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Sky Harbor Aegis | 18 December 2020

= /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 12/18/20 = /\ =
= /\ = 24 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.175 = /\ =
TBS is 0 hours - the time is 1100 hours (11:00 am) Aegis Local.

Most personnel from the Rodman, Chi Song, and Agincourt have been released from the Medical Complex.
Engineering studies to determine why and how the ships were unable to move.
The ships might have drained and dispersed power slowly, leaving personnel aboard to drift aimlessly through the nebula to their doom.
The flowers on Aegis have some unusual characteristics, but are mostly harmless.
The plants will be trimmed back to limit their growth and learn about them.
Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
mimipavilion: ::on the CnC::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::Medical, finalizing reports:::
Dacia Sandero: ::working in sickbay as well, going over medical files::
Tarisa: @ ::On the Chi Song with Scott and Sierra::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: on Oberth Class vessel looking for something ...anything ....that could help figure out what happened ::
Chirakis: ::CnC, staring at the coming and going of personnel that are following anyone who looks strange:::
Tarisa: Miana> ::Riding her bird towards the new tower with Alexis and Annisha.::
Alexis McFarland: ::in their holosuite program, while no time passed in game, a few hours past in their program and they are nearing the tower they were heading to::
Tarisa: Miana> ::Holding onto her feathered hat, so it doesn't blow off.::
Scott Coleridge: @::in deflector control:: Let's see what we can find here
mimipavilion: ::observing what's going on::
Annisha: :: Riding :: This is weird...
Sierra Robinson: @ In theory one can put out the most power from a Starship through the Navigational deflector...so I thought...well maybe something might be helpful here. :: waves tricorder around ::
Alexis McFarland: ::smiles at Miana:: We're almost there now. What's weird?
Amanda Davis PhD: :::files another released officer:::
Annisha: Riding these birds.
Alexis McFarland: Ahh, that's why I just chose a horse. At least I'm used to it.
Sierra Robinson: Chubbs> :: facing the corner in the family quarters ...grounded for some reason...::
Scott Coleridge: @ We may not find anything if the charge on the deflector has dissipated by now, unfortunately
Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles::
Alexis McFarland: ::slows her horse down and looks up at the tower:: We should look out for guards and stuff.
Scott Coleridge: @ Any indications that the deflector dish's components have been damaged or affected in some way?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: In the medical bay :: Doctor, should I leave now? What else is there to do for me?
Chirakis: :::focused on something, but what that is no one can say:::
Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods, as she slows.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Working at tactical ::
Chirakis: ::without turning:: Commander Cayne, is there anything in the area that is suspicious?
Sierra Robinson: @ :: approaches deflector control station and produces a small device.....:: This is a small power cell that I can ...hook up to the station here...and see if I can glean anything from the station here. With your permission sir, I'd like to try to access this control station ...
Annisha: HD> No technology here.
Chirakis: Or that *seems* suspicious.
Tarisa: @ ::Shakes head:: From my perspective, they look undamaged like the rest of the ship. But a more technical eye might spot something.
Scott Coleridge: @::Sierra:: Do it.
mimipavilion: Bishop>::Nijil:: Yes you can leave. I'm sure Dr. Pavilion will notify you if there's anything odd with the tests.
Dacia Sandero: ::watches Nijil for a second before going back to her reports::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: places her kit on the workstation and takes a moment to access a panel behind the console...:: I will not have much time...maybe a couple of hours charge sir..:: begins working :: But If Tarisa could look at the Science data... maybe there might be something...
Alexis McFarland: ::Gets out her bow and arrow::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: maneuvers herself behind the console..in the bulky hazmat suit it is not easy :: Okay.....Ready here we go.....:: a beep is heard then a click ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Makes me wonder if Muuhi placed a backup in me. It's a Romulan thing to do.
mimipavilion: Bishop>::slight side nod::
Tarisa: @ ::Ear flicks at the beep.::
Alexis McFarland: ::spots a guard and takes a shot with her arrow, taking him out::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: curses :: I bet that is why the Yith language is easier for me. :: facepalms ::
Sierra Robinson: @:: stands up with difficulty and looks to see if anything happened......::
Nijil tr'Korjata: +Robinson+ I am ready to leave the med bay. What is our status?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Looking down to see if the comms system is malfunctioning ::
Scott Coleridge: @::not seeing any change to the readout on the console::
Scott Coleridge: @ Systems still show as nominal...
Annisha: HD> Hey, do I throw spells?
Tarisa: Miana> ::Readies her rapier/magic focus. She zaps a guard with Verthunder.::
Alexis McFarland: Mix your spell ingredients into a bottle, then chuck it.
Chirakis: ::Slow turn in Caine's direction:: Commander, is there a problem?
Annisha: HD> What am I, a Vulcan? Do I at least get a dagger?
Tarisa: @ ::Nods::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: notes the system powered up :: Well...can you access the science station menu, I was just curious if any abnormal particle charge events were recorded.
Amanda Davis PhD: ::tired of filing, she decides to make rounds:::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: notes her COMM Badge :: Oh.....
Cdr Wyatt Cayne: It's fine now. Maybe a system-wide refresh.
