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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 01.31.21




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:04 PM

MISSION BRIEF: En route to the mostly Tellerite colony of Dourup IV near the Romulan Neutral Zone to provide medical assistance following the outbreak of a deadly virus, the Excalibur encountered a wormhole, the source of which has yet to be determined. Though engineering was able to disable our warpdrive and collapse the wormhole, we are now adrift in the Neutral Zone itself, hurdling at 3/4 impulse towards Romulan space. Main Power is offline throughout the ship, along with a number of other systems. The stardrive section in particular has taken the brunt of the power overload and is dark, with the exception of chemically powered battery emergency lights. Life support and sensors are online, but subspace communications, weapons, shields, warp drive, impulse and the turbolifts are all offline.




MEE6 BOT 31-Jan-21 08:07 PM

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========

======== BEGIN SIM ========




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:07 PM

Rex> ::In a turbolift, batting his eyes open, cursing profusely in the dark.::




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:07 PM

William comes bursting through the grate, the grate itself barely missing a hapless ensign. "REYNOLDS!"




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM

On the bridge, looking at the Master Systems Display at the back of the room, brows furrowed




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM

::In the Med Lab, making sure the samples and progress on the virus are secure.::




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM

Ens Reynolds> SIR! ::In a panic as he tried to jumpstart their power systems to no avail.::




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM

Val is sitting at helm, throwing her hands up in the air. "I can't do anything here. The impulse manifold is jammed and I couldn't get enough delta-V out of the maneuvering jets to move a grapefruit."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM

Clark> Has decided he was absolutely, 100% better off on some backworld outpost than this accursed ship




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:09 PM

William walks up to him. "Do you have an idea as to what we need to repair? I think we need to check the injectors."  




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:10 PM

Irene, meanwhile, is with Maryse in the med lab helping to secure the samples. "Looks like we're good here. But we're not making much progress on emergency power. You're the superior officer, what should we do?"




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:11 PM

As long as everything is secure, they will be fine. But we have to deal with the immediate situation, and make sure everyone else is ok.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:11 PM

Ens Reynolds> Yes, sir. The plasma injector looks like it was damaged during the overload. But to repair it, we have to shut down the core completely and let it cool.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:11 PM

:: Dark dark...well, except for the emergency light strewn along the ceiling :: Glad we are not doing anything serious.

:: Goes to ready any emergency kits not requiring ship power ::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:12 PM

Clark> Looks over to Val At least your console still has stuff on it. Power relays are off all over the ship and there's no way to even think about rerouting it.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:12 PM

"Then we're going to have to do that. We'll need to warn the ship."  




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:13 PM

Irene> "I'm certified in emergency first aid if you need a nurse. I'm not wearing an apron or bonnet, though."




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:13 PM

"What about the interlocks? Why didn't the safeties engage?"




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:13 PM

Turns around, forcing the frown off his face. He knew the crew was rattled, and he couldn't let his own annoyance at the situation come through. Alright people. I want you to start a silent timer for us Carilon for our approach to Romulan space.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:14 PM

Ens Reynolds> I'd guess that the power surge killed them, sir. It was more than the systems could handle.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:15 PM

Val> "Hold on..." She tries to reconfigure her console, which is still working, to bring up some engineering and power info. "Can you get anything out of this, Clark?" She also starts a countdown to the Romulan border. "Silent countdown's going, Cap."  




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:15 PM

"We're going to need to fix those as well. How's recruiting anyone that has so much as minored in Engineering at the Academy going?"




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:15 PM

::Hands Irene a med kit, before taking one herself.:: I guess we work our way up, since comms are down. I'll disperse med teams to the lower decks.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:16 PM

Clark, head down to Deck 8 and see what you can find out about the subspace communications array. Engineering is going to have its hands full with the power systems.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM

:: Goes up to Dr. Dubois :: Where is the best place for me? Doubt counseling is high on the list.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM

Irene> "Gotcha." She clips the medkit to her waist. "After you, Doctor. Can't imagine turbolifts are working..."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM

Making his way over to the science console, casting a glance to Jalen I want to find out how a wormhole snuck up on us. They aren't exactly a dime a dozen.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM

You can join us, or head down with the other teams, or you can man the fort so to speak.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:18 PM

Clark> Straightens his somewhat dirty uniform Aye sir, can I take the Lieutenant with me? I might need some help.

