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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 01.09.22

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is surveying an M-class planet in the Itarian system. Several science teams have been investigating various fun things in the boreal forest regions, while leave has been granted by Captain Swain. An unusual event occurred shipside when science officer's experiment in his quarters went awry. We left off as a bright, white flash escaped from his quarters. Are we dead? Are we alive? Are we in a different timezone? FIND OUT, TONIGHT ON <dramatic music> EXCALIBUR



MEE6 BOT 09-Jan-22 08:06 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:07 PM

Willaim puts his arm in front of his face to shield his eyes.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:08 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Temporarily blinded.::


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:08 PM

:;Was walking with Irene to whatever she was going to show me.::


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:09 PM

ACTION> The bright light subsides. Ensign Koller's room is empty, in fact it looks its been so since we left spacedock at least. There's no trace of him or his experiment.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:10 PM

Irene> "Otters!" Eventually, they wind up at a little marshy area. Irene crouches among the reeds pointing to a pond about 20 meters away. There are a couple other science ensigns attentively taking notes. There are some impossibly cute creatures with black and brown fuzz that look just like Earth otters playing in the pond.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:10 PM

“Ok, I need a full scan of this room. Computer, where is Ensign Koller?”


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:11 PM

Computer> There is no record of a Lieutenant (my bad) Koller assigned to the Excalibur.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:11 PM

flatly “What? Computer, confirm that a Lieutenant Koller is not on the ship.”


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:11 PM

::Kneels down.:: They do seem quite similar, don't they? I wonder if they have the same behaviors.


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:12 PM

Computer> There is no record of a Lieutenant Koller assigned to the Excalibur.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:12 PM

William turns to Reynolds. “What department was he a part of?”

“Let me back up. You remember talking to a Lieutenant Koller just now don’t you?”


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:13 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Blinks away the spots.:: Talking to who, sir?


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:14 PM

Irene smiles while the otters are frolicking as only otters can. "Convergent evolution. There are a few body shapes and profiles that seem to be... I don't want to say optimal, but work well in many environments and habitats. Crabs, for example. I guess otters are up there, too."


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:14 PM

William gives Reynolds a look. “Does anyone remember why we were here?”

William looks to see if his maintenance team is still here.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:15 PM

Ens Reynolds> Of course, sir. There was a power drain in this area. In these quarters.

Ens Reynolds> ::Peeks inside.:: They're empty, though...


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:15 PM

:: Somewhere on the planet? ::


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:16 PM

ACTION> While she's walking along Irene nearly trips over a large, unusually cut rock that she did not see before now. They hear a rumbling behind the waterfall as a doorway appears to open behind the falls and a stone archway raises up.


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:16 PM

::Nods in agreement.:: Seems so. Have you observed them using "tools?"


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:17 PM

"Computer, who is assigned to these quarters?"


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:17 PM

Computer> Currently these quarters are unassigned.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:18 PM

Ens Reynolds> Well, that's odd. I wonder if someone was just using them temporarily for some unauthorized experiments. ::Checks his padd and makes a few notes.::


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:18 PM

(Indaura has been looking and cataloging plants, etc...she noticing anything?)


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:19 PM

Irene is heading toward the other scientists to ask them that question when her foot hits the rock, revealing the doorway. She looks on excited, then rushes back to Maryse. "Ow! I mean, did you see that? Otters can wait, we've got a... that to explore!"


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:19 PM

::Looking at the waterfall cave entrance.:: So it seems.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:20 PM

"Computer, display power usage of these quarters for the past 24 hours."

William turns to Ensign Ulrich. "Tell me how much you remember."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:20 PM

ACTION> The display reads as normal for the past 24-hours.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM

William looks at the display. "Computer, this data is wrong."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM

Computer> Would you like me to run a diagnostic?


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM



Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM

Irene hrms, pulling out her tricorder and pointing it at the cave. "We better inform the ship and see if they can detect anything dangerous in there, or any new power sources, or anything like that." With her other hand, she opens a channel to the ship. "Science team to Excalibur."


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:22 PM

"Also, display alphabetical crew manifest starting at K."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:22 PM

Clark> +Irene+ Excalibur here.

Computer> Beginning level 1 diagnostic.

ACTION> It displays the crew manifest. There is no one named Koller, either first or last name.


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:23 PM

:: Walks up to Mincine ::


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:24 PM

William shakes his head, distinctly remember a Lieutenant Koller. +Ranking Science Officer on ship+ "Chocox to Science."


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:25 PM

+Clark+ "We... stumbled... upon some kind of bunker or something near my location, built into the rock behind a waterfall at these coordinates. Are you picking up anything new down here? If not, I'm requesting permission to investigate."

Irene nods to Indaura as she approaches. "I'm on the line with the ship. Do you need something?"


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:26 PM

Clark>+Irene+Lifts a brow No, but there aren't any records of this planet ever being inhabited. looks over to Val Let me run this by the XO.  


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:27 PM

No. I am merely out of sample capability.


