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Arthur Dent

Name: Arthur Dent

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Age: Approximately 23-26 years of age

Species: Human

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Height: 6'3"

Eyes: Blue (both of 'em)

Hair: Brown (all of it)

Current Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis

Last Assignment: Starfleet Academy


Arthur Dent was the only survivor of the tragedy on the Eridine IV Colony, along the Federation-Cardassian border. Responding to a distress call in 2360, the USS Matterhorn arrived too late to save the colonists from whatever had happened. Detail analyses afterward did not reveal any conclusive evidence, but there was evidence to either support a Cardassian attack or a colony power grid malfunction. Whatever the cause, only two people were found alive. An old woman and a young child, both hiding inside a service duct that had protected them from nearby explosions. The old woman, Dent's nurse, died from severe injuries soon after she was brought aboard the ship. Dent was in critical condition, but after several months of treatment he was healthy again.


He was adopted by Louis Pastrel, an engineer aboard the Matterhorn. Pastrel gave Dent his first and last name from a character out of a twentieth-century novel. During Dent's recovery period after he was found, doctors noticed that Dent's genome was abnormal in several areas. Upon further examination, they determined that something had deliberately altered Dent's genetic code, but only to a minimal extent. As of yet, Dent's unique genes only give him two mildly remarkable abilities. First, he does not require sleep, although must rest after long periods of physical exertion. Second, he has impressive multitasking skills. It became apparent that Dent may be a security concern, but the physicians responsible for these examinations professionally doubted it. Therefore, Dent has a Starfleet Intelligence file, but it only has two words in it: mostly harmless.


In 2376, one year after graduating from high school and one year after the Dominion War, Dent entered Starfleet Academy, and majored in theoretical physics. He believed that it would be a way to stay in space, exploring, and hopefully find out who he was and what happened to his ill-fated first home. His four years at the Academy were turbulent. Dent was extremely skilled in the technical sciences, with high prestige in his engineering and scientific classes. However, as noted below, Dent's apprehension about sociability has limited his Academy career. He graduated near the top of his class in 2380.


Shortly thereafter, he was assigned as Flight Operations Manager to Sky Harbor Aegis, in orbit of Cardassia Prime.


Dent's off-duty interests include reading, writing, and computers. He has been characterized by the Academy as a nonsocial officer who prefers work to company, but who is very at ease with people that he knows. This has been both an advantage and a disadvantage, something that has greatly affected his life. He seems somewhat reserved at first, but once acquainted with he can easily surprise with quick wit and knowledge. Dent is somewhat naive however, but he's less naive than he lets on. Dent dislikes alcohol. He has never been known to get into a fight, and dislikes taking violent action. This has hampered him from taking any serious risks to further advance his career.


Starfleet Service History

8410.3 - Dent is found on the ruins of Eridine by the USS Matterhorn and becomes the ward of Louis Pratler. He is discovered to have a slightly altered genome, which enables him to barely sleep and to multitask with great proficiency.

9906.24 - Graduation from High School.

0009.08 - Entrance to Starfleet Academy

0406.13 - Graduation from Academy.

0406.15 - Subsequently posted as Flight Ops to Sky Harbor Aegis.

0407.23 - Promoted to the rank of Ensign.

0411.05 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

0505.20 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

0607 - Officially reprimanded for following an illegal order issued by Commander Hawke (detainment of diplomatic guests).

0608.25 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Edited by Tachyon

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