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Lt.jg Harnett.

Name: T’oms “ Thomas “ Harnett. 

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade. 

Current Assignment: Chief Operations Officer, U.S.S. Manticore. 

Species: Half Vulcan/Half Human. 

Gender: Male. 

Age: 107, (YOB – 2265) 

Height: 6 ft 2 in 

Weight: 198 lbs 

Hair Color: Dark Brown 

Eye Color: Brown 

Marital Status: T’las, Widowed (YOD - 2365). 

Children: Daughter, J’enn “Jen”, age 17. (DOB - 2355) 

Siblings: Cmdr.Eric Harnett (Twin Brother), Lt. L’ura Harnett (Youngest sister), Cmdr. L’mar (Older Sister). 

Parents: Adm. Don Harnett (Father), Sub Cmdr. T’prin. (Mother). 



Born on the U.S.S. Hood in 2265, along with his brother Eric. He was raised between Earth and Vulcan, taking more to the Vulcan teachings of Logic than his Brother. 

Both joined Starfleet Academy in 2283, graduating in 2285. He trained in medical, but switched to engineering after ten years, finding the engineering department much more rewarding.  

While on an assignment onboard the U.S.S. Titan in 2300, he met a Vulcan researcher, Sub Lieutenant T’las on the planet Beta VI to assist the Federation Colony there. The two were married in 2305, Thomas resigning his Starfleet commission to live on Vulcan with T’las. 

By 2255, the two had a daughter, naming her J’enn, by the time J’enn was 10, T’las was suffering from a rare neurological disorder that eventually took her life in 2365. After the death of his wife, Thomas left J’enn in the care of T’as’ sisters and rejoined Starfleet, having to start over from the rank of Ensign due to his long absence. He served on Earth working maintenance at the Academy, then transferred to Earth Space Dock to work engineering maintenance. Eventually in 2369 he took a job at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards at Mars, working in Starship deflector design as well as LCARS control.  

By 2372, he was pulled from the shipyards by a request from Lt.Cmdr Beran Faldek, to the U.S.S. Manticore to take the position of Chief Operations Officer, at the rank of Lieutenant.  

Since joining the crew, he has been attacked by a mad man, performed a mind meld with said mad man, rewired the deflector dish to turn it into a massive EMP generator, been body slammed into deck plating by a Tzenkethi.... and he has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, some days he does miss his quiet workplace at Utopia Planitia. 

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