Glances to Val I guess we don't have much need for a pilot right now.

Gives a look to Jalen to say one way or the other




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:18 PM

Ens Reynolds> We've got all hands on deck, sir. Everyone we could get is out in the field trying to find the location of the overloaded section. We've narrowed it down to decks 15 through 17.  




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:19 PM

I'll head down with you. :: Gets a kit ::




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:20 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He nodded.:: We can handle it for now. Trying to get the impulse engines offline. ::Working at the engineering station.::




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:20 PM

Val> "I'm not doing much piloting right now..."




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM

"Ok, here's the plan. You and me are on interlocks and safety measures while we wait for the warp core to cool."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM

Clark> Looks over to Val Hope you like climbing then.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM

::Nods.:: We'll start with deck 4 then. ::She exits sickbay, heading to the nearest access point. Popping the hatch, she climbs in.::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM

Clark> Headed over to the JTs after grabbing one of the emergency engineering kits stashed on the bridge At least it’s down ladders I guess.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Nods.:: Aye, sir. I guess you already know that the lifts are down, so we're going to have to start crawling.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM

"Let me inform the bridge and the ship before we shut down the warp core." +Swain+ "Engineering to Captain Swain."




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM

Val> Stands up out of her seat and follows Clark, grabbing another emergency kit on the way. "Well, my leg's held together with durasteel pins and chewing gum, but other than that..."




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM

William gives Reynolds a look.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM

::Arrives at a junction and begins climbing up.::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM

Rugan> The ensign frowned at the tactical monitor Still nothing on sensors but at this range we might not be able to detect a cloaked ship.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM

:: Following the doctor ::




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM

Irene> "Let's go!" She follows Maryse. Thankfully all those Klingon calisthenics have been paying off as she has no trouble keeping up.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM

I glad am some of the comms lines are working at least. +Engineering+ Swain here.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM

+Swain+ "Captain, I have some bad news."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:24 PM

Rugan> Especially with all the subspace interference from the wormhole.

+Engineering+ Not what I wanted to hear Mr. Chocox, but go ahead.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:25 PM

+Swain+ "We have to shut the warp core down entirely in order to make repairs."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:26 PM

+Engineering+ Bites his lip instead of cursing, takes a deep breath Understood. What’s the butchers bill?




Rugan> Lowly to himself Not that it would matter if we did find a cloaked ship. We're sitting ducks without weapons or shields.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:27 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> At least if we kill the warp core, it'll kill the engines. However, we'll still be drifting without external sensors.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:27 PM

::Arrives on deck 4. She pops the exit hatch out into the corridor. They were at a fork.::




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:28 PM

+Swain+ "What I know is that we need to wait for the plasma injector to cool down before replacing it. There's a power overload that disabled the safety interlocks, I'm fairly certain that the impulse reactor's messed up. Weapons and comms are down...and I think I got a rope burn climbing down the Jeffries tube."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:28 PM

Clark> He strapped the kit to his back so he could climb down the ladder more easily, he looked up to Val and then kept moving You know, my mother didn't want me to join the fleet.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM

Irene> "Which way? Deck 4... um... crap, where does this go..."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM

+Engineering+ Manages a smile at the last part Very well. We have a little under two and half hours before we drift into Romulan space. Prioritize getting engines back online. I sent Clark and Carilon down to see about the subspace antenna. We still need to find out what caused the wormhole in the first place too.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM

Val> Climbing down with Clark. "She afraid you'd end up like me?"




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM

Which way?




