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Tuesday 8/31 9PM

Starfleet Academy Log for Tue Aug 31, 2004

STSF_Jami And now . . . attention for the roster . . .

STSF_Jami Commanding Officer (CO) - STSF Jorlis

STSF_Jami Stage Hand/ Gofer / Fill-in - STSF Jami

STSF_Jami Mission Executive Officer (MXO) - Tovan

STSF_Jami Tactical Officer (TAC) - A1088

STSF_Jami Operations Officer (OPS) - Ltsg Hans Seiben

STSF_Jami Helm (Helm) - Cdt LeSage

STSF_Jami Chief Engineer (CENG) - Tachyon

STSF_Jami Assistant Engineer (AENG) - darrik

STSF_Jami Assistant Engineer (AENG) - Cdt Koolaidman

STSF_Jami Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - Dr Dustin Marks

STSF_Jami That is your crew, Captain. Let's cover the evidence carefully tonight :-)

STSF_Jorlis Stand by for tonight's mission briefing...

STSF_Jorlis -=/\=- STSF ACADEMY: MISSION BRIEFING FOR 08-31-04 -=/\=-

STSF_Jorlis Prophets be with us, it's back to school time. :D After a stop at Earth to resupply and pick up this year's cadets, the USS Janus (Akira class) heads to Mars, where the new recruits will be initiated...

STSF_Jorlis -=/\=- BEGIN SIM -=/\=-


Cdt_LeSage (Helm)ETA 3 minutes

STSF_Jorlis <CO><Helm> Establish orbit around Mars when we arrive.

darrik <aeng>+<ceng>+Reporting for duty sir

Tovan <MXO> ::scratches his eyelids noting it is beginning to itch badly::

Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::Tapping his console::

Tachyon <CENG>::sitting in his office, scowling at the supplies list::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng>+ceng+repoting si

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Sits in his office and sips at a cup of coffee::

A1088 <TAC>::running sensor scans of the area::

STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> ::Raises eyebrow:: Something wrong, Number one?

Cdt_LeSage (Helm)::Taps a few buttons to enter orbit at arrival::

Tovan <MXO><CO> just an itch i can't stop scratching

Tachyon <CENG><AENGs>Great. Take inventory again to make sure we didn't leave anything out from this list: ODN lines, isolinear chips, EPS conduits, hyperspanners, tech kits.

STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> On your eyes?

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2> aye sir

Tovan <MXO> ahhh ::rubs the piece of debris out:: <CO> the eyelids

EEH <AMO><CMO>Cheif, I still have a hour before my shift ends, do you anything you would like me to do?

darrik <aeng1><ceng>Aye sir

STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> Perhaps you'd like to check into Sickbay?

Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::performs some routine internal diagnostic scans::

21:10:57 STSF_Jami ROSTER UPDATE - CSci = Merina

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Looks at his AMO and laughs:: <AMO> Oh your shift isn't ending yet...

Tovan <MXO> ah, thats better <CO> thats alright

Cdt_LeSage <Helm><XO>Sir we are in orbit

darrik <aeng1><AENG2>Lets go to the cargo bay. You take the left, i'll take the right side

STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Brings up the active roster on his armrest console::

Merina <CSCI>::at station looking at files::

A1088 <TAC>::tapping console::

Tovan <MXO><HELM> standard orbit please

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2> ::reads inventorey list and checks crates, everythings there move to next crate::

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Tosses over the PADD to the AMO::<AMO>We are going back to boot Doctor.

EEH <AMO><CMO>Yes sir! ::Stands at attention::

Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <<yes, it is>>

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Motions for the AMO to read the padd::

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::taps some more buttons, wondering why there are so many::

darrik <aeng1>::enters cargo bay::<AENG2>Ah, seems you've got a head start on me

EEH <AMO>::Takes the PADD and begins to type commands::

STSF_Jorlis <CO><Helm> Why don't you head down to the shuttle bay and prep a type 7 craft, Mr. LeSage.

Tovan <MXO> ::notes the buttons looks cool::

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>Aye, sir

EEH <AMO>::Activates the EMH::

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Heads for TL::Shuttle Bay 1

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Downs the rest of his coffee and stands up to stretch:: <AMO> YAWN... We are going to have some fun I would assume.

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>+aeng1+ im checking what we've brought to engenering again befor ei head down

darrik <aeng1>::takes out list of items::

EEH <AMO><CMO>What next sir?

A1088 <TAC>::watching the sensor sweeps across the field map::

STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Looks at his roster:: +CMO,CENG+ This is the Bridge. I want Koolaidman, darrik, and EEH in the shuttle bay.

Tovan <MXO> ::notes a generic guy takes over helm::

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Begins to prep a shuttle upon arrival to shuttle bay. Goes through standard check list...::

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Motions to the door.:: <AMO>You heard the Captain.

Tachyon <CENG>+CO+ Understood, sir. +AENGs+ Koolaidman, Darrik, both of you report to the shuttlebay please.

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>+CO+ Acknowledged sir, I am sending him now.

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>::jumps into turbo lift::

EEH <AMO><CMO>I'll just be......okay ::Walks out of sickbay and into the TL::

EEH <AMO>Shuttle bay!

darrik <aeng1>Let's see. Here's the hydrospanners::recieves message::+<CENG>+Okay, understood sir.

Tovan <MXO><CO> you sure they can handle it down there?

Cdt_LeSage <Helm><CO> Sir the shuttlecraft is ready for launch. Anything else?

darrik <aeng>::walks out of the cargo bay::

STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> The Martian surface? ::Chuckles:: For beginners. They're not going down there.

