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Saturday Midnight Academy

=/\= =/\= ACADEMY BRIEF, Star Date 041205 =/\= =/\=

The Intrepid class USS Pursuit has been ordered to help a Federation Colony in the Skarlet system with an outbreak of some kind of rare fever.

=/\= =/\= END BRIEFING =/\= =/\=


Commaning Officer (CO) ----- Sovak

Executive Officer (XO) ----- Daryus

Operations Manager (OPS) ------- Aaron Westler

Tactical Officer (TAC) -------- EJ Pilot

Navigation Officer (HELM) ------ Gloer55

Chief Security Officer (CSEC) -- regayov

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- Kansas Jones

Asst Medical Officer (AMO1) ---- Adm T'Lara

Asst Medical Officer (AMO2) ---- Startrekdudett


We cured the patients, but killed the doctors? :lol:

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Here's the chat log for anyone interested


12/5/04 00:14:50 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: =/\= =/\= ACADEMY BRIEF, Star Date 041204 =/\= =/\= The Intrepid class USS Pursuit has been ordered to help a Federation Colony in the Skarlet system with an outbreak of some kind of rare fever. =/\= =/\= END BRIEFING =/\= =/\=

12/5/04 00:15:05 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: =/\= =/\= SIM START =/\= =/\= SIM START =/\= =/\= SIM START =/\= =/\=

12/5/04 00:15:23 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::stands at tactical station going over the systems::

12/5/04 00:15:30 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> Helm, set a course for teh Skarlet system

12/5/04 00:15:46 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::tapping controls, twitching::

12/5/04 00:15:55 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO> ::sit's in execs chir::<OPS> Have all department's report in.

12/5/04 00:16:05 [Holodeck] gloer55: <helm>::is checking engine systems:

12/5/04 00:16:09 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><XO> Aye sir

12/5/04 00:16:14 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO> ::opens his tricorder to scan for viral infections in the last patient of his shift::

12/5/04 00:16:22 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::text messages the OPs:: All Systems Check In here...

12/5/04 00:16:36 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><CMO>Chief, mission ready status?

12/5/04 00:16:41 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +to <AMO1> T Lara+ okay, lets get some research done into this skarlett system and see if tis has ever occured before

12/5/04 00:16:43 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <XO> Number one, Get us there as fast as possible. Sonds like those people need our help.

12/5/04 00:17:03 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::nods to TAC::

12/5/04 00:17:04 [Holodeck] admtlara: ::walking over to the computer station console in the doctor's office::

12/5/04 00:17:19 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: (CMO> +OPS+ mission readiness is proceeding. myself and AMO1 are researching now

12/5/04 00:17:21 [Holodeck] admtlara: <CMO><AMO1> Yes doctor

12/5/04 00:17:22 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO>Aye sir. <HELM> Increase speed to Warp 8.

12/5/04 00:17:41 [Holodeck] gloer55: <helm><xo>aue, sir::icreases speed

12/5/04 00:17:45 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>+<CMO>+ Understood

12/5/04 00:17:48 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <XO> Inform the Doctor to prepare the medical teams.

12/5/04 00:18:02 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO>Aye sir.

12/5/04 00:18:05 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><XO> All stations report ready sir..Sickbay is investigate this fever

12/5/04 00:18:26 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: *investigating

12/5/04 00:18:37 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CMO>Doctor, prepair medical teams and prepair isolation chambers in sickbay. Quarenteen everone coming aboard.

12/5/04 00:18:52 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +XO+ acknowledged

12/5/04 00:18:56 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << ROSTER UPDATE: Asst Medical Officer (AMO2) ---- Startrekdudett >>

12/5/04 00:18:59 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO>All staitions report ready captain.

