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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 10.17.21

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur, in an effort to protect the creatures known to us as the Opterans have sent to the Kavia -- who are intent on harvesting them, presumably to power their civilization -- a recording from the Opterans to show that they are sentient life forms. The Kavian commander has agreed to investigate the possibility further, but has ordered her crew to resume harvesting in the interim. When we last left our valiant crew, they were considering their options.


MEE6 BOT 17-Oct-21 07:12 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:14 PM

William was in engineering, coordinating the people fixing the mess while they waited to hear back from the Opterans.


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:14 PM

Swain sat, looking cross at the viewer as shuttles continued to go back and forth from the Kavian ship to the surface


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:14 PM

Irene and some nerds are huddled at the science station trying to work out a way to make the tachyons unpalatable without starting an armed conflict.


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:15 PM

Indaura found herself back in medical, just in case something happens. Something always happens.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:16 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> If they could defend themselves, they would have done so before now. Wouldn't they? ::Musing aloud to himself.::


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:16 PM


Rex> I would hope so.


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:17 PM

::Steps out of her office, and out into medical. She spots Indaura coming in.:: Counselor.


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:17 PM

What about the barrier around the planet's core? Is there any way we could disrupt it?

Its what’s keeping the Opterans here in the first place.


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:18 PM

Doctor. :: she paused :: Things are ready here in medical. Not a lot of counseling going on at the moment.


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:19 PM

Irene looks up from the huddle. "You'd have to talk to Engineering about that one, Captain. Disrupting an energy barrier is the easy part, doing it at that depth without blowing out the deflector and every power conduit on the ship is the hard part."


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:19 PM

::Nods.:: Have you been on the bridge recently?


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:20 PM

+Will+ Want to blow something up?


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:21 PM

William looks up from his console +Swain+ "Does a bear walk in the woods?"


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:22 PM

I was there an hour ago.

We appear to be defending our new friends.


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:23 PM

+Will+ Good. I want you to work with science to figure out a way to disrupt the energy field around the planet's core without blowing out our deflector dish.

Looks over to Stanton I also have an idea on how to slow the Kavians down, if you're up for a field trip.

Looks mischievously Though you might think I am a bit daft.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:24 PM

+Swain+ "I won't let you down."


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:24 PM

Irene> +Will+ "Irene here. I've got some ideas on how we can do it, but we're going to need some pretty strong amplification to get past all that rock and subspace energy down there."


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:25 PM

I see. Have they found a solution I wonder.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:25 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> Is that any different than usual? ::Slight grin.:: I'm game.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:25 PM

+Irene+ "I'd love to hear your ideas. I'm starting to get some of my own."


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:26 PM

Last I heard they were searching, but yet to find.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:26 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Lifts eyebrows at Will.:: Captain is giving you permission to blow something up?


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:26 PM

William turns to Reynolds "This is absolutely the best day of my life."


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:26 PM

Clark, open a channel to the Kavians.


Clark> Looks over to Val and the does so Channel open sir.


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:26 PM

+Will+ With a grin, that surely can be heard over the radio. "I'm on my way down to Engineering." And with that, she and a few of the other science ensigns head on down the turbolift.


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:27 PM

Is it true that the hunters are using the Opterans as an energy source?  


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:27 PM

Val> Looks at Clark at the same time. "This should be interesting." She gets out before the channel opens.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:27 PM

Ens Reynolds> I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears!


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:28 PM

+Kavia+ Excalibur to Kavian vessel. I'd like to propose a... rapprochement. I believe we may have been too hasty in demanding you not harvest the creatures, but I will need to send a team over inspect the ... conditions that you are keeping them, for my report back to my superiors. Surely you can understand.


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:30 PM

Yes, a biological source of energy due to their unique physiology.


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:30 PM

::Nods.:: Have we considered offering other means of energy?

Consider, if we were to be successful in stopping them from obtaining the creatures, then what would happen to the other society?


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:32 PM

Kaladok> +Excalibur+ Appears on the screen I see. I would be willing to allow a small team from your crew to... inspect the creatures holding area. Though this is most irregular, I am willing in the interest of ending this standoff. Sending transporter coordinates now.


