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*Sky Harbor Aegis | the 27th Season

The 27th Season begins on the 31th of August in the year 2291-225.
On the 18th of August in the year 1985, Starbase Aegis was born. Then located in the Cañar System, and it has been since undergone two incarnations: Deep Space Aegis, and the present Sky Harbor Aegis. The station and its crew have endured the Dominion, the Klingon Empire, and the Cardassian Wars, plus countless other threats from within and outside the bounds of Federation space and the Joint Allied Powers.

As we begin this new season, the date is 31 August 2291-225. 
Aegis itself is a strategic base that stands watch between known and unknown areas of space.  Led by a powerful group whose resources and abilities have yet to be revealed, the Alien Alliance is building bases on asteroids and planetoids within a string of nebulae that allow them stealth passage from their space to that of the Joint Allied Powers.  Their aim is to form a cordon around the Joint Allied Powers, take over Aegis, and use it as a staging ground to conquer the Federation and the Joint Allied Powers.
The Alien Alliance has yet to take charge of the Joint Allied Powers, though they continue to try. 
Instead, personnel and the new ships are always alert around the new Sky Harbor Aegis.
Starfleet Border Patrol has four new Akira Class Ships, loaded or bear and highly classified.  Only a few may come aboard:
The USS Missouri, the USS Iowa, The USS Calgary, and the USS Toronto. 
Each ship works two strike groups: 1 heavy Cruiser, 2 destroyers, 1 frigate, plus a few others that are always ready to fight.
The USS Missouri carries three sights (16 each), P-70B Peacekeepers, and a flight of 16 A-45 Crusader attack fighters. 
The USS Iowa are similar, as are the USS Kole, a Zumwalt class stealth destroyer, the USS Kearsarge Cruiser, the USS Sacramento supply ship, the RSE Daemnh D'deridex, and the IKS Bat'lh Battlecruiser.
So far, Aegis has done well, and we will continue that way. 

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