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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 09.19.21

MISSION BRIEFING: The Excalibur has made contact with the Opterans who gave them a plot dump about their past, but before we could move to help them the a "collection vessel" from a species calling themselves the Kavian appeared and have asked us to leave the system, immediately.


MEE6 BOT 19-Sep-21 07:10 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:11 PM

Frowns Open a channel.


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:11 PM

William sees the ship go to Yellow alert. +Bridge+ "Chocox to bridge, do I need to be up there or in Main Engineering?"


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:11 PM

:: in sickbay...? ::


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:12 PM

Irene> "Well, I guess they're not the space bugs..."


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:13 PM

+Kaladok+ This is Captain Asher Swain of the Federation of Planets to Kavian vessel.


ACTION> Shuttles begin leaving the Kavian vessel heading towards the planet surface.


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:14 PM

Clark> No response.


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:15 PM

Val> Val's looking at her short-range nav sensors. "Picking up a whole lot of small transports going in for a landing, Cap."


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:15 PM

Rex> They have armed weapons but not targeting. Shields are up.


Frowns more deeply Return the favor.



William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:20 PM

William shrugs and makes his way back to Main Engineering. +Reynolds+ "Reynolds, what's your status? Ship's getting ready for something."


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:21 PM

Irene> "Well, the brood already took off. What do they want on the planet other than that?"


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:22 PM

+Bridge+ Sickbay is ready...or counseling.


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:22 PM

Bites his lip +Kaladok+ This is Excalibur, respond.


Kaladok> +Excalibur+ We have said all we have to say, you have ten siran to exit the system.

Kaladok> +Excalibur+ I suggest you do so.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:24 PM

Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Here, Commander. Still working in the JTs. You need me in Engineering?


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:25 PM

+Reynolds+ "I'll let you know. Be ready to zip down here if things go hot."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:26 PM

Stanton> ::glances at Swain:: We're going to let them invade?


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:26 PM

Rex> Looks over to Irene


Helm, put us between the planet and the Kavians.


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:28 PM

Val> Looks back at the command chair for a second, smiles, and starts putting in the course.

"Aye, adjusting our orbit. We'll be between them in 45 seconds."


Irene> Looks at Rex like 'what?'


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:28 PM

Red Alert, but don't target the weapons yet.


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:29 PM

:: Is rather nervous ::


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:29 PM

Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Acknowledged, sir.


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:29 PM

William sees the ship go to red alert as he walks into engineering. +Reynolds+ "Looks like things are about to get fun. Get down here as soon as you can."


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:30 PM

Rex> Weapons are armed, shields up.


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:30 PM

:: Sees the red lights :: Ugh...


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:31 PM

Any change in the Kavian posture?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:31 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::gets that sick feeling in his stomach:: +Chocox+ On my way.


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:31 PM

Irene> "Well, this is the best first contact I've been part of..." She tries to figure out what's going on down on the surface.


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:32 PM

(( everyone give me a number 1-20 ))


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:32 PM

(( 16 ))


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:32 PM

(( 12 ))


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:32 PM

(( 10 ))

(( el-oh-el ))


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:34 PM



William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:34 PM

((I don't like that.))  


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:35 PM

ACTION> The Kavian vessel begins targeting Excalibur and moving towards us. They also hail us once more.


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:37 PM

Val> "They're closing, Cap. Targeting scanners are active, too." She is quite calm in this situation.


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:37 PM

Kaladok> +Excalibur+ Federated vessel. You are an unwanted presence in this system. It has belonged to us for hundreds of arn and we will defend our claim. We do not wish conflict with your species, but if you interfere with the collection, we will use deadly force. I will give you this final chance to save yourselves.


Rex> They are well armed. I detect at least a dozen disruptor banks, torpedo launchers and their shields are at least as strong as ours.


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:38 PM

Irene> "It looks like they're setting up those energy shields around clusters of Opterans, sir. They're farming them."


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:39 PM

Looks over to Stanton


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:41 PM

Stanton> ::shakes his head:: We might be able to take them in a firefight, but do they have backup close by?


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:41 PM

+Kaladok+ Negative. The Opterans have requested our assistance and I am bound to honor that. Cease your collection activities or we will be forced to use deadly force. You've no doubt scanned our vessel and know we're at least an equal match.

Stanton Let's hope not.


Kaladok> +Excalibur+ What do you mean... requested. They're little more than livestock. There was something in her voice that made that sound less than certain No. Leave at once. The collection will continue and you will not interfere. I will not allow you to threaten the security of the Kavia.


Irene Can you patch the translator matrix into the commnicators?

Looks over to Stanton Maybe we can let the Opterans talk directly to them.


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:45 PM

Irene> Irene nods. "It'll take a second, but I can."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:45 PM

Stanton> Maybe they never tried to communicate with them.


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:46 PM

Rex> Bites his lip Captain, I've been scanning their vessel after Ensign Mincine mentioned something and I am pretty sure their power systems are... using some of the creatures like...batteries or something.


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:47 PM

((I'm about to throw up.))


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:48 PM

Gives a look to Jalen, before turning around What. +Will+ Bridge to engineering, Will take a look at the sensors and see if you can confirm what we're seeing up here. Are the aliens using the Opterans as a power source.


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:48 PM

William blinks and looks at Reynolds. +Bridge+ "I...what?"


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:49 PM

Irene> "That's repulsive." She can't hide her disgust at that finding.


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:49 PM

Rex> Sends down the sensor readings to engineering


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:49 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::out of breath from rushing back:: What?


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:50 PM

He could hardly blame his crew for their revulsion, he felt it too They may not have realized they were dealing with a sentient species. Still...


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:50 PM

William looks over at the readings that they get. "That is absolutely barbaric..." He presents the readings to Reynolds. +Bridge+ "Yeah, that's a biological power source. And I don't mean biogel."


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:51 PM

Kaladok> +Excalibur+ Captain, my patience has worn out. Now I must insist you leave system at once.


+Kaladok+ Commander, please. We are trying to help the Opterans, they are sentient beings. Surely you didn't know that when you began... using them. Our sensors indicate you're using them as power sources.


Kaladok> +Excalibur+ I... I am afraid I have my orders, and I cannot say that I believe you. For all I know, you are simply trying to drive us away so that you can claim them for your own purposes.


to Irene Hows the translator coming


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:55 PM

Irene> Her normally energetic demeanor has solidified into a much more neutral one at the recent revelations about the Opterans. "Ready to go, sir."


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:56 PM

:: Considers the revelations she's hearing from the bridge commotion. ::


CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Sep-21 07:57 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::blinks at the sensor log:: That's... unsettling.


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:57 PM

"Yeah, it is."


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:57 PM

+Kaladok+ I assure you, we are only trying to help. What if we could let you speak to the Opterans directly. We have developed a translation matrix to allow two way communication, we can facilitate a direct dialog.


(( folks give me a number 1-10 ))


Indaura Ryssan 19-Sep-21 07:57 PM



William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:57 PM

(( 8 ))


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:57 PM

(( 5 ))


Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 07:58 PM

(( 8 ))


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:59 PM

(( whew ))


William Chocox 19-Sep-21 07:59 PM

(( Are you trying to give me an anxiety attack? ))


Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 07:59 PM

Kaladok> +Excalibur+ Very well. I will... consider this, but we will need to verify the authenticity of the communication.



Irene Mincine 19-Sep-21 08:00 PM



Captain Swain 19-Sep-21 08:00 PM



MEE6 BOT 19-Sep-21 08:00 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========



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