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"Just When I Thought I Was Out..."

..."they pull me back in!"

Hello again, LOL.  CTHuskyMan/HuskyMan/FairBol re-reporting (is that a word? It is now) for duty.  


My name is CTHuskyMan, aka Matt/Matty B.  I'm a longtime Trekkie and simmer from southwestern Connecticut, USA.  I've been playing Trek sims for some time now....I think I started in 2000, with SFOL (Spacefleet Online)'s USS Ranger.  I've also held a post on board that group's USS Regayov (Voyager spelled backwards....we wanted to use that name, but Paramount had a hissy fit).  My highest rank achieved is that of Lieutenant.  You may know me as "Paul Washington", or by some other name. 

So is anybody active here?

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HuskyMan found us on Discord but for anyone else interested in checking out our Discord server where we host the sims a link will be posted at the bottom.



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