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= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1198, STARDATE 52212.12 = /\ =
Manticore is being tasked with investigating disturbing reports
of a large weapon being built in the Mizar sector. Callista and
EJ have been sent as undercover operatives to gather intel.
They arrived at an asteroid base in an unknown location where a
stolen Miranda class starship is being held. The ship is being
turned into some kind of a bomb. Their overseer, Edvenet,
discovered their ruse but decided to work with them as he himself
leaked the original intel. They pushed to learn the full extent
of the weapon but were caught and all were locked in a cell.
With the help of a new ally, Sinwa, Edvenet was able to send a
message to the saboteur Juglans Regia who reinfiltrated the
station and freed the three spies. Then they took refuge in an
infirmary. Faldek and Kansas boarded the station and fought
through the station's security team and met up with the others.
But exfiltration was put on pause with everyone insisting that
the project foreman, Olgar, be dealt with. The labor force of the
station rebelled and began rioting. The team was able to push their
way through the station and now have Olgar in custody. After an
interrogation, Olgar struck a deal to help Manticore finish their
mission and Olgar to avoid prison.
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1198, STARDATE 52212.12 = /\ =

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