12/5/04 00:19:04 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1> filtering through the Federation Medical Databanks searching for information on previous case studies of hemorragic fever ::

12/5/04 00:19:13 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << ROSTER UPDATE: Chief Security Officer (CSEC) -- regayov >>

12/5/04 00:19:22 [Holodeck] gloer55: <HELM>

12/5/04 00:19:33 [Holodeck] gloer55: <<sorry>>

12/5/04 00:19:56 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <CSEC> We'll need help with your teams, Chief, to maintain quarantine protocols.

12/5/04 00:19:58 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <walks into sickbay>

12/5/04 00:20:05 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO1 T Lara+ Tlara take med team one to the cargo bat and set up a triage system here in the sickbay to quarenteen the pateints

12/5/04 00:20:06 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> I've ordered sickbay to prepair quarenteen chamber's.

12/5/04 00:20:08 [Holodeck] regayov: [CSEC] Yes Sir

12/5/04 00:20:11 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CMO> Doctor I've caught up on the latest medications Starfleet Medical has provided to reduce the pain and swelling of fever

12/5/04 00:20:13 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::tapping, checking to see that Sickbay has enough energy for containment fields::

12/5/04 00:20:21 [Holodeck] gloer55: <HELM>::making small speed adjustments::

12/5/04 00:20:25 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> ::nods:: good

12/5/04 00:20:41 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> Nice to meet you I'll be just a moment

12/5/04 00:20:46 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +T Lara+ x cellent we may need that knowledge


12/5/04 00:21:12 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><OPS> Take whatever energy is needed from the replicators and holodecks for quarenten protacals.

12/5/04 00:21:17 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: Doctor? can I help?

12/5/04 00:21:35 [Holodeck] gloer55: <HELM><XO>dropping out of warp sir

12/5/04 00:21:40 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><XO> Aye sir...::notes the arrival:: Should I hail the planet?

12/5/04 00:21:41 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1> ::carries a medical tricorder, and medical supplies and assembles her team in Cargo Bay 1::

12/5/04 00:21:49 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO2+ u most certainly can. welcome to sickbay

12/5/04 00:21:54 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><HELM> Standard orbit.

12/5/04 00:22:00 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: Im in sickbay

12/5/04 00:22:10 [Holodeck] gloer55: <HELM><XO>aye::taps consol::

12/5/04 00:22:21 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> Sir, we've arrived.

12/5/04 00:22:22 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <HELM> Approach Skarlet III, and assume a standard orbit.

12/5/04 00:22:49 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CMO> ::taps badge:: Doctor Sir I need some assitance from the yellow shirts with these Triage bio beds.

12/5/04 00:22:52 [Holodeck] gloer55: <helm><co>aye, sir

12/5/04 00:22:52 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO2+ startrek dudette, assist me here in sickbay while AMO1 is in the cargo bay with the 1st med team

12/5/04 00:22:57 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <OPS> Hail the colonly, Mr Westler.

12/5/04 00:22:57 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <CMO> Im in sickbay

12/5/04 00:23:09 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::looks at the weapons stats::

12/5/04 00:23:17 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::nods, hitting a few buttons:: Channel Open sir..

12/5/04 00:23:37 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO1 Tlara+ what is ur status in cargo bay?

12/5/04 00:23:54 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: ::reading up on the colony::

12/5/04 00:24:17 [Holodeck] gloer55: <helm><CO>in orbit sir

12/5/04 00:24:28 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::awaits orders::

12/5/04 00:24:39 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO2 dudette+ use med team 2 and set up isolation chambers here in the sickbay for the people beamed abord

12/5/04 00:24:57 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CMO> Sir, we can accomodate 80 victims, the Triage center is nearly complete, I would like to coordinate with Security to act as stand by nurses

12/5/04 00:25:18 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <COLONY GOVERNOR> +COM+ Thank Goodness, you've arrived, Pursuit! We have a real situation down here. I have 90% of my people sick... two have died. I am worried for the other 46.

12/5/04 00:25:30 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO1 tlara+ acknowledged. go for it

12/5/04 00:25:41 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2>OKay Doctor Im here in sickbay already anyway

12/5/04 00:26:04 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> Sounds like there in a bad way.

