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More of the Story


More of the Story
Chirakis Kirel

At 400 hours Aegis local, Captain Chirakis entered the Medical Complex walked quietly toward the Trauma Unit and stopped next to Dr Bill Slater.  She stood there for a few minutes, arms crossed, and forced herself to remain calm.

“They’re doing well, Captain,” said Bill quietly.  “Doctor Pavilion and Doctor Sandero are excellent surgeons.”

Kirel had no response as she stared through the windows of the Trauma Unit. Finally, “How long will it take for them to recover… or heal enough to walk or move on their own?”

“Captain,” said Bill quietly while drawing her attention, “it won’t take long for them to recover.  Yes, they look bad.  They hurt, and they probably will for some time.  I’d say they’ll be in recovery after no more than a week. Dr Pavilion is an excellent doctor.  She’ll watch them carefully.”

The captain watched them sleep for a while, gave a nod, turned, and left.  Bill took his PADD and entered the Trauma Unit to check injuries.

Jim Pine and Hank Slym were the captain’s high-level recon security officers, but they sure didn’t look like security officers.  Their clothes were often shabby and their boots dirty from working in whatever area of the station needed assistance.  The occasional smell of red phosphorus forced them to wash their clothes.  Once in a while they’d clean up, especially for the ladies that passed by in the mezzanine.  Hank’s boyish grin and slightly blonde hair drew their attention, as did Jim’s muscular build and relaxed manner…. until all hell broke loose.  

Jim opened his eyes, remembering when hell broke loose. He kind of remembered.  Everything else was a blur as he woke up, but waking up was a more powerful hit than the hits he took from the hefty jerk who threw him to the deck on the mezzanine, then kicked and punched him almost through the floor to the deck below. “Gees,” he muttered, not wanting to open his eyes until he heard someone next to him.

“Take it easy, Lieutenant,” said Bill quietly.  “Relax.  Don’t try to move your neck. Got it?”

It took Jim a while to realize where he was and why he was even there.

Bill checked him over.  “Jim?”

“Uh... yeah.  I mean yes, sir.”

“Don’t move your neck, just open your eyes.”

And when he did, Jim was surprised.  The doctor didn’t seem young, but he was, had  brown hair, blue eyes, and a relaxed manner. He seemed to know his business.  

“There’s hardly any light in here,” he said looking up at the ceiling and ended with a grimace, “sir.” 

“I’m Dr Slater, and I suggest you don’t look up at the ceiling.  The lighting’s dimmed so your eyes can adjust to it.  Tell you what.” He nodded. “Close your eyes and rest.  I’m gonna check on Hank, then I’ll be back.  Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” was Jim’s slow response as he fell asleep. Bill checked him one more time, then moved on to Hank.


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