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Character Bio: Dr. Tevek

Name: Tevek

Rank: Ensign

Current Assignment: Assistant Medical Officer, U.S.S. Manticore

Species: Vulcan

Gender: Male

Age: 63 Terran Years

Height: 181.6 cm (5 ft, 11 in)

Weight: 88.5 kb (195 lbs)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Widowed

Children: Three (K’Val, daughter, age 40; Selik, son, age 33; Valis, daughter, age 26)


Tevek was born on Vulcan in the city of Vulcana Regar. His father was an archivist at the Soval Diplomatic Archives, while his mother was a healer at Regar’kha Hospital. From an early age, Tevek was interested in following in his mother’s footsteps in the medical field. After completing his primary and secondary education, he graduated from University of Vulcana Regar with a degree in neurobiology and then receiving his medical degree from the Vulcan Medical Institute.

During medical school, Tevek was married to T’Rell, an astrophysicist affiliated with the Vulcan Science Academy. Tevek started working at the same hospital as his mother, focusing on neurosurgery. Over the years, he won increased recognition in his field and was eventually made head of the hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery. During this time, Tevek and T’Rell raised a family of three children.

Three years ago, T’Rell was declared dead when a science vessel she was conducting research on was destroyed in a plasma storm.

A few months after his wife’s death, Tevek announced that he was resigning his position with the hospital and was planning on enlisting in Starfleet. Although his move was criticized by colleagues, friends, and family as “puzzling” and even “illogical”, Tevek was not deterred. After completing abbreviated Starfleet Academy training due to his established medical career, Tevek served tours of duty aboard Starbase 39-Sierra and the USS Santa Cruz before being assigned as an Assistant Medical Officer on the USS Manticore.

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