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:30 PM

Clark> My older brother was at Chinktoka, the second time. He kept climbing




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:31 PM

+Swain+ "Wormholes are outside of my purview unfortunately, sir. I'm going to get to repairs."




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:31 PM

This is mostly quarters. ::Points left.:: You two go that way, I'll head the other way. We'll meet at the crew lounge.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:31 PM

+Engineering+ Fortunately not mine. Keep us updated.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:32 PM

+Swain+ "Aye sir."

"Reynolds! Shut down the core!"




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:32 PM

Looks over to Jalen




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:32 PM

Val> "Yeah. So was I." Her normal casualness becomes more firm and military. "Let's climb."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:33 PM

Clark> Its about three more decks down, and then four sections over.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:33 PM

William goes over to his office/console and gets his repair kit. "Let's get climbing."




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:34 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Having already made preparations to do so, all it took were a few quick button taps. The system began blaring all sorts of warnings, which Reynolds dismissed. A moment later, the warp engines went offline and the ship was adrift.::




Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Pushes off the console as it went dead and sighed, running one hand through his hair as he walked down to the command center.:: Well... that's that.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:35 PM

Val> Continues climbing down in silence. Distracted, she nearly runs into Clark a few times as they descend.




Irene> "Got it..." She heads left, looking for anyone in need of her assistance!  




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:36 PM

I really wish I had some tea right now. He rubbed his temples The sensor logs are a mess. Looks like some of the computer core files were affected by the overload too.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:37 PM

::Starts down her corridor.::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:37 PM

Tabbing through the information Someone's going to be disappointed. Looks like the entire holodeck library file was fragged.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:38 PM

Irene's ears start burning. She's not sure why.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:38 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Sits heavily.:: That wormhole... you're right. It just popped out of nowhere. How? We're in a heavily explored area. Every inch of the neutral zone is documented. This shouldn't have happened.




Ens Reynolds> It's done, sir! ::Grabs his kit to join Will.:: We're dead in the water. Or, er... space.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:39 PM

He nodded and returned to the sensor files Nothing on record either. Carilon did mention some navigational hazards, but those are charted. I wonder ... he chewed on his lip




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:39 PM

"Very well, let's get up to wherever this power overload was. You said between 15 and 17?" William re-enters the Jeffries Tube.  




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:40 PM

Clark> Stops the descent at a junction Here we are, deck 8. He tapped on the door panel Crap. Its sealed. Must be an overload. We'll have open it manually.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:41 PM

:: Searching ::




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:41 PM

Val> "Dammit..." She pops open the wall panel and tries the manual release lever. "Anything?"




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:41 PM

Clark> At least it was a junction and he didn't have to pry open a door while hanging suspended 8 decks in the air




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:42 PM

Clark> There we go. Starts crawling




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:43 PM

Ens Reynolds> Yes, sir. Only a couple of decks down, thankfully, but we don't know what section. I've got teams roving all three decks. Hopefully someone will find something on our way down.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:43 PM

::Found a couple crewmen with minor scratches, but nothing major. She makes her way towards the lounge.::




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:44 PM

William climbs down. "I have faith in my crewmembers."




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:44 PM

Irene> Found similar, nothing she couldn't handle, on her way back to the lounge.




Val> "I hate these tubes so much..." She crawls along behind Clark.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:46 PM

Clark> During an academy training cruise, I was stuck in one for like sixteen hours. Shudders So yeah me too.




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:46 PM

:: Looking for downed crew ::




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:48 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Huffing and puffing as he crawls after Chocox, light bobbing about.::




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:48 PM

Val> Scoffs to herself. "Yeah. Sounds terrible. I spent..." She pauses to think for a second, then continues crawling. "Spent... um... let's just keep going."




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:49 PM

"Have you been running Reynolds?" William says, his own light weaving a bit.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:49 PM

Ens Reynolds> Running around engineering!




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:50 PM

Opens another window on his console That's interesting. Just before we encountered the wormhole, sensors detected an unusually high level of quantum fluxations in our warp field.