12/5/04 00:26:21 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << Regayov, check your PM's please >>

12/5/04 00:26:24 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO2 dudettte+ stand by in scikbay for causulties

12/5/04 00:26:48 [Holodeck] regayov: <CSEC> ::rouunding up security teams::

12/5/04 00:26:55 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CSEC> Chief the Doctor would like to coordinate with security and we could use 3 or 4 standby officers to provide basic medical attention to the survivors

12/5/04 00:26:55 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> ::gravely:: Indeed. ::looks at screen:: +COM+ Gevernor, We will do waht we can to help. I am coordinating it with my CMO now.

12/5/04 00:27:00 [Holodeck] gloer55: << i have to go sorry:(>>

12/5/04 00:27:15 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << Goodnight, gloer >>

12/5/04 00:27:16 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <<Ill take HELM..>>>

12/5/04 00:27:17 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <<Night Gloer55.

12/5/04 00:27:20 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><gets isolation chambers ready for sick people beamed aboard>

12/5/04 00:27:21 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << Thanks, Aaron >>

12/5/04 00:27:21 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><CO> Sir I am willing to assist with any other department if needed

12/5/04 00:27:22 [Holodeck] gloer55: thx

12/5/04 00:27:24 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <<night Gloer :) >>

12/5/04 00:27:37 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <S'OK we won;t need one now that we've arrived>>

12/5/04 00:27:49 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> The teams are standing by.

12/5/04 00:28:04 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1> ::supplying each bio bed with the necessary mission information downlinks to the main computer core::

12/5/04 00:28:16 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <<Just in case...you may want us to be in a cat/mouse chase later on :P ))

12/5/04 00:28:22 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <OPS> Get me Dr Jones.

12/5/04 00:28:27 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +OPs+ ops offcer? has the governer given any info? such as has this happend previously?

12/5/04 00:28:33 [Holodeck] regayov: <CSEC><AMO1> Very well ::gathers standbye officers::

12/5/04 00:28:35 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::walks to the XO::

12/5/04 00:28:45 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <HOPS>Over the COMM sir? Or up here?

12/5/04 00:28:53 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><XO> Sir, do any other department need assist?

12/5/04 00:29:13 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <COM> I'm sure the doctor is busy. Com is fine.

12/5/04 00:29:21 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><TAC> Stand by Pilot, we may need you.

12/5/04 00:29:23 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <HOPS><CMO> We have no info except that there have been 2 deaths and 46 more infected or whatever it is..

12/5/04 00:29:28 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << Folks, remember to use + + for comms, like this: <POST>+POST+ >>

12/5/04 00:29:32 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CSEC> Thank you sir your We couldnt operate this triage without your yellow shirts and we might also need blood donors. Thanks again

12/5/04 00:29:43 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <HOPS>+CMO+ Standyby for the Captain+ ::nods to Sovak::

12/5/04 00:29:54 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><CMO>the chambers are ready

12/5/04 00:29:55 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +OPS+ thnak u. acknowldged

12/5/04 00:30:07 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><XO> Aye sir

12/5/04 00:30:14 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <<DIdnt see his post >_> >>

12/5/04 00:30:18 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO2 dudette+ acknowleged

12/5/04 00:30:39 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <CMO> +COM+ Doctor, the Governor says the outbreak has affected 40 people, two have died.

12/5/04 00:30:41 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::moves back to Tactical an waits::

12/5/04 00:30:49 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CMO> Doctor sir we have 80 bio beds prepped and ready for the incoming patients. We are ready to provide full triage services and blood transfusions. Can we ask Ops to turn on the beds?

12/5/04 00:30:57 [Holodeck] regayov: <CSEC> <AMO1> no problem

12/5/04 00:31:06 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::tapping dutifully::

12/5/04 00:31:07 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO1+ absolutley

12/5/04 00:31:14 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +CMO+ Are you sure it will be safe to beam anyof them aboard? Or will you be going down there?