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:27 PM

Clark> Turns around and takes his ear piece out Commander, science reports they've found some sort of... bunker on the surface. They're requesting permission to investigate further. Nothing is showing up on sensors at their location.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:27 PM

Val> Val shrugs in response to Clark. "What d'ya want me to do? I'm not in charge."  


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:28 PM

+Ranking Onboard Science Officer+ "Chocox to Science."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:28 PM

Woddle> +Will+ Science here.


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM

Something happening on the ship?


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM

Maybe this is some sort of blind. Starfleet scientists and anthropologist are fond of using this to remain hidden during studies.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM

+Woddle+ "Are there any records of a Lieutenant Koller working in the Science department of this ship?"


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM

Woddle> +Will+ Who?


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM

+Woddle+ "Nevermind, question answered."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM

Woddle> +Will+ Uh... let me check the system, but I don't remember seeing any Lieutenants by that name.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM

Irene> "Oh! Right. Sorry." She flips the backpack off her shoulder and hands it to Indaura. "Sample containers for you and the rest of the team. Find anything good? No, I'm just seeing if we can check that out." Pointing to the newly-revealed cave and door behind the waterfall.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM

+Woddle+ "That would actually be much appreciated."


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM

Many creatures and plants as I have seen on other planets. I got lost in looking at them to be honest.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM

Irene> Hrm. "Aren't duck blinds usually cloaked? I don't think they'd put the release down here where something could find it."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM

Woddle> +Will+ No one assigned to science aboard the Excalibur by that name. Why?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Glances up at Chocox.:: What's wrong, sir? Who is Lt. Koller?


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:32 PM

Clark> Runs another scan of the area where the science team is just to be sure while he waits for a response from the commander


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:32 PM

+Woddle+ "If I tell you you'll think I'm crazy so I'll just go to Medical and get myself checked out." William turns to Reynolds. "I distinctly remember a Lieutenant Koller being in these quarters arguing with us about his power usage. There was then a bright flash and now we're here, where apparently I'm the only one that knows who this Vulcan was."


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:32 PM

::Shrugs:: Smuggling stash then? We won't know till we get in there.


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:33 PM

Woddle> Looks directly into the Camera, makes a vaguely problematic gesture Engineers. It's gotta be all that time they spend near the warp drive.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:34 PM

Irene grins in response to that guess. "You think like an Orion." She goes back to talking to her combadge. +Clark+ "Are we near any local powers or anything here? It could be a cache someone put here?"


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:34 PM

Clark> +Irene+ We're very much in the middle of nowhere. The nearest trade route is... two weeks away at warp 7.

Clark> +Irene+ There's not an occupied planet within like 30 light years.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:35 PM

"As such, I believe that I need to inform the Executive Officer and potentially get a medical exam done. And I had such a good streak going with avoiding medical. Reynolds, continue the maintenance tasks as necessary, and try not to have an engineering emergency."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:35 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances up from his report to Clark, head tilted.:: Do we have anything on our sensors that shows what might be inside?


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:36 PM

Irene shakes her head at Maryse. "Not unless someone really wanted to hide something. I really want to know what's inside now."


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:36 PM



Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:38 PM

Clark> Shakes his head Nope. Not even registering, but appears to be surrounded by some fairly dense ore deposits that could be interfering with our scans.


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:39 PM

:: Leaves her containers and takes the empty ones :: The rest of us will be close to where you are now. I spotted a small pond that is bound to have life contained within.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:40 PM

+Stanton+ "Chocox to Stanton."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:40 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Raises his eyebrows at Will.:: Uh, okay sir.


Cdr Jalen Stanton> Then tell them to proceed, but be careful. Keep a transporter lock on the team, if possible.

Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Will+ Stanton here. What can I do for you, Chief?


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:42 PM

"Sounds good, Dr. Here, take my holocamera." She undoes its neck strap, handing it over to Indaura. "Make sure you get lots of photos!"


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:42 PM

Clark> Nods, puts his ear piece back in +Irene+ Commander Stanton has approved you to investigate further, but reminds you to be cautious. We will try to keep a transporter lock on you.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:42 PM

+Stanton+ "I need to talk to you and Captain Swain if that is possible. There is an...issue..."  


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:43 PM

+Clark+ "Understood, we'll be careful." Her smile returns to Maryse. "We're good to check out the caves."


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:44 PM

:: Takes the camera :: I will take as many as memory allows.


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:45 PM

After you then? ::Motions towards the cave.::


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:46 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Will+ Of course, Chocox. Are you coming up to the bridge?


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:46 PM

+Stanton+ "I do believe that would be for the best. I'll be up in a minute." William walks into the turbolift.


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:47 PM

ACTION> The turbolift controls Look familiar but the LCARS colors are slightly different than Will remembered.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:47 PM

William rubs his eyes. "What?"

William takes a closer look at the LCARS display.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:48 PM

Irene starts heading for the caves, but stops. "Oh! Dr. Ryssan, would you like to investigate the cave as well? I should have asked."


