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A Sigh of Relief

To hear that Sky Harbor Aegis did not get destroyed was something to rejoice about, the fact that the station and its captain survived is something to celebrate about. For Mimi, that moment came when Commander Lei’ri called stating to stand by, followed by Captain d’Ka to be ready to beam Chirakis to the tactical medical area.


It was to her amazement that Chirakis was weak, but very much alive. Mimi performed a detailed scan of Kirel, as well as a blood sample, to make sure that there were no lasting side-effects. She also wanted to make sure that, in the worst possible scenario that this happened again, that a small team could be on the station instead of one person; especially after the captain’s muttering of “never happens again.” 


Now, Mimi can breathe a sigh of relief of not having to send a death certificate to Starfleet, but have to compile a report for them that the captain is alive and the station is intact. But above all, to let the Chirakis get some much needed rest and to keep her in medical overnight for observation, as well as letting the rest of the crew know that she’s alive.

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