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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 04.11.21

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has been docked at Starbase 37 Tango undergoing repairs following their recent mission. Most of the crew has been on leave and intermittently being recalled for debriefing by a Starfleet Intelligence officer.  As we pick up, the crew has been notified that said debriefings have ended and the intelligence officer has left the Starbase.  Repairs and leave are both nearing an end.



MEE6 BOT 11-Apr-21 07:12 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:13 PM

William is already in Engineering, double checking how the station monkeys messed with his settings.


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:14 PM

ACTION> Will has already noticed that a lot of his secret projects have been deleted by the station engineering crew.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:15 PM

Irene is coming back onto the ship from the last debriefing via transporter.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:15 PM

Expletive deleted "Can't they just keep well enough alone?"


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:18 PM

:: She enjoyed being in crowds again, but not back with this mess up great crew ::


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:19 PM

On the station, drinking tea in his and Arden's quarters. Arden had left for work, leaving Asher alone with his thoughts. The debriefing had gone well. He was happy to be rid of the Lieutenant. He wasn't a bad sort, but it was better for everyone when that sort didn't linger.


Rex> Enters the bridge of the Excalibur. He'd returned early the night before to handle the influx of crew coming back aboard now that their leave was coming to an end.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:21 PM

"Common decency between engineers is to not delete each other's projects. I wouldn't do this to them!"


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:22 PM

:: Crosses over to the ship after saying goodbye to all she spoke to on the station :: Well, back to the old ship.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:24 PM

Irene comes onto the bridge from one of the other turbolift doors, heading straight for the science station. "Ugh... stupid intelligence officers..."


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:24 PM

Rex> Glances over Eh, they were fine.


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM

+Bridge+ Doctor Ryssan back on board, if anyone needs me


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM

William looks around. "Reynolds? You around?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM

Ens Reynolds> What's the problem sir? ::Glancing up from his terminal. Other than time spent on the holodeck, he wasn't all that interested in taking leave.::


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM

"My special projects were deleted. Yours?"


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:26 PM

Irene> "They wanted to know all about my observations of the Romulans and their listening devices. They even read through my personal logs just in case I missed anything."


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:26 PM

:: Enters the nearest lift :: Medical.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:26 PM

Ens Reynolds> I'm afraid so, sir. It is standard Starbase procedure. That's why I always make backup copies and keep them with me.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:27 PM

"My backups were a bit old. You didn't happen to make anything more recent than about a month ago of mine did you?"


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:28 PM

Rex> Smirks Standard procedure. Especially with things getting stickier with the Romulans lately. Presses a button on his console as another round of crew members checked back in.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:29 PM

"Did they have to ask me about the holodeck programs, though?" She mumbles some Klingon cusses


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:29 PM

Rex> snorts


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:30 PM

:: enters the medical bay ::


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM

Ens Reynolds> I think so, sir. I made a backup copy of all of our projects before we docked. ::Waves his memory chip.::


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM

"Thank you."


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM

Hello? :: her voice echoed through the bay ::


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM

Rex> They don't like to leave stones unturned, no.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:32 PM

Irene> "Well, I hope Starfleet Intelligence enjoys reading through transcripts of Vulcan Love Slave, Part 4."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:34 PM

Nurse> Counselor? Welcome back. Did you have a good leave? ::Paused, data padd in hand, to address Indaura.::


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:35 PM

Rex> Smirks, thinking that the latnium he'd paid to the debriefer, who was an old academy buddy, to rile Irene had been well spent


Clark> Enters the bridge carrying a stack PADDs grumbling


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:36 PM

:: to the Nurse :: I did. I found the largest crowd I could and just talked to everyone I could.

Now that I think of it, people came to me with their personal problems a lot.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:36 PM

Irene> Hits a few buttons on her console. "There. The last of the files they wanted. How long until we depart?"


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:37 PM

Rex> Shrugs Nothing official yet. Captain's still baseside.


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM

I even made a Klingon cry. I hope he finds his family soon.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Rings the chimes at Swain's quarters.::


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM

Clark> Muttering as he logged into a console


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM

The other seat up front turns around toward Clark. Val> "Having fun before we leave?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:39 PM

Nurse> ::Eyebrow raise.:: Well, that's your job, I suppose. And people do like to talk about themselves. Counselors and bartenders... both easy listeners.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:39 PM

Irene> "Not any time soon, then. Can't they end our leave closer to our departure time?"