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:49 PM

:: Heads down to the pond ::

:: Turns and snaps a holo of Irene ::


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:50 PM

ACTION> The rock pathway is very clearly not actually rock, but intended to look very, very natural. Pretty elaborate fake, imo.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:50 PM

William steps onto the bridge, looking around to see what else is different. "Commander Stanton."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM

In his ready room, sipping tea. It was a pleasant blend from the Bolian homeworld. He'd actually bothered to make real tea instead of using a replicator and was enjoying it, sprawled out on his couch


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM

Someone had some attention to detail.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Seeing Will, he rose from his chair.:: You alright, Chief? You look a bit green around the gills.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM

"Can we speak in private Commander?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:54 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> The Captain is in his ready room. ::Tilts head toward Swain's RR and walks over to ring the chimes.::


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:54 PM

William follows him to the door.


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:54 PM

Clark> Leans over to Val, whispers Looks like someone spent too much time near the warp core. thumbs towards Will

Sighs and sets up straight Come.


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:55 PM

:: Arrives at the pond ::


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:55 PM

Irene notices and gives a smile to the holocamera. She's wearing a short-sleeve exploration uniform, a thick black belt with various survival tools, and her hair is kept tightly back. After that, she kneels down and runs her hand along the fake rock pathway. "Mm-hmm. There's no reason to make it look this real unless you're trying to fool something intelligent - animals don't care if it's rock or painted concrete."


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:56 PM

William enters with Commander Stanton. "Hello Captain."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:56 PM

Smiles Come in. Tea? It's a lovely Bolian blend. Very mild.


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:56 PM

Val can't hide a grin very well. "Radiation. It'll get you every time."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> None for me, sir. The Lieutenant here would like a word with us.


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM

I guess we won't know for sure until we actually go inside. ::Looking over the entrance.::


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM

Wrinkles his nose and motions for them to join him in the sitting area


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM

:: Snapping shots of the pond ::


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:58 PM

Irene> "Mm-hmm." She climbs back to her feet. She picks up a tiny stone and chucks it through the doorway, making sure there's no traps or force fields on it their tricorders can't pick up.


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:58 PM

ACTION> The stone skips harmlessly through the door and into the cave.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:59 PM

William raises an eyebrow and walks over. "No thank you. Something has uh...something is off. I was with my engineers investigating power usage and an unauthorized experiment. There was a flash of light and now no one except me remembers the Lieutenant involved and...also the computers colors are off."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:00 PM

Looks over to Stanton I... see.

(( 4.675 minute warning ))


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:01 PM

"I realize this makes me sound crazy, and I'm planning on going to medical after speaking with you and the Commander."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 09:01 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Raises an eyebrow at Chocox.:: A flash of light? Which Lieutenant?


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:01 PM

"A Lieutenant Koller, he was a half-Vulcan science officer."  


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:02 PM

Takes a drink of his tea I knew a Lieutenant Koller -- it’s been, twenty years though since he... well went missing in action.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:02 PM

"Missing how?"


Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 09:03 PM

"Well. Let's go inside." Irene will cautiously enter the cave...


Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 09:03 PM

::Follows in after Irene, cautiously.::  


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:03 PM

It was a... rubs the bridge of his nose it was an accident on an away mission if I remember correctly. I think he was a Vulcan too. How odd.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:04 PM

"I have no clue what happened to me though. None of the other engineers with me remembered Lieutenant Koller."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:05 PM

Probably not connected. Stanton I sadly don't know the crew roster as well as I used too, but I don't remember any half-Vulcan science officers named Koller, do you?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 09:05 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> No, sir. I don't recall the name.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:06 PM

"I personally checked the roster with both the computer and myself and didn't see him, but I distinctly remember arguing with him about his power usage. He was about to blow up the power system."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:08 PM

ACTION> Beyond the entrance the rock face transitions to metal hallways made from a synthetic alloy, none of the components of which are found on the planet, and forged using a process that wouldn't match any records for any known species. A series of low lights flicker on, likely motion activated revealing a long, downward slope.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 09:08 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> I think a trip to medical would definitely be in order. Just to be sure.


Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 09:09 PM

:: Scanning the contents of the pond ::


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:09 PM

Tries not to laugh, and drinks his tea instead of making the obvious joke Agreed. Have them do a full work up. You might just be tired Will. I know you've been working hard lately, which has not gone unnoticed. In fact I was hoping to talk to Commander Stanton about this before talking to you, but I am putting in for you to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander.


William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:10 PM

William blinks "I...uh...thank you sir."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:11 PM

Of course it will have to wait till the paperwork is official, but congratulations none the less. Now, go get yourself checked out and get some rest.



William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:11 PM

"Aye sir."


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:12 PM



MEE6 BOT 09-Jan-22 09:12 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========


Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:14 PM

ACTION> Will goes back to his quarters and finds the trophy he won at last month’s trivia night is no longer the first place he remembered, but instead is a third place.

bonus points if you get the reference to which episode

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