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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 02.07.21

MISSION BRIEFING: The Excalibur is adrift, hurdling towards Romulan space following what appears to be a wormhole created by Excalibur's own engines. Engineering is working feverishly to try and restore warp and impulse, along with a host of other systems. Val and Clark are trying to fix the communications array, whilst Medical is working to patch people up -- as they can't work on the antiviral medication with most of their power systems down. As we pick up, we have a little more than hour before we violate actual Romulan space.




MEE6 BOT 07-Feb-21 08:05 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========




Rhan K'hal 07-Feb-21 08:06 PM

(( peeks in ))




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:07 PM

"How we doing?" Irene is with the medical team, helping out with patching everyone up.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:07 PM

"Alright Reynolds, back in the tube." William crawls back into the Jefferies tube and starts climbing down to 16.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:07 PM

Frowns looking over the data, looks to Jalen again. It's possible, if our warp coils were far enough out of alignment that it could create a wormhole. That used to happen a lot more often back in the old days, but there should be half a dozen different fail safes to keep that from happening.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:08 PM

:: Following the good doctor ::




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:08 PM

Clark> Opens the storage locker and is incredibly relieved to find that there is in fact, a cache of actuators for the Chambers coil Oh thank the great bird.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:09 PM

Val> "Spare parts?" She's working on fixing wiring under a wall panel on the other side of the room.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:09 PM

William climbs down the ladder, keeping track of what deck he's at.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:09 PM

Clark> Yep. Actuators. Hopefully this is enough to repair the coil.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:11 PM

Val> Switches out the tool she's using. "One less thing to worry about. Oh, I'm gonna need some more optical fiber, too. Got any in there?"




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:11 PM

Clark> tosses her a roll




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:11 PM

Do you think the bridge is okay? What's happening to the ship? :: She flicks her hair back as she climbs ::




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:13 PM

Val> Catches it! "Thanks. I can fix a console, don't know how to fix a chambers coil. I hope you do." She patches up some cabling and closes the console panel. It lights up again.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:13 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Following Chocox to the next deck. As soon as they got there, the deck was in chaos -- the emergency lights cut through the hazy smoke and engineers were working on almost every panel.::




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:14 PM

Irene> "I don't know, other than the power loss." She tries her combadge. "Mincine to Bridge, you alive up there?"




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:14 PM

Clark> Yep. Pops open a panel and slides in sideways I might need you to ahnd me some stuff.

Rugan> +Irene+ Bridge here, we're alive. For the moment. Looks at the tactical monitor




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:15 PM

"I think we found the power surge." William takes a rag and puts it over his face before finding an ensign. "This where the power surge blew through?"




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:15 PM

Val> "No problem." She heads on over to the storage closet. "Just tell me what you need me to grab."




Irene> A pause. "...For the moment?"




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:17 PM

Engineer> Chief! ::Gestures wildly.:: It's in the main node for this deck. Everything is fried! Everything!




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM

Rugan> +Irene+ Assuming a Romulan warbird doesn't decide to destroy us before we cross into their space, and assuming that once we do cross into their space, a warbird doesn't destroy us then, yes. Good to hear from you though. Communications are patchy all over the ship. We went through some damned wormhole or the other. Catches a look from the Captain, though Asher seemed more intent on the science console




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM

William sighed heavily, tying his makeshift mask around his head. "That's why I'm here, this is the single most important repair we have now while we wait for the plasma injector to cool down."




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Coughing and covering his nose and mouth with his uniform.:: We need to get the extractors working.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM

Irene> +Rugan+ "Uh... all right... I guess I should leave you alone up there. Just checking in. Is anyone wounded?"




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:19 PM

Rugan> +Irene+ Nothing major up here, just a few bumps and bruises.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:20 PM

"Yeah, any idea why life support hasn't cleared out the smoke?"




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:20 PM

Irene> +Rugan+ "I'm with the medical team, Dr. Dubois and Dr. Ryssan. Do you need us up there?"




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:20 PM

Clark> Tosses his uniform jacket out of the crawl space he was occupying Dang its hot.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:21 PM

Engineer> It isn't working on this deck -- or not as efficiently as it should. We've been working on it, but it's only at about sixty percent right now.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:21 PM

Rugan> +Irene+ Negative. Captain would probably appreciate some casualty numbers though, when you have time.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:22 PM

"Alright, I want you to put a team on that. Lead me to where the surge was, I want to take a wrench to it myself."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:22 PM

Clark> Can you give me a type 3 spanner and uh... checks one of those thingys that looks like a sonic screwdriver but is actually a different kind of spanner?




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:23 PM

:: Listens to Irene ::




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:24 PM

Irene> +Rugan+ "Understood. We'll leave you alone up there." She sighs to Indaura. "Well, they're alive up there and don't need a medical team for now, but it looks like we might be in some Romulan trouble again."