12/5/04 00:31:36 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::sends a txt message to ops:: How is it going down there?

12/5/04 00:31:44 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><CMO> What if they are contagious?

12/5/04 00:32:12 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><CMO> Will we get it?

12/5/04 00:32:12 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +COM+ acknowledged. our research shows that tis happend about 50 years ago. the cure was a combination of 2 stabilizing agents. I am contacting the lab now to syntesize

12/5/04 00:32:20 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::txt message - Busy...all the departments want resources y'know?::

12/5/04 00:32:36 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+COPS+ Assistant Medical officer to the Bridge

12/5/04 00:32:41 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO>Sir, I would suggest that medical and security beam down first and evaluate the conagion situation before anyone is beamed up. Then all protacals can be observed.

12/5/04 00:32:56 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +CMO+ Good news. I'll inform the Governor.

12/5/04 00:33:01 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+OPS+ Sir could we need power down here.

12/5/04 00:33:11 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::txt message - Ok well if need help just holla :) ::

12/5/04 00:33:17 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +AMO1 +AMO2+ stand by and provide care as best u can to the patients. the cure to stabilize them will be priveded shortly

12/5/04 00:33:23 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <XO> Agreed, Number One.

12/5/04 00:33:55 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +lab+ need those synthesis ASAP lab

12/5/04 00:34:13 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <XO> I'm going to follow the Good doctor's advice, however, in this case.

12/5/04 00:34:18 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+CMO+ I'll hold the fort down sir if you're going planet side

12/5/04 00:34:18 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><CO> Sir are you sending a party down to the surface?

12/5/04 00:34:19 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2>+<CMO>+ Aye aye

12/5/04 00:34:36 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>+<AMO1>+ OPS here

12/5/04 00:34:37 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+CMO+ We're ready to recieve Doctor!

12/5/04 00:34:38 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> Understood sir.

12/5/04 00:34:55 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <OPS> Contact the Governor and tell him we are synthesizing an antidote.

12/5/04 00:35:15 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><CO> Aye sir ::tapping buttons::

12/5/04 00:35:48 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+OPS+ Thanks you Operations Chief we have 80 bio beds ready can you crank up the juice for half of them per Doctor Jones' orders?

12/5/04 00:36:00 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << T'Lara, check your PM's please >>

12/5/04 00:36:22 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>+<AMO1>+ Understood, I assume you also need containment fields on them?

12/5/04 00:36:31 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> Can we catch whatever this is?

12/5/04 00:36:34 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +CMO+ Admiral Sovak to Doctor Jones. Will you be beaming down with the syrum? I can assemble an Away Team to accompany you, if so.

12/5/04 00:36:35 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: ::checking the isolation fields on his panel::

12/5/04 00:37:20 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::checks the status of the transporter systems and array::

12/5/04 00:37:52 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> Alright let me access the main computer terminal in Cargo Bay 1 so we can get some readings from the short range sensor scans of the planet. I'll uplink with the Transporter Rooms in case we decide to beam them up that will provide a full bio

12/5/04 00:38:10 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +CO+ yes, I will be beaming down with the syrum. I will inject a patient with it. I am 100 % confident we cant catch this, its Skarlet biology. not ours. afterwards, we can bring up the remaining and inject them here

12/5/04 00:38:31 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1>OK

12/5/04 00:38:35 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +CMO+ Very good.

12/5/04 00:38:51 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +CO+ this test patient will conclude definittely our findings that the syrum works

12/5/04 00:39:01 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <XO> Prepare a small Away Team. I want as few people exposed as possible.

12/5/04 00:39:07 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><OPS> Wesler, make sure you keep an eye on the bio filter's on the transproter. Don't want any of those bugs excaping.

12/5/04 00:39:19 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> Aye sir.

