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Locking On

Locking On

“Hey, Bud!” Jim shouted from behind to give Hank a good whack on the back!  “Whatcha doin’ besides watchin’ the kids down below?”

Hank grabbed hold of the railing and tried to catch his breath. “Uh…” took him into a deep breath, “tryin’ to keep my head to stop whirlin’ so I don’t fall over… and…” he gasped one more time, “...fall on one of those kids down below.”

“Yeah, they’re having a good time, wouldn’t ya say?” came just before Jim got a punch in the gut from Hank so he couldn’t breathe.  But he could feel the pain, which was a good thing as far as Hank was concerned.  

“So I’ll wait until you can breathe, k?” Hank retorted as he tilted his head to see if Jim was still alive, then he pulled up a chair.  “So sit, man, and I’ll get the drinks.  Heavy or easy on ya?”

“Whatever,” Jim coughed, easing himself onto the chair and leaning back.  “Ya got me this time.”

“And pretend you’re relaxing,” Hank whispered, leaning toward him.  “Security’s on the prowl.”

Security rounded the corner, stopped to ask Jim if he needed assistance.  Jim pointed toward the bar.  Security asked a few questions, then moved on just as Hank handed Jim a glass of ale.  “Gees,” Hank whispered as he settled into his chair.  Jim shrugged.  “They won’t know who we are.  Ever.”

Jim and Hank were two of the captain’s high-level recon security officers.  Once in a while their clothes were shabby, their boots were often dirty from working in whatever area of the station needed assistance, and the occasional smell of red phosphorus ordered the officers to wash their clothing.  Occasionally they cleaned up for the ladies, but let’s not go there.  Hank’s slightly blonde hair drew them in, as did Jim’s muscular build.  Their best bet was to sit, sip, and watch as others walked past.  

Until  all hell broke loose.

“Hey!” A deep dark grumble came from behind.  Jim and Hank turned around to a tall, hefty man, tattooed from head to toe, with a tied up beard.  Three other hefty men walked over and stopped next to them.  “You Hank?” he asked, pointing with his jaw.

“Uh… no, he is,” said Jim ready to stand up.  “I’m Jim, and…” they pushed him down.  “We do something wrong?”

“Yeah, you did,” he continued to grumble, this time a little louder.  “See that lady over there?  He’s my girl,” he continued pushing against the table.  “Told me a few things about you that I don’t like, so…” I’m gonna take you away, piece by piece, and make sure it never happens again.”

Within seconds Jim and Hank were on the floor pummeled by four men they had never seen.  Within five minutes security had them cuffed and ready to drag into the complex, the large men shouting and raging while Jim and Hank stayed quiet. An hour later Captain Chirakis walked through the complex with Lt Garand at her side, trying to keep her dagger in its sheath.


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