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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 02.14.21

MISSION BRIEFING: The Excalibur has crossed into Romulan space following an incident involving a wormhole. Repairs to the engines, shields, weapons and other primary systems have yet to be completed; however we have restored communications -- which is a good thing considering we have a Romulan warbird for a welcoming committee.




MEE6 BOT 14-Feb-21 08:10 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:11 PM

Glances over to Jalen Hopefully they're in a mood to talk?




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:11 PM

:: Searching for more crew to help ::




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:11 PM

::is directing crew and getting new power nodes in::




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:12 PM

Irene has made it up to the bridge again after making her way up from the medical lab. "How are we doing?"




Val> "We're in business." She closes a wall panel, after which the rest of the control room's lights kick in.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:13 PM

Open a channel.




Rugan> Channel open sir.




Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:14 PM

::Comes out of a hatch onto the bridge. After dusting herself off, she looks around.:: Everyone ok up here?




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:14 PM

"Guys, we need those nodes in..." checks chrono "3 minutes ago! Let's move!" is shoving nodes into place and attaching them in




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:15 PM

Clears his throat Romulan vessel, this is Captain Asher Swain of the Federation starship, Excalibur. We apologize for the intrusion into your space. If you scan our vessel you will see we have experienced failures across multiple systems due to an encounter with a wormhole.




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:17 PM

Irene sees the Romulan vessel on the viewer and runs straight to the science console.




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:18 PM

+Excalibur+ This is Enarrain t'Temarr of the RES Talon. Our sensors do show as such, but we've seen this ruse before.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:18 PM

swears as a power node pinches his hand "Careful! I only have two of these!"




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:20 PM

:: Enters the bridge after Dubois :: Ow my bac... oh.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:20 PM

Feels like he has heard the name Talon before Commander t'Temarr, I assure you that we mean no ill-intent. We are working to restore primary systems as we speak and would... appreciate... any assistance you might be willing to offer to speed our return to our side of the Neutral Zone.




Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:21 PM

::Nods to Indaura.:: Seems we arrived at a bad time...




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:21 PM

((Oh, it's the Talon...no N'Dak's there.))




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:21 PM

Irene> Tries to bring up any sensors she can, to at least give some warning on if they're about to be blasted out of the sky by the Romulans.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:22 PM

to himself Where's Issaha when you need him




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:22 PM

ACTION> The Romulan ship's powered phaser array suddenly fires on the ship. However, the shot skims the bow in warning and doesn't hit.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:23 PM

Bloody hell.




Clark> We should get back up to the bridge. Maybe they've restored some engine fuction?




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:23 PM

Irene> "They're..." Shrug. "Yeah, that shot."  




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:24 PM

+Excalibur+ It seems you may not be one of the lying lloann'na that we've seen time and again. We will offer you whatever assistance we can.




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:24 PM

:: to Dubois :: Do we crawl back into the hatch?




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:24 PM

William taps his combadge "Chocox to Engineering, are the plasma injectors to the warp core cooled off?" gets response "If they are, then start replacing them, that is your priority one alright?" gets a response "Without that we can't get everything else back on line." response "Now!" response "Thank you."




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM

+Talon+ Exhales deeply Thank you Talon. We appreciate your assistance.




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM

Val> "Agreed. I'm going to have a hell of a time climbing up to deck 1 but we better get going. Unless they need us for something else down here."




Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM

::Looks to Indaura.:: Do you want to get stuck in the tubes during a one sided fire fight?




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM

:: This was Indaura's first time seeing a Romulan. She studied the image on the screen ::




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:26 PM

ACTION> The ship jolts as the Romulan vessel activated a tractor beam and halted the Exalibur's drifting progress. Slowly, they were hauled back into the Neutral Zone.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:26 PM

Rugan> How polite of them.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM

smacks his elbow on the wall "Ow!" +Bridge+ Chocox to Bridge.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM

Looks over to Jalen Coordinate with the Talon to make repairs.




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM

Irene> "Looks like we're being dragged back across the border." She lets out a heavy breath.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM

Rugan>+Chocox+ Bridge here.




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM

What will they want in exchange?




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:28 PM

to Indaura as he headed for the ready room Probably our first born.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:28 PM

+Bridge+ "I just smacked my funny bone against the wall while putting in a power node, what just happened?"




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:29 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> And if they wish to send their people over to help with those repairs? ::Slight eyebrow raise.::




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:29 PM

to Jalen Beggars can't be choosy. Just uh, make sure no one makes a scene casts a glance at Irene




Rugan> +Chocox+ The Romulans are towing us back to Federation space and may even be coming to dinner.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:31 PM

+Rugan+ "As long as they bring drinks I don't care."




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:31 PM

Clark> Begins climbing




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:32 PM

Irene> "You're going to let them poke around in our systems and put all kinds of spy crap in there?" She catches the captain's glance and steams instead.




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:33 PM

Would be fascination to speak with their medical staff.




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:33 PM

Val> Brings up the rear, climbing a bit slower than Clark. "Dammit... stupid... turbolifts..."




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:33 PM

Deciding to ignore that outburst, for now, he headed to the ready room.




Rex> Arrives in engineering, looking a bit worse for wear




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:35 PM

Talon> +Excalibur+ You've been relocated for the safety of all. What other assistance do you require?




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:36 PM

Rugan> Stanton Should I send them our damage report?




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:38 PM

Irene> Huffs, goes back to making sure the Romulans aren't charging weapons or anything.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:38 PM

A tall, wiry, female Trill looks down from the top of the warp core where the plasma injectors are, on her collar are Lieutenant JG pips. "Commander Rex! What brings you down here?"  




