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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 05.30.21

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur continues to investigate the mystery of Optera IV, and have beamed to second of four locations where tetyron emissions originated. The team ends themselves in a cold, snow-capped mountain region and has taken shelter in a cave.



MEE6 BOT 30-May-21 07:14 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:15 PM

This is not the resort vacation I was promised.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:15 PM

William rubs his hands together. “Alright, what’s sending out radiation here?”  


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:15 PM

Rex> Because he was prepared, is not freezing


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:16 PM

"Let's find out before we freeze." Irene beep boops her tricorder, looking for another one of those reflector towers.


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:17 PM

ACTION> There isn't one, because that would be too easy. There seems to be some deeper into the caves, but another much closer -- outside the cave.


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:19 PM

"...outside." She points to the mouth of the cave. "Dammit."


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:19 PM

“Of course it is.”


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:20 PM

Rex> Tries not to smirk


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:20 PM

“You enjoying the snow Commander?”


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:20 PM

The generator deep within the cave structure?


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:21 PM

Rex> I don't mind it, no.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:21 PM

“No, apparently the generator is outside the cave.”


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:21 PM

"I am reading some deeper in the caves but they're pretty far away."


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:22 PM



Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:22 PM

Rex> Let's check it out.


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:23 PM

Hmph. "Outside or inside, Commander?"


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:24 PM

Stanton> Frowns Outside first.


Rex> Puts his hood up and heads out again


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:25 PM

Irene has scrounged up enough pieces of clothing to stay warm, somehow. She heads out into the snow and leads the team toward the generator.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:25 PM

William sighs and pulls up his own hood. “Join Starfleet they said. See exotic planets they said.”


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:25 PM

:: Growns :: Here we go.


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:26 PM

ACTION> The readings take them past the beam down point and the empty shells they spotted and to a ledge. Below them, there is a much smaller version of one of the creatures we encountered earlier laying on its back in a snow drift. Its mouth pieces are flashing weakly.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:27 PM

“That’s suboptimal.”


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:27 PM

"It's hurt is what it is. We gotta help it."


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:28 PM

“Anyone here a xenobiologist?”


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:29 PM

Rex> Frowns, looking at the ledge


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:29 PM

I'm a counselor :: shrugs ::


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:29 PM

Stanton> We should check it out. Irene, Rex, Indura find a way down.


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:29 PM

"...me." She looks at Stanton. "Permission to go do some xenobiology."  

"Gotcha." She brings up a topographic map on her tricorder and looks for a safe way down to the bottom of the ridge.


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:33 PM

Beam down?


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:33 PM

“Assuming Clark can actually hit that spot.”


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:33 PM

Rex> Frowns We should be able to find a way down.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:35 PM



Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:35 PM

Rex> Not that I don't trust Clark... _but he didn’t


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:36 PM

"Over here!" Irene yells from about 80 meters away. "I think we can make it down this snowbank!"


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:36 PM

Looking at her own scanner.


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:36 PM

Rex> Smirks and nods for Indura to head along


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:36 PM



Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:37 PM

Corenic> We could start a snowball fight while they're gone.


Stanton> Glowers


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:40 PM

Heads slowly down the only available path down.


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:41 PM

Rex> Along with his two compatriots they carefully made their way down the slope. And because Swain had just eaten cake and felt charitable, they didn't have to roll for danger


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:42 PM

Irene leads her group down the slope. "Easy, just a bit more to go. Great, we're down." She creeps toward the smaller creature, her tricorder clipped to her belt and both hands open.


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:44 PM

I was not prepared for this.


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:44 PM

Rex> Perhaps I should start come basic training classes for crew members.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:45 PM

“I’ve had some basic training. I’m just very rarely in snow.”


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:45 PM

ACTION> As they approach, the creature is laying on its back in a snowdrift, having fallen somehow. It appears to be losing energy, but is emitting a distinct tetryon pulse.


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:46 PM

Approaches the creature.

Wish I was a telepath..or Betazoid.


her scanner beeps.



Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:47 PM

Satisfied that it's not going to jump up and eat her, she pulls out her tricorder. "Yeah. I don't think you need to be a telepath to figure out it's injured and calling for help. But... what can we do for it?"


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:48 PM

Rex> Frowns What if its parents come back?


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:48 PM

Can we treat it on the Excal?


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:48 PM

Rex> Looks to Irene


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:51 PM

She scans... and scans... "We... might be able to. The atmosphere is compatible, at least, and the ship's resources would really help - I'm a biologist, not a doctor. We'd be exposing the lab to its tetryon transmissions, of course. The worst case is that it dies, and we just put it back."


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:51 PM

Rex> Considers if that is really the worst case We should run it by command.

Rex> I am sure there's some rule about beaming unknown alien bugs up without command approval.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:54 PM

“Wonder if they’re going to attempt to take it up to the ship.”  


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:54 PM

Stanton> Can't hear that, but would approve of Rex's attention to protocol, instead he looked over to Will What did you make of that tower. The technology didn't look like anything I've seen.


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:54 PM

"I... yeah, definitely." She looks like she really wants to bring that thing up. "Well, who's going to tell Stanton?"


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:55 PM

“It was very interesting. Clearly meant for humanoids, not those.” Williams nods to the group. “Those things.”


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:55 PM

Rex> Gives the not me look You're blue shirt in chief here.


Stanton> Nods Which is troubling.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:55 PM

“You think they’re still around?”


Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:56 PM

Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

The scanners in medical may shed light on what the radiation of this creature really is.


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:58 PM

Stanton> Let's hope not. Our recent track record hasn't been great.


William Chocox 30-May-21 07:58 PM

“Too true.”


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:58 PM

She sighs. "We can't beam it up without permission." She taps her combadge. "Irene to Stanton..."


Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:59 PM

Stanton> +Irene+ Go ahead.

((Two Minute Warning ))


Irene Mincine 30-May-21 08:02 PM

+Stanton+ "Sir, I think we should transport the creature up to the ship. We don't have the equipment to evaluate or treat it down here. It would give us a chance to examine them in detail."


Captain Swain 30-May-21 08:02 PM



MEE6 BOT 30-May-21 08:02 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========



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