2379 December 28- Receive confirmation of new assignment aboard the


Stardate: 2380 January 16- arrives on USS REAENT as Assistant Engineer.

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