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:24 PM

Ens Reynolds> I'll see what I can do about that life support. ::Starts off in the other direction.::




Engineer> ::Waves Chocox down the corridor.:: It's at the primary junction for this section.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:26 PM

"Thank you Reynolds!" William follows the other engineer toward where the power surge blew through like a bomb.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:26 PM

Val> "Uh... hold on. Damn, it is hot in here, isn't it?" She also takes off her uniform jacket. She's wearing a grey uniform tank underneath it. Her chest and right shoulder are visibly scarred from old burns and shrapnel, not to mention the visible seam between where her shoulder ends and her prosthetic begins. "Type 3 spanner and... yeah, this." She tosses the tools over to Clark.  




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:26 PM

Continues frowning, looking over the data Computer, bring up all records for engineering safety protocols from the last 8 weeks.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:27 PM

((Why do I feel that I'm about to get the bollocking of my life?))




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:28 PM

Romulans... :: she sighs ::




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:28 PM

Clark> Thanks. Might be an EPS manifold overloaded somewhere nearby. Could explain the consoles. Tosses one of the burnt out actuators One down, uh 18 more to go.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM

Val> "Why did they design a coil with 19 actuators?" Does a count of the spare parts.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM

Computer> Those records are unavailable at this time. Please consult data restoration protocols.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM

As him and the Engineer get to the junction point, William starts poking, prodding, and scanning to see what's going on.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM

Irene> "I hate the Neutral Zone. I hate the Romulans."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM

Clark> There's actually twenty some on this model alone. And don't ask me. You know Starfleet. They'd over engineer a squirt gun.




Asher> Damnation. smacks his hand on the console Ouch.  




Rugan> Looks away to avoid laughing at the Captain




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:31 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances at Swain.:: Problems?




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:32 PM

Val> "Ugh, right. Our fighters were more optical cable and duraplast interconnect than hull plating." She pops over to the console she repaired and checked the status of the local life support system. "Let's see if I can cool it down any."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:32 PM

to Jalen, nursing his hand All of the records for every ship safety system just happened to be among the deleted files after the computer core took some of the power surge.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:33 PM

How much time to we have before they arrive?




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:33 PM

Clark> Grunts as he manages to to free another actuator




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:33 PM

Irene> "I didn't ask, but probably not long if they're that worried about it."




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:34 PM

"Damn, this piece really got the work didn't it?" William starts to do what he needs to to repair the broken parts.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:34 PM

Val> "Is it getting any better?" She cranks down the temperature controls for the control room.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:34 PM

Rex> Beginning to think he's cursed, still in the turbolift, waiting for someone to find him

Clark> That seems to be better. This isn't exactly a well ventilated place. Keeps working on the actuators




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:35 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> Did you try to access the backup systems? Or were they blown, also?




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:36 PM

Trying now, but the computer core is a holy mess. Wrinkles his nose The back ups are also gone, but nothing else in that memory block is damaged.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:37 PM

((shivers, like someone has walked over his own grave.))




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:38 PM

Val> "The computer core is fried, it looks like. I can't get access to much outside this room from here. I think there's a stuck turbolift, maybe I can get it free." She tries to get power going to Rex again.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:39 PM

ACTION> Chocox finds that all of the power nodes on that deck were blown in the overload and would need to be replaced. The failure in the safety systems caused a cascade of other failures throughout all of the systems.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:40 PM

Clark> Tosses another fried actuator out 14 more. How much time do we have before we cross into Romulan space again.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:40 PM

"How in the blue blazes? We just did diagnostics on all of this..." He turns to the engineer. "We need to replace all of the nodes on this deck. We also need to figure out why the safety systems failed."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:41 PM

Asher> Runs a hand through his hair That can't be a coincidence.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:41 PM

Val> Checks the console. "You don't wanna know. Just get those actuators going." She's running spare parts back and forth for him.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:42 PM

Clark> Ouch! Curses in a foreign language, to avoid the censors Son of a ---




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:42 PM

Where to now Irene?




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:43 PM

Rugan> Captain, Commander... Rugan's voice had gone extremely sober I hate to make things worse, but if our sensors are functioning correctly, I am picking up a D'Deridex class warbird 100km on the otherside of the border. They just dropped out of cloak.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:43 PM

Irene> "Uh... we're on deck... hm... uh..." She thinks for a moment. "Well, they don't need us on the bridge. We're on deck 3. I guess deck 2." Climbing up!




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM

Up we go




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM

Val> "Ya all right?" She's carrying an actuator on her shoulder.  




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM

Engineer> I can send someone down to get the replacements, but it'll take a little while to get everything up here without the lifts working.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM

Asher> Looks over to Jalen When it rains.




