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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 03.21.21

Mission Brief: Excalibur has been delivering supplies to virus stricken colony near the Romulan border. Starfleet has dispatched a medical ship to relieve us, so that we can make repairs at Starbase 37 Tango. The medical ship Dorotea Bucca has arrived in orbit and Swain and Stanton are briefing them aboard the medical ship, as are the Excalibur medical staff.



MEE6 BOT 21-Mar-21 07:11 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:12 PM

:: Speaking to the medical staff of medical ship that shall not be named ::


Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:13 PM

::At the briefing.::


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:13 PM

William's finally gotten himself cleaned up from the shenanigans with the wormhole. At this point it was more of keeping the ship in one piece as opposed to making repairs.


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:14 PM

:: Val is stationkeeping with the medical ship. ::


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:14 PM

(( Grab an @ if you're on the uh Dorotea Bucca ))

(( Or uh a $ actually since @ tries to tag people lmao ))


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM

Irene> Is down in engineering working at a console. There's a small metal cylinder on a rolling cart next to her. "That should be the end of the listening devices. The positronic scanner can't see any more."


Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM

((If you put a space in between it's fine.))


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM

"From your lips to Starfleet Intelligence's ears."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:16 PM

$ on the Dorotea Bucca in their main conference room wondering just how they come up with starship names as one of their doctors was launching into a long question to Maryse about the virus


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:16 PM

$ :: Standing with Doctor Dubois ::


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:17 PM

Irene> "Hah." She picks up the metal cylinder. "The devices in here should keep Intelligence busy for a while once we turn them in at Starbase 37-Tango."


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM

"I just don't want the spooks poking around my engine bay."

"Only thing worse than Romulans poking around my engine bay is spooks poking around my engine bay."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM

$Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::On the medical ship speaking quietly to their second officer, a charming brunette woman with a pretty smile, waiting on the briefing to start.::


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM

"And the only thing worse than that?"

"Time cops."


Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:19 PM

$::Presenting her findings, along with a copy of the vaccine formula in case they need it.::


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM

Irene> "You've had run-ins with Temporal Investigations down here? I haven't, not since I joined Starfleet."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM

$Captain Umer> Glances over to Asher and makes a side eye to Stanton and his own second officer, smirking


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM

"They have long reaching reputations." William can't remember if he's had to deal with Time Cops.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Throws Will a look.::


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM

((I honestly can't remember if we've dealt with Time Cops.))


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM

$Captain Umer> The tall, slender Betazoid cleared his throat when Maryse had finished Thank you, Doctor DuBois. It sounds like everything is in order for us to take over the relief efforts. I do wish you were able to stay around to help with the investigation into how the shipments were contaminated, but I understand.


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM

Irene> "They always have one give a speech about the integrity of the timeline during the class on the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Don't go messing with the timeline, et cetera et cetera..." She waved her hand to emphasize the et ceteras. "I had my friend T'Mal take notes for me that day."


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM

"Damnit, I knew I should've gotten a Vulcan study partner. I had a Tellarite. Great discussions...not so much the studying."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM

$ Asher smiled. He was proud of his crew and the work they did, even if sometimes some of them made him consider leaving them on the nearest ice block sometimes, but he didn't let that thought bubble to far up the line, overly aware of Umer's abilities Of course. Doctor DuBois and her staff are excellent at what they do.


Rex> Enters engineering, frowning and carrying a PADD


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:26 PM

William looks over. "I don't like that look. Don't be giving me that look. If you're going to be giving me that look, you need to go outside, turn around three times, curse, and spit."


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:26 PM

Irene> "I wouldn't have gotten through quantum mechanics without the memory techniques he taught me." She smiled. "And the stuff they say about only once every 7 years, that's a lie." She spots Rex coming in and goes back to serious mode. "Trouble, sir?"


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM

William gives Irene a look before turning back to Rex.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM

Ens Reynolds> Well, you aren't supposed to speak about them because they might hear you.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM

Rex> I've been, at Captain's "suggestion" the air quotes were audible going through the security logs for the safeties.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:28 PM

William swears audibly.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:28 PM

$Umer> Well I think that pretty much wraps things up here, unless there was something else?


Rex> For starters, I am going to just completely omit the bevy of times someone on your staff has over-ridden a safety protocol while doing some sort of... I'll be generous and call it experimentation.