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>shutle bay

Tachyon <CENG>::walks into main engineering and picks a console at random.::

darrik <aeng>::realises he still has the list, and drops it in the cargo bay::

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Snickers a bit and goes back into his office::

EEH <AMO>::Hops out of the TL and walks to the Shuttle bay:: (Under his breath) I wonder what I'm needed for

Merina <CSCI><XO>sir is there anything you would like me to do::

STSF_Jorlis <CO>+Helm+ That quickly? Watch out you don't overheat it. Stand by.

darrik <aeng>::double time over to the tl::

Tovan <MXO><CO> ahh well just a little worried that some thing bad might happen

Tachyon <CENG>::runs a diagnostic on the dilithium crystals::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>::arives at shuttle bay steped out sees hes the first one here

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Begins to check through everything again::

darrik <aeng1><tl>Shutle bay

darrik <aeng>::lift begins to move::

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Feels unusually hot::

EEH <AMO>::Is watching the shuttle in shuttle bay::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>::whistle blues skys, not sure why::

darrik <aeng1>::lift stops. aeng1 exits, and goes to shuttle bay::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>::hears EEH behing shuttle::

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Picks up another PADD and begins looking over the crew roster for checkups::

STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> Mr. Seiben, do you think you we can put the shuttle's interior up on the viewscreen?

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Does one last walkthrough. Checks bolts on the windows, power core...etc::

Merina <CSCI><XO>sir is there anything that you want me to do

darrik <aeng1><aeng>First ones here?

A1088 <TAC>::finishes sensor scans and begins diagnostics of the dorsal shiled deflector::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>:walks over to aeng1:: +aeng1+ no eeh is behing the shuttle

Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO> Sure thing, Captain. ::puts it on screen::

darrik <aeng1><aeng2>Behing?

Tovan <MXO><CSCI> hm.... take a sensor scan around us

EEH <AMO>::Notices Cdt. Koolaidman watching him:: What's going on guys?

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Waves at the camera in shuttle::

Tovan <MXO> ::Raised an eyebrow::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>+aeng1+ sorry i have random speech problwms at time behind

darrik <aeng1><AENG2>Ah

Merina <CSCI><XO> yes sir ::scans the surrounding area::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2>+amo+ hey man how you doing?

EEH <AMO><AENG1&2>What are we doing here? I just came from Sickbay

darrik <aeng1><aeng2>We're in the same room You don't have to speak to me in that

EEH <AMO><AENG2>Well, as you humans say it..........fine

STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Shakes head at Helm:: +Helm+ Mr. LeSage, there should be some officers assembling in the bay, get them into the shuttle.,

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2><aeng1>its instinct now

Tovan <MXO>+<Helm>+ and no fancy flying ... thats a new shuttle

Merina <CSCI><XO>sir there is nothing unusal as of now, but I will keep you up dated of any changes

Tovan <MXO><CSCI> noted, thank you

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2><amo>im not sure gues we should wait for ORDERS

darrik <aeng1>+<AMO>+Our cheif told us to report to the shuttle bay

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Begins making marks at who needs new physicals including the XO and the Captain:: Oooh... I hope this sends a shiver down their spines... ::Chuckles.::

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>Exits the shuttle and walks over to the men. Alright everyone into the shuttle. There will be no in flight movie. Eta is 6 minutes

A1088 <TAC>::anlaysing diagnostic scans::

Tachyon <CENG>::checks the transporter subsystems::

EEH <AMO><AENG>Well same, but I haven't a clue what I'm doing here

STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> Give us an audio feed from the shuttle while you're at it.

darrik <aeng1>+<CENG>+Sir, where did you want us to report to again?

Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Heads back to the shuttle and begins to tap on the several buttons there::

cdt._koolaidman <aeng2><amo><aeng1> in the mean time... hows medical trating you

darrik <aeng><amo>::sees amo::Huh?

Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO> Aye aye sir, audio link established.

Tachyon <CENG>+AENG1+ Report to the shuttle bay.

Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::can now hear conversations in the shuttle::

Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Notices some of his files are missing on the PADD, turns on his console to update it.::

EEH <AMO><AENG2>Fine, fine, how's Engineering going? I believe I have some training in that field

STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Raps fingers on armrest:: +Helm+ Are your colleagues gathering in the shuttle, Mr. LeSage?

21:21:18 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Looks through the front window and motions for the officers to get in::

21:21:29 EEH <AMO>::Chuckles::

21:21:42 darrik <aeng1>+<CENG>+Aye, we're there. We had an amo telling us that we were to report to sickbay. Just wanted to make sure I had the right orders

21:21:47 A1088 <TAC> this should be quite interesting...

21:21:51 cdt._koolaidman <aeng2><aeng> engineerings fun

21:21:52 A1088 <TAC>*quite

21:21:55 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> For some reason, this stage always takes the longest. ::Grins::

21:21:56 Tovan <MXO> this is certainly a delay

21:21:58 EEH <<I never said that>>

21:22:20 darrik <aeng><aeng2>::stairs confused at aeng2::What have u been drinking?

21:22:24 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>+<AENGs><AMO> Now or never

21:22:27 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::HEars the conversation between AGENg1 and AMO::

21:22:29 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Smiles::

21:22:29 Tovan <MXO><CO> ::nods:: i hope its worth the wait

21:22:32 darrik <aeng><aeng2>No more scotch for you

21:22:41 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben AENG1*

21:22:50 EEH <AMO>::Is ready to ride::

21:23:03 darrik <<whos in the shuttle bay?>>

21:23:04 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Stares with fire in eyes::

21:23:14 STSF_Jami ROSTER UPDATE - Voyager = ASCI

21:23:15 cdt._koolaidman <aeng2><aeng> my father was a drunk i dont drink of ascociate myself w/ people who do

21:23:15 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> If I have to send you down there to get them moving, everyone's grade will be dropping one point.

21:23:15 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Notices the time:: +XO+ Dr. Marks to the bridge, is the show about to begin? ::Smiles::

21:23:16 darrik <<gotta get off>>

21:23:34 Tachyon <<Who's getting graded on this again? >>

21:23:37 Tovan <MXO><CO> oh great ...

21:23:49 Tovan <MXO> ::wonders how the cadets would like that::

21:23:52 Tachyon <CENG>::sitting at a console::

21:23:52 Cdt_LeSage <Helm><AENG>We have a schedule to keep

21:24:04 EEH <<I am>>

21:24:16 Tachyon <CENG>::notes that the repossession department has reclaimed Koolaidman's number 2.::

21:24:21 EEH <AMO>::Checks to make sure that he has all of his equipment::

21:24:21 STSF_Jami <<poises her pencil over her little black book>>

21:24:30 STSF_Jorlis <CO>+Helm+ Prepare to launch. Anyone not on that shuttle when you're off the ship fails.