12/5/04 00:39:20 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+OPS+ I wouldn't want to overload the system incase there's a weakness in the power diverters but if you think it's prudent, keep the plasma relays on reserve

12/5/04 00:39:33 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> AMO 1 and 2, I will be beaming down to planet. u both stay here and prepare to receive casulaties

12/5/04 00:39:51 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><XO> Understood, ::brings up the bio filters and runs a quick scan to make sure they are working

12/5/04 00:40:00 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: *tlara and trek dudette

12/5/04 00:40:06 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><CMO> ok

12/5/04 00:40:18 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO>+SEC, MED+ I want a 6 person team prepaired, 2 from medical and 4 from security. Meet in Transporter room 1.

12/5/04 00:40:37 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>+AMO1+ I will give power to the biobeds, inform me when you will need Containment fields...

12/5/04 00:40:41 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CMO> Acknowledged Doctor

12/5/04 00:40:56 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><CO> sir if I may accompany the away team?

12/5/04 00:41:08 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO>+MED,SEC+ Observe all contagion protacals.

12/5/04 00:41:09 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> ::points to med tech # 3:: u with me

12/5/04 00:41:10 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>::continuing to process the sensor readings collaborating the AMO2::

12/5/04 00:41:33 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <TAC> It's up to the Exec. ::points to Daryus::

12/5/04 00:41:41 [Holodeck] regayov: <CSEC>+<CO> Is there any medical way to better protect exposure to the away team?

12/5/04 00:41:51 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> Away teamis assigned sir, shall I accompany them?

12/5/04 00:41:53 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2> <AMO1>The XO just said 2 from medical go to planet. Who else goes down

12/5/04 00:41:57 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <<Oops I meant XO*** sry>>

12/5/04 00:42:10 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> If you are all set up in sickbay we're ready in Cargo Bay 1. I've got Security stationed and ready to assist I'll leave Nurse Nagawa in charge.

12/5/04 00:42:20 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><XO> Sir may I accompany the away team?

12/5/04 00:42:26 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +CSEC+ YOu are in the good Doctor's hands, Chief.

12/5/04 00:42:47 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><TAC> I need you on the bridge just in case of any suprises. ::smiles::

12/5/04 00:42:57 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::nods:: Aye sir.

12/5/04 00:43:00 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <XO> ::nods to Daryus:: Be careful down there.

12/5/04 00:43:00 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1> ::returning to sickbay with a padd full of medical info on Skarlet fever

12/5/04 00:43:02 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +Chief+ we are safe. the pathogen will not affect us. its only a skarlet biological pathogin

12/5/04 00:43:18 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><XO> She will stay in one piece with me working Tactical..

12/5/04 00:43:18 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> We'll try.

12/5/04 00:43:20 [Holodeck] regayov: <CSEC> + <CO> Yes sir.

12/5/04 00:43:22 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::txt message to TAC - bummer, guess you wanted a field trip eh? ::

12/5/04 00:43:23 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> ok

12/5/04 00:43:45 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><Away team> Meet me in transporter room one.

12/5/04 00:43:52 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::txt message to OPS - It didn't matter to me...just wanted to be useful...::

12/5/04 00:43:53 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> That's the Doctor's call but I'll meet up with you in Sick bay::enters turbo lift:: Deck 8 please

12/5/04 00:43:54 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: +AWAY TEAM+

12/5/04 00:44:17 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::tapping::

12/5/04 00:44:22 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO><CO> We'll keep in contact. ::heads to TL::

12/5/04 00:44:23 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> acknowledged. on way

12/5/04 00:45:07 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> ::CMO and Tec #3 walk into TL::

12/5/04 00:45:13 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO>+comp+ Transporter room one.

12/5/04 00:45:23 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+CMO+ Doctor do you need my presence?

12/5/04 00:45:37 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1> ::arrives in sickbay::

12/5/04 00:45:52 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> AMO1 and 2 I need u both here to handle the patients we beam up

12/5/04 00:45:54 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << Regayov, check your PM's please >>

12/5/04 00:46:09 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: <XO> Walks into transporter room and waits for his team.

