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Space Port Aegis, 10/27/23, 10:00 PM ET



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Star Trek Simulation Forum
Holodeck / space-port-aegis
Space Port Aegis - Fridays 10 ET - Command Staff: Captain Sylfaen, Nijil tr'Korjata
Between 10/27/2023 9:01 PM and 10/27/2023 10:03 PM
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:01 PM
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:01 PM
We left off last week with some strange surges effecting our power grid. Those seem to have been countered but the source is still unclear, except it seems to be coming from or a result of the portal.
9:01 PM
Questions before we get started?
9:02 PM
Jyl is not officially here at the moment (on standbye to pick up our daughter from work).
9:03 PM
=starfleet======= BEGIN SIM =======starfleet=
=starfleet======= BEGIN SIM =======starfleet=
=starfleet======= BEGIN SIM =======starfleet=
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:03 PM
::checking the extent of the power outages::
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:03 PM
::still at the command center, monitoring::
Dacia Sandero 10/27/2023 9:04 PM
::wondering about these power surges::
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:05 PM
Systems seem stable now.
9:06 PM
Anyone have a theory of what just happened?
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:06 PM
Can they drain power from the other side?
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:08 PM
What if it's amplified on the other side?
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:09 PM
Without more data from the other side, unclear.
Dacia Sandero 10/27/2023 9:11 PM
::Looks out at the lights::
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:12 PM
It may be possible to use a property from the other side to affect us.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:14 PM
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:17 PM
There may be only one way to determine if this is coming from the other side. But it makes it potentially dangerous to not have a quick way back.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:17 PM
::looks between Nijil and Sylfaen:: We could look at the data we have from the other dimension and see if there is something that could affect the communication of the device to us.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:20 PM
Let's start reviewing the data AND prepare for a recon, in force.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:20 PM
::nods and starts reviewing the data::
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:24 PM
I'd recruit Muuhi, but here gift has not arrived yet.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:25 PM
As few variables to consider as possible, the better.
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:26 PM
We are placing backups for the power just in case. :: thinks:: Were there not records of anything like this before the colonies arrived
9:26 PM
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:28 PM
Nothing. But then, it was my working theory that the Federation Colonies nav beacon was having a passive effect of countering or discouraging transitions in their area.
9:28 PM
It definitively was painful. That probably kept the wildlife away.
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:30 PM
I feel paralyzed until we can get this under control.
9:31 PM
Then again I'm not a study of transdimensionalism.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:33 PM
I prefer to keep my problems confined to one astral plane at a time, if at all possible.
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:35 PM
Or timeline.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:36 PM
I agree, it becomes a headache after awhile
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:36 PM
None of my travels help me here. I wonder if something can be both here and there.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:38 PM
If it can, it probably aleady exists we just haven't found it yet.
9:38 PM
If we knew what to look for, might be useful.
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:40 PM
:: laughs :: I was thinking of a long pole, but I don't think an object traverses until it's completely past the field.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:41 PM
::stops looking at the information for a moment and rubs her eyes::
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:41 PM
We probably need something more socisticated than 2 cups and a string.
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:42 PM
If Annisha misbehaves perhaps... :: does a shoving motion with his hands ::
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:44 PM
::glances towards Mimi:: I'm going to have security on stand bye. Things seem to be stable. We'll reconvene in the morning. But at that time we need to have a plan and act quickly. And the default plan is to go through the portal and find for ourselves what's going on.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:45 PM
::nods:: Understood.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:47 PM
::Mimi:: I was an extra squad of medics prepped. Either we're going to find refugees in trouble or we're going to find ourselves in trouble.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:48 PM
::Sylfaen:: I'll have two teams of medics ready. I also recommend that we have some type tethering device so we have an anchor to get back much like when we all went to the other dimension.
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:50 PM
Are we proceeding with the construction of the return portal?
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:50 PM
Yes, we'll be putting it together ourselves it seems.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:51 PM
::relays a message to medical to have two teams of medics ready on stand-by in the morning::
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:51 PM
Some assembly required.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:53 PM
Just make sure we bring all the parts.
9:54 PM
We'll be a long way from a replimat if we need something/
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 9:55 PM
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:57 PM
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 9:58 PM
::freeze frame::
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 9:59 PM
We'll pick up next week the following morning. We'll review our ideas then head into the breach, as it were.
9:59 PM
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 10:00 PM
We should be at the breach next time. Reminds me a lot of Stargate.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 10:01 PM
Dismissed and goodnight all.
Dacia Sandero 10/27/2023 10:01 PM
Nijil tr'Korjata 10/27/2023 10:01 PM
Night and say hello to Jy for me.
Captain Sylfaen 10/27/2023 10:02 PM
Will do.
MimiPavilion 10/27/2023 10:02 PM
night all see ya next week
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Timezone: UTC-6


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