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USS Manticore, 01/24/22, 10:00 PM ET

= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1154, STARDATE 52201.24 = /\ =
Manticore is sent to the penal colony on Gellum to make a
cargo exchange. A stowaway came aboard with the cargo who
didn't seem to be in the right frame of mind. Security captured
him and brought him to sickbay where new Ensign Harnett
performed a mind meld that gave Dr Orrak cause for concern and
to retain the prisoner. The prison administrator, Dr Adams,
was not accepting of this but soon a compromise was made and a
team was invited to inspect the prison in a gesture of trust.
Once down there Adams proceeded to give a thorough tour and
when no one was looking Kansas slipped away. She found an
underground corridor filled with a subset of prisoners who seemed
to be mad. She followed a nurse who had taken a woman from a
secure room down to this corridor. When she saw the woman she
struggled to move or speak. The nurse came back and surprised
Kansas with a hypo. She was taken to a holding room where
Dr Adams instructed the nurse to wipe her memories of her
time at the prison.

Meanwhile Dr Adams has revealed the secret behind his prison...
The inmates have violence lobotomized from their minds. Gila
convinced him to show off his machine. Adams left the team
alone to deal with Kansas and the team discovered just how
dangerous this machine is. Having learned that Kansas may be in
trouble, the team attempts to move Adams away from the medical
ward to give Kansas time to rejoin the group not realizing Kansas
is already there being prepped for the machine.
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1154, STARDATE 52201.24 = /\ =


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