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Ensign Matt McFly Bio

Name: Matthew McFly

Place of Birth: Anaheim, California, Earth

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Marital Status: Single

Offspring: N/A

Father: George McFly

Mother: Loraine McFly

Siblings: Maximillum McFly





Raised under strict rules and guidelines, Matt became rebellious at an early age. The drive to be the best was prevalent in his family. Thus, rebellion in primary school came in the form of low grades and sub-par achievement.


Secondary school brought on rebellion with violence. Outburst became directed at both students and teachers. Suspension was given on multiple occasions and expulsion twice. One school councilor reported; “Student is violent and unwilling to conform to rules. Assume underlying trauma to blame but impossible to diagnose due to abysmal behavior during counseling sessions. Recommend extreme measures when dealing punishment. Incarceration may be necessary.”


Matt’s behavior settled during the last year of school and through graduation. Motive unconfirmed but peers suggest attraction to a fellow student to be the cause.


Upon completion of StarFleet entrance exam, Matt was granted attendance at StarFleet academy. Unlike grade school, behavior was a non-issue. Grade point average was low but passable, however Professors continually emphasize the amount of effort given. Matt proved exemplary in the field of weapons, both use and design. He also showed exceptional targeting skills as he placed first in his class.


When graduated Matt was assigned security detail on a Federation operated dilithium freighter. Six months later a simple delivery mission turned disastrous when an unstable plasma conduit exploded causing a warp core breach destroying the ship and most of its crew. Only Matt and the ships first officer survived. No sensor data available.


In the wake of the event Matt became “distant and suicidal” as one councilor put it. Another suggested “psychotic”. Another went so far as to suggest mental treatment but was never admitted.


Consul General Jaffe suggested his post on the tugboat USS Manticore and assignment was granted one week later.

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