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Between Worlds


Between Worlds

Captain Chirakis
Captain d’Ka


Captain Je’rit d’Ka, the commanding officer of USS Missouri, is not often seen on Aegis except in Command and Control. He is Sindarin, one of the very few of his species allowed outside Sindar territory.  He is also the only one attached to Starfleet Command, and the one who commands the USS Missouri, the USS Iowa, the USS Calgary, and the USS Toronto.  

Occasionally he appeared with Captain Chirakis, Captain d’Ka’s bond mate, in a private room at Chez Antonio.  Sometimes they discussed information in Kirel’s office.  Today it was Chez Antonio for a long talk and more than one drink of Romulan ale.

“You are extremely focused, Kh’éile*,” Kirel implied as she set her drink aside and leaned on the table.  For some reason, Je’rit was completely focused in a way she had never seen.  To her, he was obviously thinking, and, as a Sindarin, the color of his pupils changed from lavender, to blue, then to a deep hazel hue as he concentrated.

“Extremely focused Kh’éile?” d’Ka asked without turning.  “I would say intensely is a more appropriate word.  Or perhaps curious, wondering how you went into… then came out of subspace.”  He waited for her answer, and when she did not answer he turned to face her.

“I have no idea, Je’rit.  Have you an answer to the question?”

“I do not.”  He leaned back with a sigh.  

“Very well.  We do not have an answer, but we do have a theory.”

That stopped him cold.  “A theory?”

“Yes, a theory, but it is not mine.”

Kh’éile* - The formal word for bond-mate

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