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Starfleet Personnel File

Starfleet Command Personnel File

Lieutenant Commander Wimbley Murray

USS Reaent NCC-3345-G


Name: Murray, Wimbley X. "Wim"

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Service Number: SC-4673376X

Current Assignment: USS Reaent NCC-3345-G

Position: Chief of Security

Species/Gender: Human/Male

Height: 1.7526 meters

Weight: 86.18 kilograms

Place of birth: Hershey, Pennsylvania, North America, Earth

Year of Birth: 2359

Parents: Thomas and Ellen Murray

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Education: Starfleet Academy 2377-2381



Starfleet Career Summary:

Stardate 0411.02: Graduated from Starfleet Academy

Stardate 0411.06: Assigned to USS Reaent NCC-3345-G security division

Stardate 0503.17: Promoted to lieutenant, junior grade

Stardate 0505.01: Put on leave of duties for official Starfleet business

Stardate 0505.16: Began Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training

Stardate 0507.14: Assigned to USS Walker NCC-47683 for advanced tactical training

Stardate 0508.20: Satisfactorily completes Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training

Stardate 0508.22: Reassigned to USS Reaent NCC-3345-G security division

Stardate 0511.22: Suffers a brief bout of depression following the Tholian uprising conflict

Stardate 0512.15: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, promoted to Chief of Security

Stardate 0601.19: Reassigned to USS Reaent NCC-3345-G following its refit

Stardate 1205.17: Promoted to acting executive officer, named head of Security and Special Operations division




Wimbley Murray was born in Pennsylvania to Thomas and Ellen Murray. He grew up in the rural community of Campbelltown, Pennsylvania, near Hershey and Harrisburg. A very shy person, Wimbley had difficulty making friends. His only friend was Stephanie, the daughter of retired Starfleet security officer and neighbor Lionel Dawkins. When Wimbley was twelve, however, the Dawkins moved abruptly, leaving Murray alone and with no information to contact Stephanie with. Having no friends he turned back to a subject that he had been interested in when he was younger: space. He read books and used various other learning resources, expanding his horizons in science, eventually fueling his desire to join Starfleet.


Murray entered Starfleet Academy in 2377 at the age of 18. In his first year, however, he had trouble focusing on his studies, preferring instead to relax and have fun. After nearly failing several courses, Murray almost dropped out of the Academy. He would have done so if it hadn't been for his roommate, Benjamin Galloway, who helped him turn his first year around. After his first year, Murray decided to transfer over to security. Here he continued, graduating in the top fifty in his class.


After graduation in 2381, Murray was assigned to the USS Reaent NCC-3345-G under the command of Captain Frederic Michaels and Chief of Security Jontilles Shamor. On stardate 0505.01 he returned to Starfleet Academy to participate in the Advanced Tactical Training program. He satisfactorily completed the program on stardate 0508.20 and was subsequently reassigned to the USS Reaent.



Psychological Profile (Stardate 0602.23, 2382)

In 2382 the USS Reaent engaged in battle against Tholian militants trying to overthrow the government. The Reaent was severely damaged and had to be abandoned. In the months following their rescue the crew was relieved of duty while the Reaent underwent an extensive refit.


At home during this time Murray began to suffer from depression over the near-loss of the Reaent and the death of many crewmembers, including twelve security officers. Eventually he was able to begin to bring himself out of it by sitting down and hand-writing condolence letters to each of the dead security crewman's families with a simple gift: an apple from his parents' orchards. It was the arrival of a very positive and uplifting letter from the parents of one of his deceased subordinates. That and the arrival of his possessions from the dilapidated Reaent let him feel true happiness for the first time in a very long while.


Following this incident Mr. Murray has taken on a lighter mindset, enjoying the odd joke and prank, as well as general silliness. Suction cup dart guns, squirt pistols, a clown costume, and various wigs make up only a fraction of his repertoire. It will be intriguing to see how the new attitude will play out, particularly when it comes to transfers and new recruits.




Murray is very easy to get along with and has trouble disliking anyone. Despite this, he tends to be antisocial and independent, although this changes drastically once he makes friends with someone. Regardless, he would rather do something alone, feeling it gets done faster and up to his high standards. He is less likely to be seen in the crew lounge than he is to be found in his quarters with a book or in the holodeck paddling down a river.


Murray is an avid listener of classical music. A glance at his collection of music will immediately display a prominence of Baroque and Renaissance era music. Murray is an intermediate level amateur trombonist, although he has always wanted to learn violin and French horn. Murray once attempted piano, but wasn't ambidextrous enough. While he can still play decently to some degree, he has always been disappointed about this.


Murray's other hobbies include canoeing, hiking, camping, playing card games, particularly Euchre, and playing field games such as Capture the Flag, softball, and Flag Tag.


This file will be updated as deemed necessary.



Edited by WxMurray

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UPDATE 14 March 2005: conversion to metric units; additional post assignment notes; edited marital status.

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UPDATE 17 March 2005: added promotion. I just had to update this days before the promotion... ;)

Edited by WxMurray

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UPDATE 20 September 2005: General overhaul of bio, several parts rewritten; added mother's name, hometown, recent career summary events.

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UPDATE 23 February 2006: a much-needed update; added a brief psychological profile.

Edited by WxMurray

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