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Zack Yuuko-Chen

"A Slight Miscalculation"

Ens Yuuko-Chen

Assistant Science officer

Log Entry




There it was again, the same pericing whine from the EMP cannon only it wasn't from the passive weapon at all, it came from his mind. He felt himself crumble and unable to maintain his concentration in the present he felt his mind slipping away and it did. It slipped away from his grasp.


A thud. He heard a thud no doubt it was from his head hitting the ground he stood up and winced as he gripped his head in pain.


"ouch that struck a note." He mused and looked around, it wasn't the passive weapons simulation any more he was some where else. He wasn't sure where he was in terms of the present, ship, station holodeck? But he knew the surrounding images.


Why, it was the new Fujan city back on earth. He thought noting the market to his left and water fountain to his right and in front of him a familiar looking apartment building. It was his family's home back on earth.


"Ok this is very entertaining but can i go back now?" He whined but no one answered him the people around were conversing and debating and anything else regular folks in this city does. Zack felt confused and he looked down at his hands then his shoes then himself entirely, he wasn't wearing his uniform but his t-shirt with a image of oboe on it. He recognized it, it was his 16th birthday gift from his sister.


"Ok ... you know me ... can i get back to the Excalibur now?" Again no one replied to his inquiry. He sighed and walked towards the building, and entered. He looked around but no one was present either outside or probably behind these doors. A figure walked out of the elevator and walked pass him but said nothing.


He looked around and followed the figure. The scene of the surroundings changed and the sky darkened. Night time already? He thought and tried not to snicker at the thought. As he walked outside again everyone disappeared. He heard that pericing whine again. It came from the building. The surrounding melted and he found himself standing up at the simulation room again.


He blinked and sighed. The memory was fresh along with noise which was subsiding now. He turned and nodded to the rest that he was ok.


He thought to himself. That was a slight miscalculation. He remembered the memory and reminded himself that, that was the day he found out something about his hearing ...

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