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= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1123, STARDATE 52106.07 = /\ =
The crew of Manticore had been split apart and thrown into the
distant past. Manticore to a time when StarFleet was just
beginning to explore the galaxy and a team of four on the shuttle
Wyvern sent many millennia further to an alien planet with a
medieval society and a bleak future. The Wyvern team have spent
over six months on the planet with their hope of rescue waning
every day. Some have acclimated to their situation while others
turned into scapegoats in a political feud between the reigning
King and an ambitious Bishop. Things turned bad when a failed
assassination attempt on the Bishop gave him just cause to set
his plans in motion. Meanwhile Manticore has been trying to
retrieve their team and failed twice at reaching the time
coordinates the Wyvern was sent finally settling for "close
enough" six months after the shuttle arrived. The crew, finally
reunited, realized their presence caused unintended consequences
and decide to help the King in retaking his throne. During the
coronation ceremony, Pastor Crosby, the next would-be King was
assassinated. Chaos erupted in the castle courtyard. And the
large flying reptilian beast appeared then proceeded to eat
the usurper Bishop. Once the violence had ended Getzlaf addressed
the people to gain back their confidence and took back his
rightful crown. Meanwhile a new ally was noticed to be missing
and Callista and Erich traversed the castle dungeon to find
Violet severely mutilated. They raced out in a desperate attempt
to save her life.
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1123, STARDATE 52106.07 = /\ =

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