21:24:34 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <<all the cadets, I believe>>

21:24:43 Cdt_LeSage <Helm><CO>Aye Sir

21:24:51 STSF_Jorlis << Shuttle team, put @ before your posts. That includes you, Voyager >>

21:24:55 A1088 <TAC><CO> shall i open the bay doors?

21:24:58 Tachyon <CENG>::gets and walks out of main engineering into a TL:: Bridge.

21:25:12 Tovan <MXO>+<HELM>+ and you're not getting a good comment on your report cards

21:25:12 STSF_Jorlis <CO><TAC> Give them a moment.

21:25:15 EEH @<AMO>::Is on the ship and ready with all his equipment::

21:25:18 A1088 <TAC><CO>::nods::

21:25:22 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Taps buttons. Shuttle door closes and shuttle bay doors open::

21:25:28 Merina <CSCI>::still watching for anything unusual::

21:25:28 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::prepares to open shuttle bay doors::

21:25:32 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng2>::goes in to shuttle

21:25:43 A1088 <<everyone is opening the bay doors...>>

21:25:48 Cdt_LeSage <Helm><AENG> You're lucky..

21:25:54 voyager <science> hi

21:25:54 Tovan <MXO>+<XO>+ come on up Doc

21:26:12 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> Don't talk to yourself Number one.

21:26:13 EEH @<AMO><AENG2>Are you ready for this?

21:26:15 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Smiles broadly:: +MXO+ On my way, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

21:26:23 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Exits the shuttle bay and heads for the surface::

21:26:34 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> im ready

21:26:34 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Checks the EMH and heads out to the TL::

21:26:36 voyager < science> getting on the shuttle

21:26:37 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS><TAC> Open bay doors and give them clearance to... ::Looks at the screen as LeSage launches, frowns::

21:26:38 Tovan <MXO><CO> since when the shuttle opens bay doors?

21:26:38 Tachyon <CENG>::notes that he has yet to reprogram the TL elevator music::

21:27:05 A1088 <TAC>+<HELM> LeSage you now have been given permission to leave the ship...

21:27:10 EEH @<AMO>::Deactivates his emotion chip so he doesn't soil his armor::

21:27:12 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> oh wait the dorrs aren't opened

21:27:18 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::In the TL:: Bridge. ::Begins humming along to the Muzak version of What is love as it begins to move::

21:27:25 EEH @<AMO>::Is very excited::

21:27:28 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Leaves the shuttle bay(For Real) and heads for the surface::

21:27:31 STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Crosses arms::

21:27:33 A1088 <TAC><CO> they've cleared the ship... closing bay doors ::closes the doors::

21:27:38 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO> Bloody, heck. They don't even ask for clearance, how rude.

21:27:42 Tovan <MXO> ::makes a note in his padd::;

21:27:46 voyager <ASCI> going to surface

21:27:49 A1088 <TAC> cadets...

21:27:58 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> They sure are doing a heck of a lot without any orders from me, aren't they?

21:28:05 EEH <AMO>::Shakes as the ship exits the shuttle bay::

21:28:23 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Taps a few more buttons and turns around::Alright your Flight time will be 6 Minutes. Keep your seatbelts on and be sure to pass your comments to our CO

21:28:26 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::The TL arrives at the bridge and the doctor steps out with an evaluation padd in his hand. He walks over to the command section and stands about:: <MXO> i miss anything?

21:28:34 Tachyon <CENG>::TL arrives at the Bridge, but the doors don't open::

21:28:36 STSF_Jami Stage Hand> :::slaps @s on all the shuttle folks:::

21:28:37 Tovan <MXO><CO> indeed, their grades aren't looking good ... i figure they've at least know how to use the chain of command by now ..

21:28:38 voyager <ASCR> yes sir a1088

21:28:49 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>+tac+ aye?

21:28:50 EEH @<AMO>::Walks to the back of the shuttle::

21:28:56 STSF_Jorlis <CO>+Helm+ ::Grins:: Mr. LeSage...

21:29:07 Tachyon <CENG>::reluctantly presses the button to open the doors:: I thought everything was automated these days. I''ll have to speak to the chief engineer about this. Oh yeah . . . ::makes a note::

21:29:23 EEH @<AMO>(Under his breath)I wonder..........hmmmm..............

21:29:25 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><@team> i think he was being sarcastic

21:29:29 Tachyon <CENG>::steps out onto the Bridge and walks over to the engineering console::

21:29:35 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><CO>...Sir?

21:29:38 Tovan <MXO><CMO> hm.... incorrect launch protocols ... violation of command oh its the beginning

21:29:42 Tachyon <CENG>::sits down and access the TL controls::

21:29:55 Cdt_LeSage <<Was given permission to leave a while ago>>

21:30:01 STSF_Jorlis <CO>+Helm+ Please divert your shuttle away from the planet and proceed to the Asteroid Belt...

21:30:07 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Sighs:: <MXO> Well just wait, I have faith in my young doctor. ::He winks and beelines to an empty seat at Science.::

21:30:16 Tachyon <CENG>::makes sure that the checkbox "open doors on arrival" is checked and then submits the form again::

21:30:21 STSF_Jorlis <CO>+Helm+ That is your team's destination.

21:30:23 Tovan <MXO><CO> oh my ... they didn't even read the brief .... ::makes another note::

21:30:25 Tachyon <CENG>::turns to XO:: Did I miss anything?

21:30:27 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng> ::thinks why we were given taht order::

21:30:34 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::...taps more buttons.::

21:30:43 EEH @<AMO><AENG>Would you come back here? Now.......I have no full training in Engineering, but...........what could this be? It doesn't seem normal

21:30:46 A1088 <TAC><MXO> this should be quite the show

21:30:53 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> They weren't briefed. Where would the fun be in giving them such an advantage?

