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Adm Day

Wish Upon a Star

Admiral Day sighed and sat back in his chair as he finished the dispatch to Fleet command. He shook his head and spun his chair around to watch the stars through his port hole, as was his habit when he was deep in thought.


The situation was much more serious than he had admitted to the crew. The renegade Founders in the area were more than just a nuisance, and Excalibur was on more than just a reconnaissance mission It was true that the Federation needed more information about the activity of the renegades, but Starfleet Intelligence had already gathered quite a bit. Shortly before the end of the war, there had been reports of a secret base that was developing a new kind of heavy destroyer. Fortunately the war had come to an end before the enemy had had time to fully conclude the project; however, the location and even the existence of the base was never revealed.


The appearance of the destroyer which had attacked the Excalibur had, indeed, been a portent of bad, but important news, and Wayne had been torn as to his next action. The data that the Excalibur had recorded about the ship was vital to intelligence, and it was important that he return to base with the information. However, the very existence of the ship had made the second, undisclosed part of his mission even more essential.


Wayne leaned the chair back as he stared at, without really seeing, the unfamiliar stars, his mind awhirl. He didn’t like the idea that he could not share his plans with the crew, but in the meeting, his astute diplomatic officer had hit the nail squarely on the head. Hawthorne had pointed out that the method they were using to contact the Founders was against treaty provisions, and he had been entirely correct. Entering the Founders home space unannounced and undetected was completely against the provisions of the treaty and if they were discovered, it could lead to another breakout of the war. Millions of lives would be affected. However, if they wished for the nature of the mission to remain undetected by the renegades, it was the only way to accomplish it. Until they made contact with Odo, and got permission from the Founders (if they were successful, of course), the responsibility must be his, alone. If they were discovered before that time… SF Intelligence had made it quite clear that the Excalibur and her crew were expendable in that case.


Admiral Day turned back to his terminal, entered a password, and called up the plans once again. The hologram rotated above his console, as he studied it carefully. It was an important undertaking; one that would keep the Excalibur and her crew occupied for some time… he hoped. If he could only get the Founders to agree! It was critical that he get the chance to ask them. If he didn’t…


He hit another control on his terminal, and the self destruct program displayed. He took a deep breath and spoke. “Computer, change parameters of voice controlled subroutine. Remove the three officer confirmation, and set to enable on mine, or Captain JCin’s voice command with 10 second countdown.”


“Command is in violation of Starfleet Protocol, cannot comply without authorization.”


“Admiral Wayne Day, Flag Officer authorization, Beta, 17, Delta, 01. Override protocol.”


“Authorization accepted. Stand by for retinal scan… scan complete and confirmed, Admiral Day. Parameter changes complete.”


Wayne sat back and swung his chair around again to once again gaze at the stars, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time for the opportunity.

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