Rex> I scrubbed those from the record, because well I am a nice guy.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:29 PM

"I told them to be better at hiding that."


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM

Irene> "Oh? Anything I can help with while I'm down--" She hears Rex's speech and her finger goes to her collar instinctively, even though she's not the one being smoked. "--guess not."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM

Rex> Some of them are with your override code, Billy,


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM

William looks around. "Who's Billy?"


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM

Rex> Gives him a sly look Exactly.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM

$Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Overhearing Captain Umer, he sighed, more than a little disappointed they had to leave so soon. He muttered something to his friend, who giggled and elbowed him in the gut. He grinned and headed to join Swain.::


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:31 PM

$Swain> Stands and shakes Umer's hand I do wish we could stay. I was just telling Jalen what fun we used to have at the academy.


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:31 PM

$ :: Listening to Maryse ::


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:32 PM

Rex> Anyway. So I scrubbed the very obvious uh, experimenting ones, but there's still a few I want you to comb through to check to see if they're legit or not. Most of the ones that I didn't scrub aren't related to any of the systems that control the warp field matrix though. Mostly people tinkering with the holodecks or replicators. A few with the transporters.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:33 PM

"Look, sometimes, as Chief Engineer, you need to make sure things are up to snuff. And sometimes Starfleet's 'preferred parameters' are well short of what my machinery can do. And sure, I'll check them out."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:33 PM

Rex> Captain wants me to make sure it wasn't sabotage, but as I told him -- if it was sabotage they likely weren't dumb enough to leave a trace log in the safety protocol records, but you know how it is. he finally smiled


$Captain Umer> Turns a little red I hope you didn't tell him too much.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:34 PM

"Yeah, yeah, I'll check things out."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:34 PM

$ Smiles


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:35 PM

Irene> Picking up her metal container of listening devices from the cart. "Um, I'll drop these off in a secure locker and head back to the bridge. You look like you're going to be busy for a while, Chief."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:35 PM

$Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Laughs.:: Oh, he told me enough. A pity we couldn't stay longer. I had no idea that Gretchen... eh... Commander Hatcher was assigned to the Dorotea.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:36 PM

Rex> Ah -- good Mincine. I was going to ask you to bring those to security and help Collins catalog them. Starfleet Intelligence already put in a request that we transfer them once we're at Tango.


$ Umer and Asher exchanged bemused glances Well, we'll be in orbit a little bit longer until we transfer over the last of the medical supplies. Maryse How long do you expect that will take Doctor?


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:37 PM

shudders "Damn spooks. Any chance you can keep them out of here Rex?"


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:38 PM

Rex> I would imagine they'll dispatch someone to debrief, but unlikely they'll take too much interest if we don't find anything that points to sabotage.


Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:38 PM

$ Since supplies were packed and ready. I would say no more than an hour for transfer.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:39 PM

"Harrumph." William starts scanning through the overrides.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:39 PM

$ Nods Very well. I'll head back to Excalibur, Commander if you want to stay behind and help coordinate with doctors I have no complaints.


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:40 PM

Irene> "Will do, sir. I figured Starfleet Intelligence would want these and the scanner settings I used to find them."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:40 PM

Rex> Nods Yep, and a full report if you don't mind. Sighs From everyone who worked closely with the Romulans. I know it's a pain, but if we have our ducks in a row ahead of time, we're way less likely to get grilled by SI when we get back.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:41 PM

$Cdr Jalen Stanton> With pleasure. ::Devilish grin.::


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM

$Umer> Gives a knowing glance over to Asher and shakes his head, but smiles anwyay


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM

Irene> Smiles. "Of course. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to main Security with a batch of Romulan toys."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM

$Cdr Jalen Stanton> I'll just go see if the Commander needs any help. (edited)


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM

$Swain> Maryse Unless you need Doctor Ryssan, I'd like her to return with me to Excalibur.


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM

Ens Reynolds> I was on an entirely different deck at the time! ::To Rex.::


Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM

$ ::Nods.:: That will be fine.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM

William looks up from his console and stares at the warp core. "Everyone? You know how many people work down here in an emergency Commander?"


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:44 PM

Rex> I already have my own people started. Doesn't have to be a novel. Just a short report on their interactions as best they remember it.


$Swain> Well, Captain. Best of luck. Doctor Ryssan?