12/5/04 00:46:21 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> The Doc wants us to be ready to receive

12/5/04 00:46:27 [Holodeck] regayov: <CESC> ::heading to transporter room one to join the away team::


12/5/04 00:46:34 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> ok

12/5/04 00:46:45 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::tapping::

12/5/04 00:46:51 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><OPS> We're ready to beam down.

12/5/04 00:47:01 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><walking with AMO1>

12/5/04 00:47:20 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>+XO+ UNderstood, initiating transport::

12/5/04 00:47:22 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> Mr Westler, Energize.

12/5/04 00:47:28 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::taps::

12/5/04 00:47:28 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1> ::suggest the amo2 goes to cargo bay one we can mutually run diagnostics on each others work to ensure the complete safety of all medical systems and procedures::

12/5/04 00:47:38 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>::shimmers::

12/5/04 00:47:45 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> I have the isolation chambers ready like the doctor said to

12/5/04 00:47:51 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><CO> Aye sir...away team is...away

12/5/04 00:47:55 [Holodeck] regayov: @<CESC> ::shimmers and looks around::

12/5/04 00:48:05 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>+CO+ Who am I suppose to contact once we arrive sir?

12/5/04 00:48:09 [Holodeck] admtlara: (can we have a quick list of who's on the away team?)

12/5/04 00:48:10 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: ACTION: THE AT ARRIVES AT THE COLONY SITE.

12/5/04 00:48:39 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CSEC> Help medical round up survivors with your team.


12/5/04 00:48:46 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> Nice work, by the way the Name's T'Lara ::extends a pat on the back::

12/5/04 00:49:00 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>::smiles::

12/5/04 00:49:02 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: (Mwah! Ha Ha!)

12/5/04 00:49:05 [Holodeck] regayov: @<CESC> ::points tricorder ahead:

12/5/04 00:49:06 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << Anyone using @, t'lara, Daryus, regayov, and Kansas >>

12/5/04 00:49:06 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CMO> Doctor, take your team and see what you can find.

12/5/04 00:49:14 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @ <CMO> ::dammit::

12/5/04 00:49:30 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO> ::starts to cough a bit::

12/5/04 00:49:40 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC>::scans the planet as the team beams down::

12/5/04 00:49:42 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> ::Feels hot and feverish::

12/5/04 00:49:51 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> By the way wen you go down to Triage be nice to the Security, they're not used to being "Nurses" if you catch my drift

12/5/04 00:49:56 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> ok T'Lara Im Sandra

12/5/04 00:50:00 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @<CMO> guess what? Im the gunea pig

12/5/04 00:50:18 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><CO> Sir..

12/5/04 00:50:20 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> ::Holds his forhead:: I don't feel so good.

12/5/04 00:50:25 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> ok

12/5/04 00:50:28 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CMO>Jones, how fast does that contagion work?

12/5/04 00:50:31 [Holodeck] regayov: @<CESC> <CO>the guinea pig sir?

12/5/04 00:50:39 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <TAC> What is it, Pilot?

12/5/04 00:50:43 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> ::injects self with syrum:: if we can contract it, our physiology is the same. the antidote should work on ys

12/5/04 00:50:46 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> Should I go back there now?

12/5/04 00:50:51 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>+CO+ Sir, one of my team is getting sick already.

12/5/04 00:50:52 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><CO> Sir, i'm detecting raised body heat from teh away team::

12/5/04 00:51:06 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><CO> according to my scans the AT are showing signs of high body temperatures.

12/5/04 00:51:13 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> ::Coughs:: <CSEC> Chief, I don't like it down here.

12/5/04 00:51:32 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> work ! dammit

12/5/04 00:51:33 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +XO+ Let us hope, the Doctor's syrum works then.

12/5/04 00:51:41 [Holodeck] regayov: @CESC> <ASEC1> are you ok? Can you walk?

