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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 12.19.21

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has continued its survey of the M-class planet's boreal forests. Science and medical continue searching for fungus and primates, and luckily for Ensign Mincine, Captain Swain has returned ship side.


MEE6 BOT 19-Dec-21 08:03 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:04 PM

William is working away on routine maintenance task for Excalibur, which are usually neglected due to circumstances.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:05 PM

Steps onto the bridge, wearing his bomber jacket from the away mission, and drinking tea


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:06 PM

$ Thankfully still on the planet, away from the captain. She drinks some water from an aluminum canteen as she continues the hunt for more primate species.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:07 PM

Clark> looks over to Val He seems, chipper

Glances over to Jalen Lovely planet.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:08 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Rises as Swain enters.:: Captain. Welcome back. Did you enjoy yourself?


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:08 PM

Val> "Maybe he just wanted to get away from the commander." Whispered.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:09 PM

Nods It was good to have a walk, and to see Ensign Mincine at work.


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:09 PM

::Making sure the camp is kept in order.::


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:09 PM

“Reynolds, what’s the status of maintenance team three?”


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:10 PM

They've setup a small camp now, things are going well. A bit of peace and quiet is nice.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:11 PM

Ens Reynold> ::Leans over to check the status board.:: Ah, they're about eighty percent done with the chip replacements on deck six.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:12 PM

“Wow, they’re making good progress. Note that down so I can tell them they’re doing a good job.”


Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:12 PM

$ :: Still cataloging what she finds ::


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:12 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> Any particular finds thus far that are note worthy?


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:14 PM

It is unusual to find primates in these climate zones, but certainly not unheard of --


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:16 PM

Ens Reynolds> Will do, Chief. On the opposite end of the spectrum is team two. They're struggling with the power assessment. ::Frowns.:: Apparently there's a lieutenant that's running some experiment in his quarters that's doubling that deck's normal power draw.


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM

$ "Over here." She ropes up an ensign or two and gets them to note down the behavior of some otter-like creatures.


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM

::Makes herself a cup of tea as she enjoys the quiet.::


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM

“I’m sorry? Check the logs, is that an authorized experiment?”


Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM

$ :: She sat down at a tree to look at the plants and creatures around her ::  


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:19 PM

Ens Reynolds> Apparently not. But he's been snipping with the engineers and refuses to shut it down. ::Turns:: What do you want to do about it, sir?


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:20 PM

“If the maintenance team team can’t handle it I guess we need the big guns. Let’s head over there.”


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:20 PM

Val> "You getting a weird power drain in crew quarters?" Glancing to Clark once more.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:22 PM

Clark> Oh... that's Lt. Koller. He's doing some research or something.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:23 PM

Ens Reynold> You're going to just confront him? ::Shudders::


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:23 PM

Val> "Huh. Research on how to screw up the thrust parameters?"


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:24 PM

Clark> We're in orbit of an M-class planet in the middle of no where.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:24 PM

“We are. And not confront him, just try to get him to see it our way.”


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:25 PM

Val> "Do you know how many science ships have disappeared in orbit of M-class planets in the middle of nowhere? I don't want to add to that list."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:25 PM

Ens Reynolds> Ah... okay. ::Though has his doubts. He follows along with a data padd in his hand.:: You know, we could just reroute the power and leave him completely in the dark.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:26 PM

Clark> Aren't we incredibly likely to have that happen anyway, just like, based on our history?


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:26 PM

“Yeah, but then we risk a pissing match with Science.”


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:28 PM

Val> "Hm, true. We do attract... weirdness, don't we?"


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:28 PM

Clark> Nods


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:28 PM

Val> "Couldn't be me." Winking her yellow-colored eye.


Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:29 PM

$ :: Watches an insect crawl in front of her ::


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:30 PM

$ ::Listening to nature as she sips her tea from a thermos. She glanced around the camp, making sure the ensigns didn't mess up any of the tents.::


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:32 PM

$ Irene steps into camp once again. "Just grabbing a few things, don't mind me."


Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:34 PM

$ :: Being in the outdoors was a nice change from the starship ::


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:35 PM

William steps out of Engineering into the turbolift.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:36 PM

Engineers> ::Clustered around one door in particular, they all sag in relief as soon as they see Will.::


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:36 PM

William walks up to them “Alright, what seems to be the problem?”


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:38 PM

Ens Reynolds> Yes, what seems to be the problem. ::Not a terribly good hype man, but trying his best.::


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:39 PM

$ ::Smiles as Irene show up.:: Find anything interesting?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:40 PM

Ens Ulrich> Ah, sir... well... you see... he just won't listen. Something about a delicate experiment and he can't shut it down just now and...


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:41 PM

"Did he say what the experiment was about?"

"And does he have a name?"