Clark> Keeps moving, completely unaware of the rumbling behind him




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> In our warp field? Something from the ship?




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM

(grumbling or rumbling?)




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM

(( por que no los dos ))




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM

Val> "Come on. We're almost there." She snaps back to seriousness.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:53 PM

"Got it. Here we go, I think we're at 15." William pushes the grate out of the way.




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:53 PM

::Waiting at the lounge.::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM

Nods That’s what it looks like. There's normally some small variations in the quantum time-space field as we pass through warp, but this is... Brings it up on console so Jalen can see it too.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM

Ens Reynolds> ::Jumps down off the last rung of the ladder and crouches to crawl through after Will.::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM

Clark> Stops as the come to another an exit This should be the communications control room.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM

Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Leans over to have a look, lips pursed.:: Huh... what could have caused that?




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM

:: Arrives at the lounge and walks up to Dubois ::




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM

"Let's hope someone has found the problem and it's down here."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM

Purses his lips Theoretically?




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM

Val> Tries the door. "Ok, let's see what it looks like inside."




Irene> Comes running into the lounge. "No major injuries, doctor. Just cuts and bruises."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:57 PM

ACTION> The door comes open, with a little bit of work, and the communications room looks a bit like an academy dorm room the night after finals.  




Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:57 PM

::Nods.:: Same. I guess we move up again. ::Takes the nearest junction up again, heading for deck 3.::




Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:58 PM

:: Follows ::




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:58 PM

Irene> "All right..." She follows her up to deck 3.




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:58 PM

Ensign> ::Sees Chocox and Reynolds pop out of the JT and sighed.:: Sir! We haven't found anything on deck 15 yet, but we're still looking. Are you here to help?




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:59 PM

Val> Pushes the door open with a struggle and takes a good look inside the communications control room. "This place is completely wrecked. Is any of the equipment still working?"




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 09:00 PM

"I am here to facilitate repairs. We're waiting on the warp core to cool down for the moment. Have you heard from the teams on 16 and 17?"




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:01 PM

Clark> Pops open his tricorder Most of the consoles are offline. Looks like an ODN relay went out with the power surge. But the main control systems are online. Walks over to a secondary console that was flickering




Clark> Does some bee-booping That however... not great.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:02 PM

Val> "At least we can replace an ODN relay..." She follows him over to the console. "What's not great?"




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 09:02 PM

Ensign> No, sir. We've been busy with our own deck. Looks like the surge came through here, but the power nodes held. Some scoring in a few systems, but nothing extensive.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:03 PM

Clark> Closes his tricorder The actuators on the chamber coil within the main subspace transceiver array are burned out, I'd guess by the overload, though the coil itself is undamaged -- which that’s good news.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:04 PM

Val> Val shakes her head. "I'm not an engineer, Clark. How bad is that? Can we fix the actuators?"




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:05 PM

Clark> We can replace them, but it’s a tedious process. Assuming we have enough surplus and don't have to scavenge them off shuttles or something.




Clark> I am glad you came though. He smiled I will deffo need a hand.




William Chocox 31-Jan-21 09:07 PM

"Alright, if nothing looks like it's about to explode or will when we put power through it, then Reynolds and I are headed down to 16 to find the team there. Keep up the good work Ensign."




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:07 PM

<< 2 Minute Warning! >>




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:07 PM

Val> She raises her prosthetic hand. "Well, you got one."




CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 09:08 PM

Ensign> Thank you, sir. ::Rushes back to his work.::




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:08 PM

Clark> The main array is just behind that panel. He motioned But let's see what we've got in surplus before we go into the crawl space.




Clark> I hope we don't have to crawl down to the shuttle bay.




Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:10 PM

Val> "What, four decks down in the engineering section? That's not too bad." She laughs, then looks for the maintenance bay with the surplus parts.




Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:11 PM

Clark> But then we'd have to climb back up, hauling those things.




MEE6 BOT 31-Jan-21 09:11 PM

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========

======== PAUSE SIM ========




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