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:32 PM

Altering their means of energy production is not an easy task. They feel they are farming a renewable resource.


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:33 PM

Looks over to Jalen as he stands up Rex, you have the bridge. Jalen, shall we?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:33 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Straightens his tunic as he stands, nodding.::


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:33 PM

Rex> Starts to protest, but has the good sense to keep his mouth shut


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:34 PM

I can see where there is an appeal.


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:34 PM

Val> Looks to Clark. "How in the world did that work?" She whispers to him.


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:35 PM

Clark> Shakes his head equally unsure

(I did a dice roll behind the scenes lol )


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:36 PM

What do you give them? Solar? Geothermal? Fusion?


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:36 PM

Irene arrives in Engineering with eggheads in tow, making her way straight to Will. "Okay. To counteract a field of this strength... we're going to need... this much energy. We need to reduce that, uh, significantly, if we want to have a ship left afterward."


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:37 PM

::Shrugs:: That is for engineers to decide.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:39 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Backs up a bit as Science arrives, more than a little intimidated by their big brains.::


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:39 PM

William looks at the numbers. "I'm sure we could make this work. Maybe if we took an ultra-condensed beam."


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:39 PM

Television magic takes them to the transporter room fairly quickly


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:40 PM

Irene shrugs. "I just come up with the numbers. If you can make 'em work, great."


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:41 PM

Looks over to Jalen This may not be one of my better ideas.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:41 PM

"I'm sure we can make this work." Turns to Reynolds "You think we could make this work?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:42 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Shrugs.:: It isn't the worst, I'm sure. We have to at least give them time...


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:43 PM

Nods as he steps onto the transporter padd Remind me to tell you sometime about the time I nearly caused an intergalactic incident in a bar when I was a cadet.


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:44 PM

How have you been doctor?

You know, I should schedule you for a session.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:45 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Blinks, looking at the data.:: Ah... yes. Though with a beam that strong, we'll also need to factor in the stresses on the power systems.


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:45 PM

"And we're going to get plenty of feedback trying to neutralize that power output, too. I don't know how long we can keep our beam going."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:45 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Rolls his eyes.:: Somehow, I'd guess that is fairly commonplace with you. Sir. ::Smirks.::


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:45 PM

Looks to the transporter chief Energize.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:45 PM

"Well, if anyone has experience blowing out the power system it's me."


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:46 PM

::Smirks:: Long enough to know how to get out of things.


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:47 PM

Irene laughs at that one. "Hey, at least I don't have to clean it up afterward. Okay, let's figure out how we're going to do this..."


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:47 PM

:: mockingly writes in her hand :: Avoids obligations.,


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:47 PM



Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:48 PM

It's hard to get people to see me... ship obligations and all that.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:49 PM

"If I remember correctly, the station monkeys had to fix it."


Maryse Dubois 17-Oct-21 07:50 PM

::Nods.:: Just as hard as getting them to their physicals.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:51 PM

Has not had a physical since his entry physical at the Academy.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 17-Oct-21 07:52 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::A bit scared at the level of damage they're assuming the ship will undergo.::


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 07:52 PM

$ Shimmers on to the Kavian vessel where they are greeted by the ships first officer and a small cadre of what appear to be security officers


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:54 PM

"Not our problem, then." Irene nods sagely.


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:54 PM

"We still have to get back to the station."


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:56 PM

"...true." She takes over a nearby computer panel. "I'll start setting up simulations and see if I can get any help from the computer."


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 07:57 PM

"Thank you Irene. We should have some open consoles down here if you don't want to trek all the way back to Science."


Irene Mincine 17-Oct-21 07:58 PM

"Good." She starts reciting technobabble at the eggheads, who split off into teams and turn the open consoles into a simulation lab. "...probably safer in here, anyway."


Erich Jaenke 17-Oct-21 07:59 PM

Indy tapped her comm Doctor Ryssan to bridge. What is our status?


William Chocox 17-Oct-21 08:00 PM

"You'd be surprised about the dangers here."


Captain Swain 17-Oct-21 08:01 PM



MEE6 BOT 17-Oct-21 08:01 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========


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