12/5/04 00:51:50 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CMO> Doctor, how are you feeling now?

12/5/04 00:51:54 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: << ::staples Kansas' @ symbol on:: >>

12/5/04 00:51:57 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> ::frowns:: This is not good.

12/5/04 00:52:02 [Holodeck] admtlara: @<AMO1><AMO2> Yeah check my work and make sure the double capacity bio beds are in good shape check the power relays so they won't ummm explode?

12/5/04 00:52:05 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> ::scaning self:: temp going down

12/5/04 00:52:09 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1><CSEC> ::Nods:: I feel pretty weak though.

12/5/04 00:52:14 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS> Not at all sir..::tapping::

12/5/04 00:52:25 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> We';re good! ::starts gving it too Awat Team

12/5/04 00:52:25 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>+CO+ It looks like it may work sir.

12/5/04 00:52:29 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> Explode?

12/5/04 00:52:34 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> Cargo Bay 1 isn't exactly the USS Pasteur

12/5/04 00:52:45 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>::hands Jones a @::

12/5/04 00:52:50 [Holodeck] admtlara: @<AMO1> ::laughs::

12/5/04 00:53:03 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1><CSEC> ::Coughs again:: Sir, maybe you should tell the Doc?

12/5/04 00:53:27 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>+CO+ Sir the serum works, the doc is administering it to the away team.


12/5/04 00:53:54 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1><goes back to the cargobay>

12/5/04 00:54:01 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> +Ops+ +CO+ if the syrum works on us, it'll work on the Skarlet people. we'll start administering down here. have my AMO 1 and 2 recieve in Cargo bay and sicbay

12/5/04 00:54:01 [Holodeck] regayov: @CESC> + <Doctor we have a medical emergenc>

12/5/04 00:54:17 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO. +SEC+ on no. what?

12/5/04 00:54:18 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>::starts feeling pucky again::

12/5/04 00:54:27 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> Hey I'm coming with you, I'm almost finished in Sick bay ::has an idea::

12/5/04 00:54:30 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1><CSEC> Why are you using your combadge, he's right over there. ::Points to Kansas::

12/5/04 00:54:41 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @ <CMO> ::rushes over to Daryus::

12/5/04 00:54:47 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CMO> Doctor, your serum seems not to work on us.

12/5/04 00:54:50 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> OK <waits>

12/5/04 00:54:51 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>::looks to Sovak:: Permission to transport subjects aboard?

12/5/04 00:55:16 [Holodeck] Ens._EJ_Pilot: <TAC><OPS> Alert Medical Bay...

12/5/04 00:55:18 [Holodeck] regayov: @CESC> <ASEC1 yes, you're right...perhaps i also need to be examined

12/5/04 00:55:24 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>::woopsies into a Skarletian rose bush::

12/5/04 00:55:29 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> <OPS> Megative, Mr Westler. We cannot risk contaminating the ship.

12/5/04 00:55:31 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> ::Blinks, coughs more violently::

12/5/04 00:55:44 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @ <CMO> :;scans security offcer:: (in the bush)

12/5/04 00:55:45 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS><CO> Aye sir...

12/5/04 00:55:46 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> :: walking to Cargo Bay Triage:: You know this is after all an Intrepid class starship it has independant power systems all over the ship we can tap directly into one of the main access ports and divert energy from the Bio Memetic Packs

12/5/04 00:55:47 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> Obviously we are dealing with something more persistnat thatn first realized.

12/5/04 00:56:16 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1><CMO> ::Tries to yell out, but throat is very constricted::

12/5/04 00:56:22 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>+CO+ Sir, the serum seems to be working on the Skarletians, but we're getting sicker.

12/5/04 00:56:25 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @ <CMO> son of a tribble!

12/5/04 00:56:26 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> I didn't know that

12/5/04 00:56:44 [Holodeck] regayov: @CESC> <ASEC1> :catches him as he falls

12/5/04 00:56:51 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1><CSEC>::raspy voice:: Sir, help! Doctor!