21:30:54 Cdt_LeSage <Helm>::Wonders how much latinum goes into helm consoles...::

21:31:07 Tovan <MXO><CO> ah... of course

21:31:08 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::monitors the away team::

21:31:09 EEH @<AMO>::Checks the strange piece of equipment over and over::

21:31:14 Tovan <MXO><CENG> not much enjoy the show

21:31:20 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Overhears that comment by the Captain and chuckles:: <CO>Gee, this is sounding familar sir. ::Laughs again::

21:31:24 Tachyon <CENG><XO>I forgot my popcorn.

21:31:33 Tovan <MXO><OPS> give us a view of the shuttle eh

21:31:34 A1088 <TAC> ::initiates a sensor scan of the region around the shuttle::

21:31:48 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::looks back::<amo> thats the replicator, you can get water and spam from that... its not as equipped as the ones on the janus

21:31:50 Merina <CSCI><XO> here's an update sir nothing has shown up yet

21:32:05 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> <XO> I m putting on screen now

21:32:15 Tovan <MXO><CSCI> whats in the astroid belt ... besi - oh ... nothing uh... thank you

21:32:18 Tovan <MXO><OPS> thanks

21:32:19 STSF_Jorlis <CO><CMO> Yes, you went through the same thing, didn't you?

21:32:22 EEH @<AMO><AENG>No this isn't a replicator ::Pushes button, hot dogs appear:: Oh right

21:32:34 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AMO>+<AENG> Let us not forget they can replicate more buttons too

21:32:35 EEH @<AMO>::Eats hot dogs::

21:32:47 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO><CO>Indeed... But didn't we all at one point or another before grduating the acadamy? ::winks::

21:32:57 Merina <CSCI><XO>no problem sir

21:33:12 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::sees the hotdogs and is excited that spam isn't the only thing on the menu

21:33:18 Tachyon <<Are we seeing the exterior of the shuttle, or the interior, on the bridge viewscreen?>>

21:33:22 Tovan <MXO> ::notes we stil have audio link with shuttle, notes the button comment::

21:33:29 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> i was getting to that

21:33:30 EEH @<AMO>(Under his breath) Man, holograms aren't made properly these days

21:33:33 Tovan <<exterior>>

21:33:39 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>One more minute and we'll be landing

21:33:48 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm>land where

21:33:49 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO/XO> Hey, I could make the viewscreen show both the shuttle external and internal views via. the screen's Picture in Picture feature.

21:33:55 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>Figure of speech

21:34:03 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben If you want

21:34:13 Tachyon <CENG>Ah yes, the wonders of 24th century technology.

21:34:13 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> Sounds pretty state-of-the-art. Go for it.

21:34:17 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><OPS>Is it LCD or Plasma?

21:34:22 EEH @<AMO>::Hums a tune::

21:34:32 Tovan <MXO> ::shakes head and taps on padd::

21:34:34 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO> Aye aye sir.. ::actives PiP::

21:34:42 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> And let's keep the audio feed one-way.

21:34:46 EEH @<AMO><Helm>So........what are we up to?

21:34:49 Cdt_LeSage <<<Hate to Say but my computer is about to shut down>>>

21:34:52 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Notices his young doctor eating a Hotdog:: Ugh... Doesn't that kid know whats in those things? ::Shudders::

21:34:58 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <ops>+HELM+ Digital Hi-Definition

21:35:00 Tachyon <<Then stop it>>

21:35:19 Cdt_LeSage <<Can't it's a virus>>

21:35:21 EEH <<I'm a hologram, hot dogs won't make me fat>>

21:35:25 cdt._koolaidman <<should i institute som eng intervention?>>

21:35:29 Tovan <MXO><CMO> give him a lesson later ::chuckle::

21:35:36 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Remembers stupid Norton Anti Virus from the 21st century::

21:35:38 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Laughs::

21:35:41 A1088 <<emergency entertainment hologram>>

21:35:48 voyager @<ASCI> ::hey could some one make him stop humming?lol

21:35:55 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> Mr. Seiben, please take control of helm and proceed to the asteroid belt.

21:36:06 EEH <<Emergency Engineering Hologram, pal>>

21:36:08 Cdt_LeSage <<brb...3..2..1>>

21:36:20 A1088 <<could be both>>

21:36:32 STSF_Jami <<there are no holograms in the academy>>

21:36:34 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> aye sye sir.. manual over-ride achieved. Shuttle pilot controls slaved to my console.

21:36:43 EEH @<AMO>::Stops humming, and begins tapping the replicator::

21:36:49 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::pilots the shuttle::

21:37:03 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng> ::notes some shifting and then shuttle retuns to normal staedy pace::

21:37:18 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::wonders why inertial dampaners wouldn't cover that

21:37:19 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Looks over the CENG:: <CENG> So chief, you have faith in your crew?

21:37:22 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::makes the shuttle do a couple of barrel rolls:: Whee!

21:37:26 Tovan <MXO><CO> hm.... supervisor intervention tsk tsk ::makes note::

21:37:39 EEH @<AMO><AENG>So..........looking to get promoted soon? I hope I do, this has been like my 12th mission

21:37:40 voyager @<ASCI>dony make me come over thier (in a joking voice)

21:38:05 EEH @<AMO>::Falls in front of the camera from the barrel rolls::

21:38:07 STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Shakes head at the conversation::

21:38:13 Tovan <MXO><CENG> did you fix that inertial dampners on that thing?

21:38:16 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo>i'll be promoted when im ready

21:38:21 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Hears the graduation conversation and sighs::

21:38:24 A1088 <TAC> i suppose they've forgotten we can hear them...

21:38:31 Tachyon <CENG>::looks up:: <CMO>Meh, I don't really care about the outcome either way. It's fun to watch.

21:38:37 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::does a sharp tuen around an asteroid, hopes everyone has their belts on::

21:38:43 STSF_Jorlis <CO>[email protected]+ Cadets, take your stations and stand by for further orders.

21:38:43 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> but i prefer not to talk of that w/ superior officers listening

21:38:45 EEH @<AMO>::Smashes against a console and falls down::

21:38:51 Tachyon <CENG><XO>I knew there was something I forgot to add to that service list back on Earth . . . oops

21:38:52 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><co>aye sir

21:39:03 voyager @<ASCI>yes sir

21:39:04 Tovan <MXO><CENG> ah ...

