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= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1115, STARDATE 52104.12 = /\ =
The crew of Manticore is stuck in the past and split apart.
The four crew members inside the shuttle Wyvern are stranded on
a distant planet with no technology and no idea where they are.
The team has now been on the planet for over six months with no
indication of rescue. They've been split apart, Callista and
Kansas acclimating to the culture while Bren and Faldek have
fled the town after being falsely accused of collusion. Taking
matters into his own hands, Bren and Faldek attempted an
assassination of the Bishop who caused their exile. However
the attempt failed and instead allowed the already prudent
Bishop to have a reason to detain the Lady Callista, whom
he feels has been getting too close to the King.

Meanwhile, Manticore found themselves hiding from a Suliban
space station they witnessed destroyed and glimpsed the first
warp 5 starship making its inaugural mission. Following the
shuttle's last known trajectory, Manticore arrived back at
Pallus IV where they found the remains of the shuttle nearly a
millennia old, and the final resting place of a one Queen Tyrel.
Erich and Annika figured out how to time travel but the temporal
coordinates turned out to be a bit off. They certainly arrived
further into the past but only at the end of an already Queen
Tyrel's life. Life on a primitive planet turned out alright for
them and the older Callista urged the Captain to let them go. But
an older Faldek urged otherwise especially after committing grave
errors that couldn't be undone. The crew decides to retrieve
thier lost mates but it proved more difficult than the first
time. A rogue solar flare collided with Manticore and caused
significant damage. They missed their temporal mark by a few
months but it seems everyone is still in tact. With the ship
damaged the crew takes a shuttle down to find thier lost crewmen.
However, in their attempt to reach their landing point the
shuttle was attacked by a large flying beast. They land largely
unscathed and must now trek to where they hope they can find
their people.
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1115, STARDATE 52104.12 = /\ =

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