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Captain Halloway

Bio: Captain Thomas Halloway



Education – StarFleet Academy: astronavigation; Starfleet Tactical College


Background – Born in Cassini, a domed city on Titan, Saturn's largest moon. The only child of a UFP bureaucrat of British descent and a Russian physical trainer, he lived on a number of worlds. After the death of his father in 2342, Halloway and his Russian mother remained on Pacifica where he became a beach enthusiast, avid swimmer, and occasional lifeguard. He travelled to Earth in 2348 to participate in the 110th Olympic Games, but failed to place. While continuing his training, he joined the United States Coast Guard, gaining a love for naval history, artifacts, and tradition. (For this, his crews have taken to addressing him as "skipper".) He made a successful swim of the English Channel in 2350, the same year he gained sponsorship to Starfleet Academy. He was granted dispensation to compete in the 111th Olympic Games and fared better, earning silver in two events.


Personal – Halloway is unmarried, with no children. He can be described as a charismatic, driven individual, and has proven to be popular with his crews. He has few close friends, although his career has brought him in contact with a number of Starfleet notables, including Captain Jean-Luc Picard whom he admires. He has a reputation for enjoying the companionship of women, although never from among his own crew. Unconfirmed rumors have paired him with Captain Sofia Virago, formerly of the Excalibur; Admiral Kathryn Janeway, an Academy classmate; and even Vice Admiral Alynna Necheyev. For fitness, Halloway maintains a daily swimming regimen on the holodeck. He is a skilled pianist, with a particular love of Tchiakovsky.


Career History - In a relatively short time, Thomas Halloway accumulated a noteworthy military record and was considered a premiere "fasttrack" officer. As an ensign, he distinguished himself aboard the Nogura during the brief war with the Tholians. His next assignement included engagements during the Talarian frontier conflict. In 2363, he was disappointed to lose out to Jean-Luc Picard for command of the Enterprise-D (ST:TNG, "Tapestry", see also Star Trek Encyclopedia: Halloway, Captain Thomas) . He commanded the Ambassador-class Yorktown during several tours along the Cardassian border, earning an aggressive reputation with that race. In 2370, he assumed captaincy of the Galaxy-class Victory from Admiral Saylek, establishing a continuing rivalry with the Vulcan. After guiding Victory through a wide range of diplomatic and military missions, the ship was badly damaged by the Borg in their second battle above Earth, a battle in which Halloway also witnessed the destruction of the Ambassador-class Yorktown. During the Dominion War, he was pressed into service for several months as CO of Starbase Aegis. In this capacity, he launched a strike which led to the liberation of the Canar Sector. Afterward, he assumed command of the Sovereign-class Yorktown, which has conducted tours of Gamma Quadrant and Cardassian space.


2350 StarFleet Academy, navigation/stellar cartography

2353 USS Hirohito Nogura, stellar navigation

2354 USS Powell, navigator

2358 USS Yorktown, chief navigator

2361 USS Melbourne, Executive Officer

2364 USS Yorktown, Commanding Officer

2370 USS Victory, Commanding Officer

2375 Starbase Aegis, [Acting] Commanding Officer

2375 USS Yorktown, Commanding Officer


Notable Career Incidents

Multiple skirmishes along Cardassian border

Exposed illegal Romulan genetic engineering project

Captured by Klingon dissidents near Zetznya system

Averted Ferengi violation of Satarran embargo

Exposed illegal Klingon arms shipments to Maquis sympathizers

Charged with conspiracy and violation of treaty by Cardassian authorities [case dismissed]

Prevented Klingon occupation of Sarejvante system following Cardassian pull-out

Survivor, Second Borg Battle above Earth

Restored diplomatic contact with Gideon system

Commanded flagship of pre-emptive strike of Dominion shipyards on Torros III

Liberated Canar Sector from Dominion occupation

Supported two failed attempts by the Second Fleet to liberate Betazed

Battled Dominon forces near Quatal Prime

Battled Scorpiad forces in the Gamma Quadrant, Battle of the Wormhole

Six-month patrol and investigation of Breen border


Decorations/Awards: Medal of Alliance, StarFleet Crest, Order of Tactics, Legion of Honor w/clusters, Scorpiad Conflict, Battle of the Wormhole


Command Style - Captain Halloway's command style is warm, but not relaxed. He demands a formal atmosphere on the bridge, but prefers friendly, direct conversation in briefings. He prefers to delegate away missions to other officers, considering the best application of his skills to be aboard ship. He has lost a regretable number of XO's over the course of his career, and has maintained friendships with those who survived the honor.

Edited by Captain Halloway

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From the Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future:


Halloway, Captain Thomas. The captain of the Enterprise-D in an alternate history created when Q allowed Picard to relive his fight at the Bonestell Recreation Facility ("Tapestry" [TNG]).

Edited by Captain Halloway

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Since it's been awhile since my last Aegis appearance, I updated my bio accordingly.



Edited by Captain Halloway

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