21:39:05 Cdt_LeSage <<What'd I miss?>>

21:39:09 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>+co+

21:39:10 EEH <<Um.....didn't the shuttle roll?>>

21:39:12 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Shakes a finger playfully at the CENG and looks to the CSCI:: <CSCI> How about you?

21:39:18 Tachyon <CENG>::makes a note to fix the inertial dampeners next time around::

21:39:31 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <<yeah, it did a barrel roll>>

21:39:32 EEH @<AMO><AENG>I am a Hologram, I can't help it


21:40:01 Merina <CSCI><CMO>I just want to see how they come out

21:40:03 Cdt_LeSage <<Am I Still Helm?>>

21:40:06 EEH <<Oh, okay..........I'll just be............okay>>

21:40:11 STSF_Jorlis << Yes, LeSage >>

21:40:12 cdt._koolaidman <<but int damps should fixed most turbulance>>

21:40:15 STSF_Jami <<only cadets, thanks>>

21:40:21 Cdt_LeSage <<Any Mission Changes?>>

21:40:31 Tovan <MXO><CENG> well ... too late now

21:40:33 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <ops> ::HElm control restored to Cdt. Le Sage.

21:40:35 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Notices the dead pan look on Merina's face:: <CSCI> What, don't enjoy watching these little endeavors?

21:40:42 EEH <<Shouldn't the shuttle crew be falling down and such?>>

21:40:45 Tovan <MXO> ::Snickers as he fingers his padd::

21:40:47 STSF_Jorlis << You're in the asteroid belt, and you should be taking your stations and standing by for orders... >>

21:40:51 voyager @<ASCI>::stop doing barrel rolls its messing up my sensors::

21:40:57 cdt._koolaidman <<we have inertial dampaners>>

21:41:14 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Continues Course...awaiting orders patiently::

21:41:26 Tachyon <<You have inertial dampeners, but need some maintenance. Have a nice day. >>

21:41:28 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::sits at small eng station like he has been for a while::

21:41:38 Tovan <MXO> ::thinks of firing a phaser burst across the shuttle's bow to get their attention::

21:41:41 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Marks down some notes on his PADD::

21:41:46 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::Continues to monitor the shuttle's progress::

21:41:52 EEH @<AMO>::Gets up off the ground and stands by:: <HELM> What do you want me to do sir?

21:41:59 Merina <CSCI><CMO>I do to Dustin so there

21:42:16 Tachyon <CENG>::makes some perfunctor notes on his PADD::

21:42:17 EEH <<Whose in charge off the shuttle?>>

21:42:19 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AMO>Await your orders from the CO

21:42:25 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Smiles at the Chief of Science::

21:42:35 Cdt_LeSage <<They give us the orfers EEH>>

21:42:37 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> Set a course to the belt.

21:42:45 Tovan <MXO><CO> hm.... aye

21:43:04 Tovan <MXO><OPS> set course parallel to the shuttle's course and engage 1/3 impulse

21:43:04 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::thinks about what initiation will be like...:

21:43:05 EEH @<AMO>::Awaits orders::

21:43:27 voyager @<ASCI>::awaiting order also::

21:43:29 Merina <CSCI>::sticks her tounge at the Chief Medical officer::

21:43:33 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> <XO> Aye aye sir, course engaged

21:43:33 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Counts the beeping lights on the helm console, in which there are many::

21:43:57 EEH @<AMO>::Watches on carefully::

21:44:01 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Feels an impulse to touch one but doesn't::

21:44:16 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Winks at the Chief of Science and laughs:: <CSCI> Merina, you need to have a drink off duty, Doctor's orders.

21:44:19 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Notices the bigger ship getting closer::

21:44:27 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> maybe you should tell them that we are at the belt

21:44:41 Merina <CSCI><CMO>no I don't and you can't force me to

21:44:48 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::Follows the shutrtle, like a pursuit camera car::

21:44:55 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> Open a channel with the shuttle, and send them this program. ::Hands him a PADD::

21:45:11 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::One button stops blinking::<CO>Sir we've arrived

21:45:20 Tovan <MXO><CO> aye sir ::takes padd and walks over to Hans:: <OPS> hail them

21:45:29 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO><CSCI>Oh... We'll just ask Starfleet about that one. ::Laughs again and turns his attention back o the screen::

21:45:37 Tachyon <CENG>::makes more notes on his PADD::

21:45:50 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><Xo> Channel open.

21:45:51 Tovan <MXO> ::places the padd on the Ops console and downloads its data into the console::

21:45:58 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::see in coming signal from co::

21:46:08 Tovan <MXO>+<HELM>+ stop the chatting and get to work oh and you're getting this program

21:46:14 Tovan <MXO><OPS> send it

21:46:26 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Accepts Hail::

21:46:37 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><MXO> Programme sent,.

21:46:57 Tovan <MXO><OPS> thank you Mr. Seiben ::takes the padd back to the CO::

21:47:03 voyager @<ASCI>what is the hail saing sir?

21:47:04 STSF_Jorlis ACTION: The shuttle's power levels drop off considerably.

21:47:05 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Initiaites program by pressing beeping button::

21:47:21 Tovan <MXO><CO> now lets how they use it ...

21:47:23 EEH @<AMO>::Watches the lights dim::

21:47:33 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Easy demeanor becomes serious as he begins to watch::

21:47:36 voyager @<ASCI>what hapining?

21:47:36 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>im reading low power level::presses butons

21:47:42 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>Minimal power...engines offline

21:47:53 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>ill see what i can do

21:47:56 voyager @<ASCI> what happend?

21:48:01 EEH @<AMO><HELM>Can we do anything?

21:48:04 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::view readouts

21:48:07 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::smiles and watches on::

21:48:21 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG>If I can do anything I will. I know these systems very well...

