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Can't use navigation links


I'm brand new, don't know much about this kind of thing at all, so I wanted to check out the rules.

I clicked the link under help, but it just takes me back to the home page. I found that when clicking news, schedule, or anything under help I was taken back to the home page. I started off on chrome (signed in), tried firefox, microsoft edge, and internet explorer (without signing in, not sure if that matters), as well as the samsung internet browser on my phone (also signed in). I encountered the same problem no matter the browser.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious or what. Any help would be appreciated, whether it's saying 'You dummy, it's this, this and this" or providing a link to a pdf version of the rules or something. Thank you!

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Hi, sorry about that. We don't get a lot of traffic these days so a lot of the website is very out of date.

Basically this is a text based RPG game, as "sim". We simulate playing inside the Star Trek universe as StarFleet offices aboard a starship or, in the case of one sim, a space station. Since everything is played inside of a chat room we type out all of our dialogue as well as actions and everything happens within real time for the hour that we play. The GM will put together a story plot for everyone to play out and they will then play their role based around the character they've designed and the position they're assigned on the ship.

That's all a very rough idea of what goes on. If you have an interest in joining, these days new players will choose which game they'd like to join and learn on the job, for the most part.

Currently there are four active sims one of which is played in the official STSF chat room on this site and three others are played on Discord.

Sky Harbor Aegis, Fridays, 9 pm ET - Official STSF Chat Room

USS Arcadia, Sundays, 9 pm ET - Discord

USS Excalibur, Sundays, 10 pm ET - Discord

USS Manticore, Mondays, 10 pm ET - Discord

I'll post a discord link at the bottom.

You're free to observe any of the sims to get an idea of how they play and if it's a crew you'd be interested in joining. Once you find one you like just contact the GM of that sim and they can give you more information. And feel free to post any additional questions you may have on here. Have fun and we look forward to seeing you in the future.


Discord Invite ----> https://discord.gg/ZuaTvWBz

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