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USS Manticore, 01/17/22, 10:00 PM ET

= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1153, STARDATE 52201.17 = /\ =
Manticore is sent to the penal colony on Gellum in the Pac
sector to make a cargo exchange. The task went as expected
except for a stowaway amongst the cargo. He seemed afraid
with no clear direction of what he was doing. Security
captured him and he is now in sickbay. While Manticore was on
its way back to Gellum a mind meld by ensign Harnett revealed
some striking information about the prisoner and Doctor Orrak
suggested we not return him. The prison administrator was not
accepting of the Captain retaining the prisoner but after mutual
threats a compromise was made and a team was invited to inspect
the prison. Once down there the administrator proceeded to give a
thorough tour and when no one was looking Kansas slipped away.
She stumbled into an underground corridor filled with a subset of
prisoners seemingly out of their mind. She followed a nurse who
had taken a woman from a secure room down to this corridor. When
she saw her, the woman struggled to move or speak. While she
tried to bypass the door lock the nurse came back and hypoed her
from behind and two orderlies carried her to a holding room.

Meanwhile the administrator, Doctor Adams, has revealed the
secret behind his prison... The inmates have violence
lobotomized from their minds. Gila convinced him to show off his
machine. Adams soon learned of Kansas' infiltration and
surprisingly left the team alone in the room with the machine
while he attended to his new situation.
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1153, STARDATE 52201.17 = /\ =


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