12/5/04 00:56:57 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> :;scans...looking for problem....:::

12/5/04 00:57:18 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +XO+ I can;t let you back onboard, Number One. You understand?

12/5/04 00:57:23 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>::whoopsies again and plops down::

12/5/04 00:57:28 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><AMO2> ::enters Triage:: Who do you know in Engingeering who could help us with these?

12/5/04 00:57:31 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1>I thought they were beaming them up here

12/5/04 00:57:32 [Holodeck] regayov: @CSEC> <Doc>Doctor, you need to come look at him!

12/5/04 00:57:34 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +XO+ We will send you any supplies the Doctor may need to combat this thing.

12/5/04 00:57:41 [Holodeck] admtlara: LOL

12/5/04 00:57:47 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @,CMO> ::tricorder bleeps:: Jones pulls out hypo, tweaks, injects Daryus with it::

12/5/04 00:57:55 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>+CO+ Understood sir. Beam down a portable lab for the doctor.

12/5/04 00:58:17 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> Im new here I do not know anyone in Engineering

12/5/04 00:58:18 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> ::nods to OPS:: Make it so.

12/5/04 00:58:28 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: <CMO> ::rushes to Jorlis::

12/5/04 00:58:29 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CMO> Thanks doc. You need to get to the bottom of this. Pursute's sending down a portalab.

12/5/04 00:58:46 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><COPS> Triage to Bridge

12/5/04 00:58:49 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>Aye sir...::locates a portable lab in storage and beams it down to the transport site::

12/5/04 00:58:50 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> ::Foams at the mouth::

12/5/04 00:58:53 [Holodeck] regayov: @CESC> Does anyone else here think that this situation is a little strange?

12/5/04 00:59:10 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @ <CMO> ::scans Jorlis, modifies hypo, injects::

12/5/04 00:59:12 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +AMO1+ Admiral Sovak to Docotr Tlara. You may need to beam down and help them. The serum is not working on the crew.

12/5/04 00:59:30 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> ::Lets out a violent cough, spewing the mouth foam all over Kansas' face::

12/5/04 00:59:43 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO><CMO> Do what you can doctor..

12/5/04 00:59:54 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> If its not working then a new syrum is going to have to be made

12/5/04 01:00:00 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO> ::sits down for a second dizzy::

12/5/04 01:00:10 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1>+OPS+ Could you coordinate with my assistant to set up the Intrepid Bio packs to give full power to Cargo Bay 1's bio beds?

12/5/04 01:00:24 [Holodeck] Cdt_Kansas_Jones: @<CMO> +CO+ Sir, our bodies obviously react differently to the fever, but Ive ioslated the cause and injected the proper antidote......sweats...sways....

12/5/04 01:00:30 [Holodeck] admtlara: <AMO1><CO> Captain I await your orders

12/5/04 01:00:41 [Holodeck] Dr_Aaron_Westler: <OPS>+AMO1+ Negative, The captain will not allow any patients abord...

12/5/04 01:00:56 [Holodeck] startrekdudett: <AMO2><AMO1> If they have a lab down there you can take a sample of an infected persons blood and make syrum from that

12/5/04 01:01:13 [Holodeck] STSF_Jorlis: @<ASEC1> Ugh. ::Wipes his bottom lip, looks at Kansas:: <CMO> Sorry about that.

12/5/04 01:01:22 [Holodeck] Lt_Daryus: @<XO>::woopsies again and coughs::

12/5/04 01:01:35 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: <CO> +CMO+ Doctor, I hope so. We cannot let you aboard, until that is confirmed, of course.... we'll contanct you in a week or so... enjoy your vacation.

12/5/04 01:01:41 [Holodeck] STSF_Sovak: =/\= =/\= PAUSE SIM =/\= =/\= PAUSE SIM =/\= =/\= PAUSE SIM =/\= =/\=

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