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Sensor work

Juhdia had been working thirty-six hours straight on Camelot’s sensors. Captain Sorehl had said that the Long Range Sensors (LRS) would not be ready for another forty-eight hours, but Juhdia was going to make sure that it would be ready before then.




Juhdia looked out of the sensors relay bay and saw Crewman Dennison. “Bribing me?”


Dennison entered the bay and handed Juhdia a cup of coffee. “Well, it pays to suck up to ones commander.”


“You’re here for a reason. Starfleet or Section Thirty-one?”


“Section Thirty-one. It appears that the Immortal I am here to watch is starting to suspect that you are the real killer of Gustav. As much as we are to hide the fact that you are the real killer there is rumor. Since he had mentioned to another Immortal that he was going to kill you.”


“Right now I am trying to get the LRS working, so if you will be a dear and get me a cup of Riegelian Ginger Mint Ice Tea and start to work on the ODN relays, I can get this done before the time stated by Captain Sorehl.”


“Fine.” Dennison went to get Juhdia’s tea and started to work on the ODN.





After five hours Juhdia and the team of Engineers that he had assembled, mostly Engineers that had gathered in Camelot’s restaurants for some late night relaxation.


Juhdia left the last relay bay and entered the corridor. “Well, they said it would take forty-eight hours. And we did it in under forty-two. Give yourselves a hand, we did it.”


The gathered Engineers cheered themselves. They did a far than better job and could take pride in themselves. And with the problems that the Excalibur has had of late, this was a real morale booster.


Juhdia left the celebration to ready his report to the Command Staff. Even with the LRS set up, there was still more work to do. Juhdia found a quite spot and started his report, but fatigue over came him and he drifted off to sleep.


Two Engineers looking for a little privacy of their own found Juhdia sleeping in the Jeffries Tube. The man looked to the woman, “Should we wake him?”


The woman tugged on the man’s arm, “No, let him be. Now let’s find a Jeffries Tube of our own.”

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