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Where is he now?

Cornflakes ran through the lush fields of Styles' farm. "Oh the joy, to return home, but most of all, the females, oh the females. It's better than being in a Ferengi bar."


Jefferson Styles worked the tabacco fields. It was good to be on Kerlalalalas IV again. He had his farm, he had Cornflakes. But most of all he had Lumina.


Lum brought her husband his Iced Tea. Styles looked at Lum, her green hair flowing in the wind. What more could Styles or any man ask for. Gina was dead, Section 31 was falling apart at the seems and he was at peace.


"Pika pi. Pika, pika, pikachu, chu."


Styles smiled at Cornflakes, "Okay boy, have your fun, but if you get any of them pregnant, you moving into the barn. Understand?"


Corny smiled back at Styles, "Pika pi, pika, pika, ka." ("Yeah, but you and Lum have been knocking boots like a Charazard and you two have nine kids.")


Styles and Lum went back to the house and got ready for dinner. Styles shouted out to his daughters, "Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles wash up and head to the table. Oh, bring your brothers with you."


As Styles sat down he thought to himself, "Peaceful, just peaceful."




Styles rocked back and forth, "Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful." He kept repeating the word over and over again.


The Doctors looked at him.


"Is the jacket really needed?"


One of the female Doctors turned to Naduku, Styles half brother, "Well, at his level of medication it does not seem necessary, but during his last psychotic episode, he killed three guards. Yes, it is necessary."


Naduku shook his head. "First Gina, or the Founder disguised as Gina, killed his pet Cornflakes, then murdered our Father, his Mother and Brother. I can understand why he went insane."


The Doctor nodded, "Yes, but with his unique genetic structure, most drugs will not work, I already have him on a level of Thorizine that would kill most other Humans. That and the Depakote seem to be the only thing keeping him under control. But still, I am not going to inform any more families that they have lost a brother, sister, son, daughter, Mother or Father."


Naduku nodded and left. As he went to his shuttle, Lum greeted him. "How is my beloved?"


Naduku shook his head, "No change."


The tears fell down Lum's cheek, past her scares and onto her cloak that hid her face and missing arm. She knew that even though she was disfigured Styles still loved her, then why else would he ask her to marry him.




Styles smiled at his wife Lum and their children. "Peaceful, peaceful."




The Doctor looked at the others, "We have no choice." She turned to the Security Officers, "If needed maximum stun, but if you have no other choice. Kill him."


The Security Officers nodded and the Doctors walked away. Jefferson Styles just rocked back and forth. "Peaceful, peaceful..."

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