Clark> Yeah. I just tried to take a short cut and zapped the crap out of myself.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM

Irene> "OK. You go left, I'll go right." She takes off down the hall of Deck 2, looking for anyone who needs assistance.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM

:: Goes left ::




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM

Rex> Hears the doors to the lift slide open, he couldn't see more than a few inches infront of his face as the entire deck was pitch black, except for some stray flashlights from crew




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM

Val> "Well don't do that! You're the only one who can fix the chambers coil, dammit."




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM

"Well, that's the only thing we can do."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:46 PM

Clark> There's probably a twenty or so engineers who would disagree with you, but I they're not here so I'll take the compliment where I can get it.




Asher> Gets up and heads towards his chair I assume we still have no weapons, communications, engines or defensive systems?




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:47 PM

Val> "Yeah, and having to go grab another one once you've zapped yourself into the Delta Quadrant would be a waste of precious time."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:48 PM

Clark> Grins even though he knows Val can't see him Just a few more to go, then we should be able to power up the subspace array.




Rugan> That would be correct sir. I could put on a space suit and shoot at them with a hand phaser.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:50 PM

Val> "Anything I can do to speed it up?"




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:50 PM

Rugan> But I don't think it would be much of a match for their shields.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:50 PM

ACTION> After a hiss, the air circulation system on deck 16 begins working, sucking out the tainted air as the life support system kicks in.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:51 PM

William rubs his face with his sleeve, somehow the makeup department had come in and sooted him up. "At least something's working."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:51 PM

Clark> You can start priming the secondary systems, we'll have to completely restart it.




Hopefully the power surge didn't mess with the subroutines.

Turns to Look at Rugan with a stare that could melt steel beams




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:52 PM

Engineer> ::Sends a team up to main engineering to gather replacement nodes.::




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:52 PM

Val> "We'll find out, I guess." She hops back to that console she repaired and starts getting things going again with the subspace array. "OK. Secondary systems... secondary systems..."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:52 PM

Rugan> Clears his throat Just an idea sir. I will, uh, keep those ideas to a minimum.




Asher> Looks to Jalen Arden has a theory that I pissed off some dead ancient god on an away mission a few years ago, and I am beginning to suspect he was right.




ACTION> The alarm on the bridge dings to helpfully notify them that they have just under 10 minutes before they cross into Romulan space.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM

((Now does Jalen believe this ship is cursed?))




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Hearing the alert, he scowled.:: After this, I believe it.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM

(( Not the ship, just Asher lol ))




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM

(( Not the ship... just the crew. ))




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM

Rugan> Position of the warbird is unchanged, at least.




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:56 PM

As William waits for the parts to get up, he moves to different repair teams to give them whatever help they need.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM

Asher> Maybe our next mission can be a quest to undo the curse?




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM

Val> Powering up the systems. "Ya got about 5 minutes before we get thrown in a Romulan prison, Clark."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM

+Will+ Bridge to Will.




Clark> Oh, lovely. Begins to work faster




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM

+Bridge+ "Chocox here."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:58 PM

+Cho+ Now would be a good time for one of those fabled Starfleet Engineering miracles. We're about 5 minutes away from violating Romulan space, and we have a welcoming committee waiting.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 09:00 PM

:: Helping fix various crew, nothing major ::




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:01 PM

Clark> Okay that’s it. Let me uh, crawl out of here then fire it up.




Clark> They should see it on the bridge as soon as we do, assuming we don't blow ourselves up -- which I guess they would also see?




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:02 PM

William swears quite loudly, almost enough for the whole hallway to hear. +Bridge+ "I'm trying my best captain. I'm still waiting for the plasma injectors to the warp core to cool, and we're just now getting power nodes down from Engineering to here on Deck 16."




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 09:02 PM

Val> Still sweating up a storm, even in her uniform tank top. "Support systems online and... well, as nominal as they're gonna get. Let's hope we don't blow ourselves up, yeah."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:02 PM

+Will+ Understood. Do your best. Bridge out.

*He knew there was no need to do a speech about the urgency of the situation, and besides, if they didn't respond to hails from the Romulans, there was an extremely good possibility they'd be dead shortly anyway. *




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:03 PM

+Bridge+ "I always do."




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:03 PM

<< Irene, give me a number 1-20, Will also give me a number 1-20 >>




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 09:03 PM

(( 9 ))




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM

(( 16 ))




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM

(( Hot damn! ))




William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM

((I don't know how to feel and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.))




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM

ACTION> Clark and Val do not blow themselves, or us up, but instead manage to get the subspace array back online, just as Excalibur crosses into Romulan space.




Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 09:05 PM

Val> "Carillon to bridge, we're online!"




CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 09:08 PM

Romulan Warbird> +Excalibur+ Federation ship, you have just entered Romulan Imperial space. Turn back immediately, or you will be destroyed.




ACTION> Sensors show the Romulan ship's weapon systems coming online a moment later, targeting the Excalibur as they power up to fire.




Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:08 PM





MEE6 BOT 07-Feb-21 09:08 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========







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