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:42 PM

$ Picking up some sample containers from a box. "The team's taking holophotos of these little otter things we found. They're really cute. We want to get an idea of the planet's biological processes, so we're collecting some of their droppings." She pauses dramatically. "And bringing Ensign Markaz a new pair of boots."


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:42 PM

Jalen We can start letting the crew go down for general survey as well if they wish. Nothing seems to be too dangerous down there.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:42 PM

Ens Ulrich> Not exactly, sir. Just that it involves the suspension of a particular crystal in a liquid solution. I'm not sure why it's so important, to be honest.

Ens Ulrich> ::Checks padd.:: Lieutenant Koller, sir.


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM

$ Interesting. ::Pauses:: New boots?


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM

Bites his lip But keep them out of Ensign Mincine's research area. There's a small island off the coast of northern sea. That seems like a good place for shoreleave.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM

William rings the quarter bell "Lieutenant Koller, it's Lieutenant Chocox. I need to talk to you."


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM

Have Commander Rex send a security team down.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> Very good, sir. I'm sure they'll enjoy it. Everyone will be taking the usual precautions, of course.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:44 PM

Koller> Go away. I can't be disturbed right now.


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:45 PM

$ Irene finally can't help a grin as she collects a few more things from the supply tent. "Yeah."


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:45 PM

$ There seems to be a funny story involved there.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:46 PM

"What are you working on?"


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:46 PM

$ Irene finally starts laughing. "Do I have to spell it out for you, doctor?"


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:47 PM

Koller> the short, stubby half-Vulcan popped his head just out the door Nothing any more dangerous than you get up to engineering from what I hear.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Sends a general announcement to all departments that leave is granted on the new planet, so long as they sync up with security.::


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM

Koller> But I am at a very delicate stage and curls lips you're bringing very negative energy to a very delicate experiment.


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM

$ No thank you. I'll just let my imagination take over.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Blurts out.:: Can we see?


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM

"I'm not worried about danger, I'm worried about the power levels you're using. We're just trying to get some maintenance done and your experiment is unfortunately interfering."

"And my ensign appears to be interested in your experiment."


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:49 PM

Koller> Well, buzz off. Closes the door


Jalen I'll be in my ready room.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:49 PM

"Lieutenant Koller, this will be a lot easier if you just tell me what you're working on. Otherwise I might have to reroute power from your quarters."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:50 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> I'll notify you if anything interesting happens. ::Resettles in his chair, crossing his leg as he leans back to make himself comfortable.::


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:51 PM

"And I actually don't want to do that."


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:51 PM

Koller> opens the door Snow globe communicators, now leave me alone and whatever you do, don't touch my power. Locks the door


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:51 PM

"Snow globe communicators? What does that mean?"


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:52 PM

$ Smiling. "You could at least come take a walk instead of just sitting in camp. I promise I'll keep your boots clean."


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:52 PM

William looks to the other engineers. "What department is Lieutenant Koller a part of?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM

Ens Ulrich> Science, sir.


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM

$ I suppose I could go for a walk. The camp setup is complete.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM

sighs "Which means his head of department is on planet right now doesn't it?"


Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM

:: She spied for other interesting plants ::


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM

ACTION> The lights flicker on the deck.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Rings Koller's door chime incessantly.::


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:54 PM

$ "Come on. You gotta see these otters." Her excitability about biology is infectious.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:55 PM

Looks up "Lieutenant Koller, the lights just flickered out here. I really need to know what is going on and why it's taking so much power."

"Or I will reroute your power. I'm trying to play nice."


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:56 PM

$ I do enjoy otters. :;Follows Irene, after setting her thermos back at camp.::


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:57 PM

Koller> through the door Just go away I am almost done.


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:57 PM

turns to the maintenance team "Has he said that before?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:58 PM

Ens Ulrich> No, sir. And we think he might blow the power grid at this point...


Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:58 PM

$ :: She found it relaxing to be away from others. A strange thing for a Denobulan ::


Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:58 PM

$ It's a good walk out from the camp through thick forest. "Don't get out much?"


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:59 PM

"Lieutenant Koller, only I'm allowed to destroy the Excalibur's entire power system, I'm going to need you to either stop, or explain what's going on so I don't make a mistake cutting your power."


Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:59 PM

$ Only when I want to. Usually the adventure finds me first.


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 09:02 PM

ACTION> the lights around Will flicker again and the hair on Reynolds neck begins standing up, well really everyone around it would have that feel.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 09:02 PM

Ens Reynolds> Sir, now this is getting ridiculous... ::Makes a quick entry into his data padd and Lt. Koller's door lock disengages and the door slides open.::


William Chocox 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM

William pokes his head in. "This is getting ridiculous Lieutenant."


Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM

ACTION> As the door opens a bright light flashes across hall and the entire ship.

William Chocox 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM

Oh [expletive deleted] me. 


MEE6 BOT 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========



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