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Sky Harbor Aegis | 22 October 2021

= /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 10/22/21 = /\ =
12 August 2388 - Stardate 2388.225
TBS is 4 hours. The time is 08:00 (8:00 am) Aegis Local 

Aegean personnel continue to investigate the phenomenon around Aegis.
USS Missouri, USS Iowa, USS Nimitz, and Deke Slayton cordon the area.
Intense gravitational waves are close to Aegean.
The phenomenon has shrunk. Warp drive is back online.
The field has reduced to approximately 40%.
The ships assume positions around the epicenter of the phenomenon.
Chirakis: The Deke, Nimitz, Iowa, and Missouri are directing vessels to their designated coordinates....

...additional info to follow.


Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=

Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=


CdrBrown: @::enters the bridge after grabbing a one hour power nap before the next attempt begins::

Chirakis: ::still standing in the middle of CnC:::

Cptn d'Ka: @ :::monitoring the ship... just in case:::

CdrBrown: ((been standing there for 4 hours??))

Dacia Sandero: ::working in the sickbay::

Alexis McFarland: ::eating some breakfast::

Nijil tr'Korjata: ((They vacuum around her feet))

Scott Coleridge: @::on the Aegean bridge:: Have the other ships signalled readiness?

Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: On the bridge of the ship watching the engineering readouts ::

CdrBrown: @::relieves the young ensign who filled in for him at helm::

CdrBrown: @::Scott:: All ships are in position, reporting ready on your order.

mimipavilion: ::comes out of the conference room after a 4 hour power nap::

Tarisa: @ ::At her console, double checking her numbers.::

Chirakis: Lt Slater, inform all young ones to stay in place.

mimipavilion: ::sees the captain still on CnC::

Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: The voice in his head had been relatively quiet for a few hours ::

Lt Slater: Aye, Captain

Scott Coleridge: @::looks around the bridge:: Are we ready?

Chirakis: ::still next to Mimi, watching:::

Tarisa: @ ::Nods.::

CdrBrown: @::runs a quick helm systems check::

Nijil tr'Korjata: @ We think so.

Alexis McFarland: ::in her room, reading a holonovel::

CdrBrown: @Aye, helm is ready.

Scott Coleridge: @ Good. Let's run down the plan one more time. On my mark, all 5 ships will emit a low-energy deflector pulse. We'll start at the extreme end and gradually increase at 15-second intervals. Meanwhile, Commander Tarisa will be monitoring the anomaly. If our pulses show signs of generating intense gravitational waves, we will abort. If all goes well, we should see the field start to shrink again.

mimipavilion: ::turns her attention to what's going on while still keeping an eye on the captain::

Chirakis: ::Extremely focused::

CdrBrown: @Understood.

Chirakis: ::focused on the entire area of CnC:::

Scott Coleridge: @::opens a channel to the other 4 vessels:: Coleridge to all ships. Engage deflector pulses on my mark...

Scott Coleridge: @ Mark.

Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Watches the show ::

CdrBrown: @::watches as the pulse begins to emit.... keeps an eye on ship stability::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ :: Surveying the surrounding area ::

CdrBrown: @::Scott:: holding position, wave action minimal.

Scott Coleridge: @ ::watching, trying not to notice how tightly his arms are gripping the armrests::

Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Closing his eyes ::

CdrBrown: @ Still holding position.

mimipavilion: ::looks at Chirakis for a moment, wondering what's truly going on in her mind, besides what's normal for her::

Scott Coleridge: @ Nothing has blown up yet, so that's good.

Scott Coleridge: @::Tarisa:: What's the status of the field, size?

CdrBrown: @ Still plenty of time for that ::slightly evil chuckle::

Lt Slater: Captain, Starfleet Command is demanding information for Admiral Walten, ma'am... ::stops as he sees Kirel:::

mimipavilion: ::looks at Kirel::

Nijil tr'Korjata: @ All readings nominal.

Dacia Sandero: ::going about her normal duties so far, senses something's up but of course she doesn't know what::

Scott Coleridge: @ Good, looks like the gradual increases are working.

CdrBrown: @ Wave activity has increased, but still well within tolerances.

Chirakis: ::::turns one more time:: Cut them off completely, Lieutenant. If it continues, I will cut it off. Understood?

Lt Slater: Yes, ma'am. :::Sends reply to Starfleet Command::.

mimipavilion: ::looks at Slater then Kirel, not liking what she is seeing and hearing::

Cptn d'Ka: @ :::stands away from those aboard, and he listens:::

mimipavilion: ::does consider contacting Captain d'Ka, but holds off::

mimipavilion: ::as well as Scott, but still holds off::

Scott Coleridge: @ Looks like the pulses are having the desired effect. I'm reading a further 50% decrease in volume. Keep it up for another 5 minutes.

CdrBrown: @ Wave intensity is stable, the frequency has reduced.

Chirakis: ::without turning::: All is well, Dr Pavilion. Personnel aboard the ship are working well.

mimipavilion: ::still looking at Kirel, unsure of her well-being:: I'm sure it is.

Chirakis: ::deep breath::: Not to worry, Doctor.

CdrBrown: @waves are subsiding.

Scott Coleridge: @ Field is barely registering on sensors now.

Chirakis: :::steps aside to whisper:: I am as much Sindarin as is my bondmate Doctor. Do not worry.

Scott Coleridge: @ Signal ships to stop deflector pulses.

CdrBrown: @ ::signals the ships::

mimipavilion: ::nods:: I have no doubt about that.

Scott Coleridge: @ Request confirmation from other vessels of these readings.

Cptn d'Ka: @ ::watching personnel aboard:::

CdrBrown: @::sends the request:: Should be coming into the science console momentarily.

Scott Coleridge: @::Brown:: Order Deke Slayton to remain behind and monitor the region. We don't know if this fix is permanent or temporary yet.

Scott Coleridge: @ The other ships can resume ordinary patrol duties.

CdrBrown: @ +Deke Slayton+ this is Aegean, command has orders for you to remain in the region and monitor for refresh of the anomaly.

CdrBrown: @+All ships+ Resume your previous patrol duties.

Scott Coleridge: @ Captain d'Ka, do you want to return to Missouri or accompany us back to Aegis?

Cptn d'Ka: @ You have everything in control, Commander. I could stay if you wish, or I could leave.

Scott Coleridge: @ Up to you if you want some station time before you return to your ship. You're always welcome on Aegis.

Scott Coleridge: @::Brown:: Signal Aegis that we believe the situation is under control and are coming home.

CdrBrown: @ ::Scott:: Aye.

CdrBrown: @+Aegis+ Aegean to Aegis

Lt Slater : +Aegis to Aegean, go ahead.

CdrBrown: @+Aegis+ We believe the situation to be under control and are returning to the station. ETA is 9 hours.

Chirakis: +Aegis+ Understood. ::turns to the captain::

mimipavilion: ::looks at Kirel::

Chirakis: ::nods to Slater::

Lt Slater : Looks like "situation normal, all .... up"?

CdrBrown: @::turns to Scott and d'Ka:: Gentlemen, have we figured out who is staying and who is going? ship is ready to return on your word, Commander.


Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis: Thank you


Chirakis: TBS is 9 hours.

Chirakis: Questions with the crew?

Nijil tr'Korjata: None here

Chirakis: Questions, answers, or anything else for the crew?

Scott Coleridge: Nope

Chirakis: Very well...

Chirakis: Crew dismissed.

Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.

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