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:39 PM

:: To Dr. Dubois :: Do we need any medical assistance from the, what was that ship?




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:39 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods to Rugan.:: We don't know the extent of it, but yes.




Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:40 PM

::Shakes head.:: We are in good shape in that regard.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:41 PM

Rugan> Nods, sends their damage list to the Talon, and includes transporter coordinates




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:41 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Talon+ We don't yet know the extent of the damage to our propulsion systems, but we would appreciate any engineering help you might be able to provide.  




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:41 PM

Rex> I was, uh stuck in the turbolifts when whatever the hell happened, since the lifts are down figured I'd come see if I could lend a hand.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:42 PM

The Trill grunts as the crew starts pulling the injectors out. "If you're up for it, we could use a hand up her pulling the damaged plasma injectors out."




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:43 PM

Rex> It's been a while since I did any engineering stuff, but sure. Might as well.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:43 PM

"Thank you. Lahl, by the way. Kimonzi Lahl."




Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:43 PM

:: Logging all of the recent healing ::




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:44 PM

Rex> Of course Lieutenant.




Clark> through the magic of television, Val and Clark popped their heads out on the bridge as we came back from a cut scene




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:45 PM

Irene> "If I ever need a Romulan p'takh's help, kill me..." She mutters.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:45 PM

Lahl keeps pulling with the rest of the team. The injectors were all heavy pieces of equipment.

William puts a panel back after putting the last node behind it, futilely wiping off his face.




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:46 PM

Val> "Comms are up and r--oh." She pops out of the bridge hatch and takes her seat back at helm, waving Clark back to ops.




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:46 PM

+Excalibur+ Acknowledged. We'll be transporting crewmen and supplies momentarily.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:48 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> Inform Chief Rex to expect guests. I want them under escort while they're here.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:48 PM

Rugan> Understood.

Rugan> Sees Clark, and is happy to pass off bridge secretary duties




Rex> Gets the ping as he's following the Trill Someone's going to need to catch me up to speed. The Romulans?




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:50 PM

Irene considers asking for escort duty and a phaser rifle, but thinks better about it.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:50 PM

"Romulans? What?" Lahl gets a ping from William and looks. "Romulans are towing us back into the Neutral Zone from where we drifted in apparently. And apparently they're coming to help."




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:51 PM

Val> She tries her console fruitlessly. "Helm's still out. Not that I could do much from inside a Romulan tractor beam."




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:52 PM

Rex> Lovely. I am supposed to keep an eye on them. I'll have to skip out on those plasma injectors for now. Gotta get a security team together.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:52 PM

"Well, it's the thought that counts sir. Thank you for the offer."




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:52 PM

Asher> In his ready room, opening a bottle of whiskey One of these days




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:56 PM

ACTION> Rex doesn't have much time to prepare. Engineering is suddenly filled with the bright sparkle of Romulan transporter technology. Five Romulans, including a severe looking commander, appear as the shimmer fades.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:56 PM

"I see they're here." Lahl says dryly.




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:57 PM

Irene> She checks the alert that appears on her console. "Five Romulan transporter signatures in engineering, Commander." She's not very happy to report that.




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:57 PM

::Looks around the chaotic engineering with interest.:: Who is in charge here?




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:58 PM

Rex> Dusts himself off, looks at Lahl Uh, I am uh, Commander Rex, chief of security. The Chief Engineering is uh, out making repairs. We'll get him here as soon as we can. Welcome to the Excalibur.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:58 PM

Lahl comes down from the top of the warp core. "In the absence of Chief Chocox, that would be me I guess. Lieutenant Kimonzi Lahl."




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:58 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> Wonderful. +Swain+ Captain, we have guests in Engineering. Five transported over.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 09:00 PM

Takes another drink +Jalen+ They really do want us out of their space.




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 09:00 PM

::She eyed Rex, a slight tilt to her chin.:: Enarrain... Captain in your terms... t'Temarr. I've brought four of my best engineers to assist. ::Waves a hand to those behind her.:: At your disposal.

::Looks to Lahl.:: Tell them where you need assistance. They are all familiar with your systems.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 09:02 PM

William gets notified that 5 Romulans are now poking around his Engineering area. "Reynolds! I need you to hold down the fort here! There's some Romulans poking around my ship!" William makes his way back to the Jeffries Tube to climb up back to Engineering.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 09:02 PM

Ens Reynolds> Aye, sir! I'll keep them on task and let you know if anything else goes wrong.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 09:03 PM

"Thank you Enarrain, right now here in Engineering we're working on replacing those plasma injectors. Our impulse reactors need work too."




Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 09:03 PM

Irene> "Want me to try to keep an eye on things with internal sensors?"




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 09:03 PM

Rex> Captain... uh welcome. And Thank You. I'll let Captain Swain know you're aboard. I am sure he'll want to meet you.

<< 2 minute warning >>

Asher> Feels a disturbance in the force




Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 09:04 PM

::Slight dip of her chin.:: Of course. For now, I'm more interested in seeing your team at work.




William Chocox 14-Feb-21 09:05 PM

"Very well Enarrain." Lahl directs the engineers to help her with the plasma injectors while they wait for William to climb back up.

William is currently grunting as he climbs the Jeffries Tubes for the third time that day.




Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 09:06 PM

Issaha> Somewhere, in an undisclosed location, feels as if something very wrong has happened, as if he has missed out on a cameo. Makes a note to call his agent





MEE6 BOT 14-Feb-21 09:06 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========







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