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:39 PM

That's a great idea. I should set up my practice here at the our bar.


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:40 PM

Clark> muttering No. I am trying to get everything in order. The last time we were here those idiots gave us extra engineering kits instead of extra med kits.


Rex> Shrugs, pressing buttons I would think you'd be happy to get leave at all.


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:41 PM

Oh, oh. Or just have a mini bar in my office.

I'm sure the holodeck has classes I could take.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:42 PM

Irene> "I've been behaving myself! Plus helping find all the listening devices."


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:42 PM

Rex> Idle hands though.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:43 PM

Val> "Engineering kits? You sure they weren't just keeping us prepared for how often our systems blow up out here?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:43 PM

Ens Reynolds> Did you see they also reset most of our adjusted settings to default? All of my screen savers are just the Starfleet insignia bouncing around on a black screen.


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:43 PM

Are the Captain's favorite drink on file? Hmm


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:44 PM

Nurse> In his medical file? I don't think so. Unless Doctor Dubois has been taking her own notes.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:44 PM

"Yes, yes I did. I have no clue why they do that.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:44 PM

Irene> "Okay, Commander Stanton also made me agree not to drink any alcohol on the starbase."


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:45 PM

Maybe a Sheliak on the Beach or Blue Horta


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:46 PM

Ens Reynolds> The repairs look good so far, though. You can't deny they're efficient.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:47 PM

"They're definitely efficient, just single minded about how things should be run. Comes from not being able to see the starts."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:47 PM

Nurse> I bet it's something like an Andorian Sunset or Slippery Nausicaan.


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:48 PM

I know that last one comes in a tall glass and is often disagreeable.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:50 PM

Ens Reynolds> I thought about posting up on a Starbase. They don't go anywhere. Seems safer.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:50 PM

"But think of the cool side projects you get to do here."


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:52 PM

Irene> "You know they give you a special vertical ID badge when you're not supposed to drink?" She grumbles. "I feel like a 16 year old sneaking into an Andorian disco."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:53 PM

Ens Reynolds> And Starbases get too much civilian traffic. I didn't want to have to deal with that.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:53 PM

"So many civilians. Could you imagine being on a Galaxy Class?"


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:54 PM

Nurse> Do you need any help settling back in? The crew is still being recalled, so I assume you still have a bit of down time.


Ens Reynolds> ::Shudders:: Ew...


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:56 PM



Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:56 PM

I think a cup of coffee should do the trick. I'll watch for people arriving just in case.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:57 PM

Ens Reynolds> And children, too.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:57 PM

"Oh God."


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:58 PM

Asher> Having spaced out thinking, he heard a chime at the door Enter


Rex> Glances over to Irene I did not know that.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM

Ens Reynolds> Sticky fingers smeared across control panels. ::Shivers.::


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM

Did anything happen while I was gone on this ship?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM

Nurse> Very good, Counselor. I'll be around if you need anything.


William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM

"I would absolutely put child locks on all the doors."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 08:00 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Steps into Swain's quarters as the door open, glancing about.:: I'm not interrupting anything, am I, Sir?


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 08:00 PM

Asher> Smirks over his now cold tea No no. I was just zoned out. Arden's on duty this morning.


Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 08:00 PM

Irene> "I heard one of the science teams had a pool going on whether I'd get dragged back onto the ship in my underpants. Jerks."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 08:02 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> I just finished my last round of questioning with SI. It was... thorough.


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 08:03 PM

Asher> Nods, stands and takes his tea to the fresher Indeed. They seem very concerned about Romulan movements along the border. More than the actual incident that sent us there. I'd be lying if I said that didn't worry me.


Asher> Arden said they intercepted some garbled comms from across the border that seemed to indicate there have been some terrorist attacks on their outlying planets. Pauses But that's not public knowledge yet.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 08:08 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> I've heard a few things, as well, and none of them are good. ::Shakes his head.:: I'm very interested to know what's going to be in our next debriefing.


Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 08:08 PM

:: Sits at a nearby desk and checks her mail ::


Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 08:09 PM

Asher> Nods and grabs his uniform jacket I've asked the Admiral for permission for us to resume our patrol and survey. She said she'd consider it, so who knows. Sometimes I do wonder if I should have asked for a science ship to command.


MEE6 BOT 11-Apr-21 08:11 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========


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