21:48:38 STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Raises eyebrow at the viewscreen::

21:48:50 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::taps button to get maual control of power supply

21:48:52 Tachyon <CENG>Hmm . . . ::makes another note::

21:48:55 EEH @<AMO>::Walks over to AENG:: <AENG>I don't know alot about Engineering, but I'll help all I can

21:49:01 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AMO>You can be our morale officer::Laughs::

21:49:22 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> go back and see if you can pry that pannel open

21:49:28 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> Nice to see they're still having a good time. ::hearing their conversation::

21:49:29 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> you help him

21:49:33 voyager @<ASCI>lol funny Lesage

21:49:36 A1088 <TAC> hmm

21:49:36 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::points to panel::

21:49:39 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Leans over and whispers something in the CENG ear::

21:49:43 Tovan <MXO> ::makes a note and sighs::

21:49:58 EEH @<AMO><HELM>Yes sir! <@'s> So......has anyone ever been face to face with a marlin ::walks to the panel, and begins to remove it::

21:49:59 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> If only they knew their power problems aren't simulated.

21:50:19 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>It looks as though the program is attacking a secondary system that routes the power...

21:50:23 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>thats funny the power was just there...

21:50:35 Tachyon <CENG>::nods:: <CMO>Oh, and you have some pocket fluff on your uniform.

21:50:36 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO> YEs sir.. now what they can do about it, is up to them

21:50:38 EEH @<AMO><AENG>Okay, its removed, what next?

21:50:55 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::looks back, see that the panel is taken off

21:50:57 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> M<CO> I've an emergency transport lock on them, just iin case.

21:51:00 Tachyon <CENG><XO>Hmm . . . they didn't even report their problem back to the ship.

21:51:01 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Looks the pocket fluff and becomes gleeful:: <CENG> This stuff is worth a fortune! thanks!!!

21:51:10 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Pockets the fluff and makes another note on his PADD::

21:51:16 Tovan <MXO><CENG> biggie biggie ... ::tap::

21:51:21 EEH @<AMO><@'s>Listen, panicking just makes things worse people, lets fix this problem, I'm sure its simple

21:51:22 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> you move the blue lever down as far as you can

21:51:22 STSF_Jorlis ACTION: The engines come on line and the shuttle begins moving, out of Helm's control of course

21:51:30 Cdt_LeSage <<Thought the power outage affected Comm>>

21:51:37 voyager @<ASCI>::whalks up to EEH:: can i help?

21:51:39 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> try to regain control

21:51:43 EEH @<AMO>::Moves the blue lever down::

21:51:43 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>Jumps

21:51:51 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Heads to the big console>>

21:51:54 Tovan <MXO> ::notes the shuttle swirves out of control:: Oooo

21:52:00 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <<yeah, but you could still try :lol: >>

21:52:06 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><asci> will you help the amo with the lever

21:52:06 A1088 <TAC>this is fun...

21:52:07 EEH @<AMO><ASCI> Hmm......Science officer.......hmmm......ask the Engineer

21:52:08 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>It's locked I need to try and reroute controls or we're gonna hit that asteroid

21:52:16 voyager @<ASCI>okay

21:52:20 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> There's a particularly large asteroid right over there. ::Points to the external view:: Looks nice and... rock hard.

21:52:25 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::trys to shut of systems

21:52:30 Tachyon <CENG><CMO>Meh, it must be that five-second delay they added in the shuttle's comm system. For censoring purposes.

21:52:41 Tovan <MXO><CO> ::smirks:: oooh yeah

21:52:43 A1088 <TAC><CO> should i prepare a tractor beam just in case sir?

21:52:45 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><moves back to console next to amo and asci

21:52:47 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Taps at controls furiously...mostly getting no where

21:53:01 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Finally gets control of systems routing junction::

21:53:02 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Cocks an eyebrow:: <CENG> Censoring?

21:53:04 EEH @<AMO><AENG>Next <ASCI>Help me would you? I need to move this lever down word

21:53:05 STSF_Jorlis <CO><TAC> Actually, the new tractor beam model won't be installed until Tuesday.

21:53:12 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::trys to manually fir thrusters

21:53:18 A1088 <TAC><CO> heh...

21:53:19 Tovan <MXO> ::snickers::

21:53:22 Tachyon <CENG>::grins at CMO::

21:53:22 voyager @<ASCI>::walks up to cdt koolaidman::how can i help

21:53:31 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><XO/CO> The shuttle is about 70 km from the asteroid and closing fast.

21:53:32 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Shakes head in llaughter::

21:53:40 Tovan <MXO><OPS> noted

21:53:41 EEH @<AMO><AENG>What next?

21:53:42 Merina <CSCI>::watches intenally::

21:53:43 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo, asci> just start turning all of the red lever in that panel to off

21:53:50 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Is able to shut down thrusters but inertia caries them at half the speed::

21:53:51 STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Nods approval as several of the cadets make attempts to work together::

21:54:00 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> any luck>

21:54:09 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Begins marking some notes on the actions of his AMO::

21:54:11 voyager @<ASCI>::starts to turn lever::

21:54:12 EEH @<AMO>(Under his breath)I sure hope he knows what he's doing

21:54:13 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG> I need reverse thrusters

21:54:14 Tachyon <CENG>::remembers to pick up that tractor beam emitter on Tuesday::

21:54:16 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> Ooh, man.. this is interesting, someone ought to make a reality show out of this

21:54:19 EEH @<AMO>::Turns lever::

21:54:28 Tovan <MXO> ::notes today is tuesday::

21:54:33 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO><OPS>::Laughs:: Didn't those end in the early 21st century?

21:54:36 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Thrusters come back online::

21:54:45 EEH @<AMO><AENG>The red lever is turned

21:54:48 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>:digs hand into wire and sees :: and feels the cable that controls the engines

21:54:49 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Stops ship and shuts down thrusters again::

21:55:02 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> makes sure you got all of the red ones

21:55:10 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><there sould be five

21:55:11 Tachyon <CENG>::notes that the AENG is touching live cables without protective gloves::

21:55:22 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Console goes black::

21:55:27 STSF_Jorlis ACTION: The stress exerted by LeSage's flight maneuvers burns out several power relays

21:55:36 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>:;notes that power to the ship is not running throught those wires

21:55:42 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Sighs at the action of the Helmsman::

21:55:56 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Dives out of way of explosion::

21:56:01 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::watches the light show:: Whoa, Nelly!