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM

Irene leaves Will to his personal hell and hitches a ride up to Security in a turbolift, carrying the container of listening devices.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM

$Umer> You too Asher. Tell Arden I said hello.


$Asher> Smiles He'll be sad he missed you.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM

"I'll see what I can get you commander. Some of these people are asleep though and aren't going to wake up for their shift in a few hours."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM

Rex> No hurry. It's what, two weeks at warp 7 till we're home?


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:46 PM

"Possibly, I'm an engineer not a navigator."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:46 PM

Rex> Just want to have them before we get back to turn over to Intelligence. Hopefully they don't send us some hardass fresh out of academy who needs to prove himself.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:47 PM

"I will shove someone out of an airlock."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:48 PM

Rex> Grins I just have to ask. Is "Project Lua" a moonshine operation?


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:48 PM

Ens Reynolds> How do you know abou... ::Shuts up.::


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM

"What are you talking about? Project Lua is a harmless science experiment."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM

Rex> Because, if it is, while I am required to mention how many regulations you are breaking, I would also like to get in on that operation.


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM

Irene shows up at the main security office on deck 6. "Delivery!"


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM

Collins> Looks up, looking as if he'd been up for like thirty-six hours straight Oh. Hello.


$ *waits for Ryssan to join him in the lift down to the transporter room*


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:51 PM

"I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not substances that could become intoxicating when ingested have possibly been distilled in this department."


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:51 PM

$ :: Goes to the lift ::


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:52 PM

Irene> She sets the metal container down on his desk with a thud. "One cylinder of Romulan listening devices that are gonna need a secured locker. Starfleet Intelligence is going to pick them up once we make it back home."


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:52 PM

$ Sorry Captain. My mind and stomach are elsewhere.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:53 PM

$ Smiles No worries. waits for the lift doors to close Transporter room 3


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:54 PM

$Cdr Jalen Stanton> How about a tour? ::He linked his arm with Commander Hatcher's and they ambled off together, chatting about old times.::


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:54 PM

$ How are things down in the counseling arena? I apologize for not really involving myself too much. I know some captains really lean on them, but I -- well, I am not used to that,


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM

$ Well to be honest I have only seen a handful of patients, ones that forget to fill their calendars with their work.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM

William looks like a realization has hit him. "I thought Vulcans only reproduced every seven years, not went seven years between sexual activities."


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM

Rex> Well, I just happen to have a friend on the Orlando who gifted me some very expensive Argosian loose leaf tea that I was going to give to .... pauses wait really?


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:56 PM

"Just something Irene said. What's that about Argosian Loose Leaf?"


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:56 PM

$ It is interesting that if I need to I can find someone like yourself mentally compromised I can relieve you of duty.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:57 PM

Rex> That would be news to the Vulcan I dated at the academy. Tomak was well... rather... anyway yes. I have some loose leaf tea I was going to give to Swain to butter him up, but I could part with it for some of the moonshine you absolutely aren't brewing down in engineering lockerroom.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:57 PM

"Commander, I would be happy to take that tea off your hands for some very non-existent moonshine."


CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:58 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Totally not listening to the shady deal happening behind him.::


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM

$ Smirks True, I would hope it never comes to that. But, please let me know if you need me to pass along the word to department heads to tell people to encourage openings in their schedule. After the last few weeks, I am sure there's some stress.


Rex> Grins, widely I'll have one of my people make a delivery.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM

"Pleasure having this conversation Commander."


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM

$ Life on an enclosed starship is not easy for many species. Denobulans are known for living in close quarters.


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM

Collins> Yawns Yeah. Man you ever think you made a mistake signing up for starfleet?


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 08:00 PM

$ Have people considered intimate relations Captain?


Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 08:00 PM

$ Nearly bursts into laughing I think Commander Stanton is thinking about that right now.

<< two minute warning >>

$ Composes himself a bit as the lift door opens to two ensigns from the Bucco and proceeds towards the transporter room


Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 08:01 PM

Irene> She profoundly disagrees. "A mistake? I love xenobiology and exploration. I get to do it every day."


Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 08:02 PM

$ Well the Denobulan marital structure is sure different from that of humans.


William Chocox 21-Mar-21 08:02 PM

William totally doesn't have a thought about how the last time he was involved with someone was when Ithene essentially forced him to.


MEE6 BOT 21-Mar-21 08:04 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========


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