21:56:01 STSF_Jorlis ACTION: Life support begins to fail on the shuttle

21:56:02 EEH @<AMO>::Notices that he his turning levers without proper equipment:: Oh gosh! I'm a medical not a Engineer

21:56:09 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Gets a slight burn on his hands::

21:56:14 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> make sure all of the green levers or tuned on

21:56:16 voyager @<ASCI>::goes over and gets gloves from a near by locker:: hear ya go koolaidman!

21:56:25 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Looks at the Helmman:: Okay EEH...Do your stuff...

21:56:32 Tovan <MXO> Ooooo ::notes the turn of events::

21:56:34 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Heads over to Koolaidman::<AENG>What can I do?

21:56:38 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::takes gloves::

21:56:41 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO/XO> Uh oh, they lost life support, sir

21:56:45 EEH @<AMO>(Under his breath)Well if this doesn't work, the Engineer is the first one we're eating in canibalism

21:57:06 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben Rather, it's begging to fail*

21:57:12 EEH @<AMO><AENG>Ummmm.......I'm not much of a Engineer, you'll have to point those out to me

21:57:12 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Sighs again and marks that his AMO has neglected to check on the condition of the Helmsman.::

21:57:17 Tovan <MXO><OPS> noted ... keep monitoring their vitals

21:57:20 voyager @<ASCI>::looks hungraly at the enginer::

21:57:20 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> Really? Should be getting cold over there... difficult to breath. ::Smiles, looks at XO::

21:57:23 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG>What are the power relays that are still operational...only most of them burneed out?

21:57:29 Tachyon <<I never knew that we were testing Life Support too! ::makes a note:: >>

21:57:36 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> well go to my station and try to program a counter program. for everthin the initiation does try to get somthing that reverses it

21:57:37 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::Nods at XO::

21:57:46 Tovan <MXO> ::grins then taps on his padd:: <CO> cold ... dark ... airless

21:57:58 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Heads to console. Locates program::

21:57:59 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><CO> That it is sir, I am reading a temp. drop of 1 C/ a minute

21:58:04 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>the only ones that are still oeration look like the science station and min

21:58:09 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>Burr...

21:58:15 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG>I've found the programs what next?

21:58:18 EEH @<AMO>::Looks around for the answer, sees the Helm:: <Helm>Ummm.....you should lay down, so should you <ASCI>

21:58:39 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> Current tempurature; 14 C

21:58:44 EEH @<AMO><AENG>I'm sorry, but with these conditions your on your on

21:58:44 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><heml> first try turning it off

21:58:51 voyager @<ASCI>ill go to the science ststion ::heads toward station::

21:58:55 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Slaps forehead at AMO's action::

21:58:56 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Tries and fails::Hold on

21:58:56 Tovan <MXO> ::notes the mess is serving potato soup at 2100::

21:59:17 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><helm> if that doesn't work than have th computer quarentine the file

21:59:23 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Heads to Emergency Kit and pulls out blankets::Just incasse we're here for a while

21:59:25 Tovan <MXO><OPS> how much air do they have left?

21:59:26 EEH @<AMO>::Is panicking:: Ummm......okay, can we do this faster?

21:59:28 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> What is this? Going after my little program, are they?

21:59:43 Tovan <MXO><CO> at least they're trying

21:59:50 Merina <CSCI>::thinks "smart move"::

21:59:53 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Heads back to console. Quarantines it. But nothing comes back on::

21:59:56 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> What a pity it will be if it doesn't even reach the self-destruct phase.

21:59:57 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><XO> ABout 30-40 minutes sir.

22:00:05 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><amo> try helping lesage w/ the srogram

22:00:18 voyager @<ASCI>uh guys im detecting a unknown power fluchuation with the internal sensors!

22:00:20 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>We need to try and reroute power from the SCI station...

22:00:36 EEH @<AMO>Okay......okay.......just keep calm<AENG>Okay<Helm>What do you need me to do?

22:00:46 STSF_Jorlis <CO><XO> I'm sure a science officer would be able to crack the program.

22:00:47 Tovan <MXO><CO> ahh well its a perfectly good shuttle hate to let it go to waste for incompetedent cadets eh

22:00:51 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng> <helm> see the bright greem button on you left press it

22:01:01 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Presses button::

22:01:10 voyager @<ASCI>trying to pinpoint the fluctuation

22:01:11 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO><CENG>Shuttles have standard science stations? I thought it was linked through the Operations station.

22:01:19 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::!MAYBE THE SCI OFFICER COULD CRACK IT!::

22:01:36 voyager @<ASCI>Crack what i got lost

22:01:39 voyager sry

22:01:41 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS><XO> Oh well, at least it'll give us an excuse to upgrade to the new Delta Flyers

22:01:42 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>hang on

22:01:45 Cdt_LeSage <<Ops Stations being used as SCI Station since there is no Ops officer

22:01:55 Tovan <MXO><OPS> ah! good thinking!

22:01:57 EEH @<AMO>Hmmmm........no answer<HELM>Do you need me?

22:01:58 STSF_Jami <<not to worry, Voyager. Hang in there>>

22:02:09 Tovan <MXO><CO> ::nods::

22:02:11 A1088 <TAC><OPS> or the argo...

22:02:19 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::looks at flashin lights in panel to his right::

22:02:20 EEH @<AMO>::Is waving his hands in panic::

22:02:23 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><ASCI>Head over to that console...try to completely get rid of that program

22:02:31 voyager @<ASCI>::rerouting power::

22:02:42 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AMO>My hands are really starting to bother me can you take a look at them?

22:02:49 Tachyon <CENG>::makes another note::

22:02:51 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::presses the ones that use high power levels

22:02:59 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Perks up at watching his AMO go to work::

22:03:16 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> ::Nods at TAC::

22:03:16 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::sees the thrusters are turned off

22:03:21 EEH @<AMO><Helm>Ohhh......would you like an analgesic cream. I've got three flavors

22:03:23 voyager @<ASCI>I got that program erased but..

22:03:33 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>But...?

22:03:40 Tovan <MXO><CMO> hey ... you never told me they come in flavors ...

22:03:44 STSF_Jorlis <CO> ::Raises an eyebrow at AMO's comment, glances back at Dustin::

22:03:47 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><asci> the program need s to be stopepd is a virus tht will infect the enitre ship

22:04:01 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Slaps his forehead again...:: <MXO> They don't... ::Sighs deeply::

22:04:01 EEH @<AMO>::Works the cream into his hands:: <Helm>Its a joke to keep us from panicking, just stay calm

22:04:10 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>So we need to track down all of it's smaller components?

22:04:14 voyager @<ASCI> i know it is multipliing itself

22:04:15 Tovan <MXO><CMO> hm..... interesting ::makes a note::

22:04:15 Tachyon <CENG><CMO>Then what does the AMO mean? ::confused::

22:04:20 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>And delete them?

22:04:24 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><brings thrusters online sees that they are still inoperational

22:04:24 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> Brr.. the tempurature is now at 8 C, air supply: 20 min

22:04:38 EEH @<AMO><Helm>That should do it

22:04:44 Tovan <MXO><OPS> brr indeed

22:04:45 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>:::Hands feel better then gets a blanket and hands them out to all::

22:04:51 A1088 <TAC>shouldnt they send out a distress call by now?...

22:04:53 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO><CENG> I have no idea... I am trying to figure out why he would use that cream though... It is meant to fix cracked skin, not burns...

22:04:57 STSF_Jorlis <CO><OPS> Hopefully, their engineering contingent is addressing that.

22:04:58 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><asci> see if it has attacked the propulsion systems yet

22:05:02 Cdt_LeSage <<<Once again Comm is down>>

22:05:07 EEH @<AMO>::Finds some blankets and throws them over the AENG and ASCI

22:05:07 Tachyon <CENG><TAC>They must think it's all a part of the simulation.

22:05:19 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> <CO> Imndeed sir.

22:05:28 A1088 <TAC><CENG> sadly... they think wrong

22:05:31 voyager @<ASCI<aeng>no it hasent yet

22:05:42 voyager sry guys g2g go buy

22:05:43 Tachyon <CENG><TAC>Even if it were a part of the simulation, meh.

22:05:44 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG>Any ideas?

22:05:44 EEH <<If you read about analgesic cream, it heals all sorts off fun stuff>>

22:05:46 Tovan <MXO><CENG> hm.... they're too ... carefree

22:05:56 STSF_Jami <<Night, Voyager. Thanks for coming>>

22:06:02 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><well quarentine those systems

22:06:03 A1088 <TAC><CENG> hm true

22:06:10 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><asci>

22:06:12 Dr._Dustin_Marks <<True, but thats not what comes standard in emergency field kits. There is actually a seperate burn ointment>>

22:06:14 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Quarentines::

22:06:25 EEH <<Oh I see>>

22:06:29 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> Sure are a hardy much.. at 8 C in a shuttle, even the hardiest Inuit would feel a bit chilly

22:06:42 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben bunch*

22:06:43 Dr._Dustin_Marks <<EEH, No worries, you are an engineer, not a doctor :lol:>>

22:06:49 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::thinks hardly, hurts brain::

22:06:50 STSF_Jorlis <CO><CENG> Either they don't know life support is failing or they don't know life support takes priority.

22:06:50 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm>::Sends an algorhythm that starts attackting the smaller of the virus comp[onents::

22:07:00 EEH <<I know, but I wanted to try doctor once>>

22:07:12 Tovan <MXO><CO> or both?

22:07:26 Tachyon <CENG><CO>What troubles me is which one it may be. What was that program, anyway?

22:07:26 A1088 <TAC> they probably dont know they're time is almost up...

22:07:26 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng>::checks watch knows they have a maximum of 5 minsutes left

22:07:35 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG>With any luck that'll stop the more highly multiplyng mini viruses

22:07:46 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><asci> try rerouting power to thruster

22:07:49 Tovan <MXO> ::passes Tach the padd he was holding that contained the program::

22:07:53 Cdt_LeSage @<Helm><AENG Let's start working on the Bigger ones

22:08:08 STSF_Jorlis <CO><CENG> It was just a set of orders to run some flight maneuvers. ::Shrugs:: Whoever played this prank... ::Looks around::

22:08:09 Tachyon <CENG>::looks at the program:: Hmm . . . yes . . . very interesting . . .

22:08:12 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben <OPS> <BRidge> TEmpurate: 0*C (32F) ; Air supply: 15 min

22:08:14 EEH @<AMO>::Watches the veins on AENG rise:: <AENG>Here take this ::Hyposprays him with Flaxcona::

22:08:27 Tachyon <CENG><CO>Don't look at me. I completely forgot it was that shuttle, hence the inertial dampeners.

22:08:38 Merina <CSCI>::watches::

22:08:46 Dr._Dustin_Marks <CMO>::Begins to whistle and make his way slowly towards the TL::

22:08:47 A1088 <TAC>hmm...

22:08:49 Lt(Sg)_Hans_Seiben 0C

22:08:49 cdt._koolaidman @<aeng><moves over to his console beside asci and presses the falshin green and yelloow buttons attempts to repair the life support systems

22:08:52 Tovan <MXO> ::shifts eyes:: <CO> um... i was soup ...

22:08:55 STSF_Jorlis -=/\=- PAUSE SIM -=/\=-

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Ack! More tiny type! Ouch, my eyes! :lol:

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There you go, bigger.


Honestly, get some eyeglasses. :lol:

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Ack, I still need glasses. Someone said "Whoever played this prank", I thought the person said "Whoever is playing darrik" :lol: I need to get some of these > :D

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There you go, bigger.


Honestly, get some eyeglasses. :lol:

]::fights the urge to change the font yet one more time:::


Must . . . restrain . . . fist. . . of . . . death . . . :::gasp:::



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woah thats small!!!!!!!

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hm..... fist of death ... can't be good .... must run ... ::bolts for the door::

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that was to good to be true... wait a minute ::runs for the door::

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