Alexis McFarland: Yeah, you have a broadsword and a small dagger as default. But you can buy more weapons at the blacksmith.
Sierra Robinson: @ +Nijil+ Robinson here.... Uh we are grasping for straws on finding anything on the power drain on the Oberths sir...on the Chi Song at the moment.
Tarisa: @ ::Manages to boot up the science console.::
Chirakis: ::contemplates, then nods:: Inform Engineering if any problem arises.
Sierra Robinson: @ I concur with Tarisa's plan on visiting the warp nacelles next...
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: to Dacia :: Fa afetai lava foma.
Dacia Sandero: Uhh, yes? Lava is hot.
Nijil tr'Korjata: Sorry, sorry. I am getting my languages mixed up.
Alexis McFarland: ::shoots another arrow at another guard:: That's the last of the outside guards. I think.
Nijil tr'Korjata: I called Robinson a kitten, speaking to you in Yith...
Dacia Sandero: No worries. Uhh, what were you trying to say?
Dacia Sandero: Ahh.. Interesting.
Scott Coleridge: @::smiles:: We're getting quite a nice tour of the ship.
Scott Coleridge: @ Let's go.
Nijil tr'Korjata: Just thank you. If I grow whiskers we have a problem.
Tarisa: Miana> ::Hops off her bird once they get to the entrance.:: We should look for traps.
Annisha: HD> I have good eyes.
mimipavilion: ::notes that Chirakis is a bit off her game, but she might not be, and just leaves it at that::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Gets off the bed to leave ::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::hearing Nijil's remark and tries not to laugh:::
Tarisa: @ ::Nods as she follows Scott.::
Scott Coleridge: @::only has to double-back twice this time::
Sierra Robinson: @ ::: hopes Tarisa has better luck finding something ::
Dacia Sandero: You should probably try to get some rest.  Goodbye.
Alexis McFarland: ::hops off her horse and stows her bows and arrows, nods at Miana::
Nijil tr'Korjata: I'm going to go read in my office. :: waves ::
Sierra Robinson: @ Sir, :: to Coleridge :: Being an engineer...have you've encountered strange things that baffled you ... and get frustrated a bit....not being able to come up with something?
Annisha: HD> :: looking for traps, hits a rope that wraps around her leg and hangs her upside down via a tree :: Ahh.
Dacia Sandero: OK. ::nods as he leaves before returning to her duties round sickbay::
Scott Coleridge: @::Sierra:: Well let's see. I've been through wormholes... manipulated by powerful non-corporeal aliens on... ::counts on his gloves:: at least 5 occasions. Visited by extragalactic aliens who gave us sensors I don’t understand...
Tarisa: Miana> :.Watches as Annisha hands upside down. Tries not to giggle.::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Rounds the corner and enters the lift ::
Alexis McFarland: Waah.. ::watches Annisha, also holds in a giggle::
Sierra Robinson: @ So this is something to expect as an engineer on Aegis more often than not... I see.
Alexis McFarland: ::Moves over to the tree carefully, then clambers up the side of the tree::
Tarisa: Miana> I can cast a spell to catch her if you cut the rope.
Annisha: HD> :: Swings back and forth :: I found a trap.
Chirakis: d'Ka> {{ships standing watch in the outer limits}}
Scott Coleridge: @ I think it's part of being an engineer in Starfleet in general. Unless you want to spend your life refitting plasma conduits on some mining facility.
Alexis McFarland: Good for you ::smiles:: Try the spell first, Miana. Hopefully it works.
Nijil tr'Korjata: ( We control the horizontal, the vertical....)
Scott Coleridge: @::reaches the Jeffries tube:: This will take us to the warp nacelle control room.
Sierra Robinson: @ Ah good point. Sometimes I do think about making the perfect pizza oven though..
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Exit the lift and heads to engineering ::
Tarisa: Miana> Ready ::Casts Varadero to catch Annisha when the rope is cut.::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: begins climbing the Jefferies tube...a tight fit with the old Oberth design and the Hazmat suits ::
Alexis McFarland: ::watches:: Go for it, I guess.
Tarisa: @ ::Follows in.::
mimipavilion: ::takes a seat at one of the mission configurable consoles and access her medical computer and does some work on the CnC::
Annisha: HD> :: falls and is levitated just before hitting the ground ::
Scott Coleridge: @::climbs the tube to the nacelle control room::
Alexis McFarland: ::claps:: Good job Miana.
Chirakis: ::Cayne:: Commander, ask for a report from Commander Coleridge... if they have found anything.
Sierra Robinson: @ :: chuckles :: There may not be enough room for all of us....
Alexis McFarland: ::walks next to Miana:: Let's tread a bit more carefully I guess
Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: nods :: +Coleridge+ Sir, a request for an update is being asked for, report.
Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: Yeah. ::Casts a detect spell to see if she can spot any magic wards.::
Scott Coleridge: @::squeezes into the control room:: +Cayne+ We've investigated the shuttles, deflector control, and now we are examining the warp nacelles. Interesting result on the shuttlecraft, negative result in deflector control.
Chirakis: :::Cayne::: Only if he is available. If not, I can wait.
Nijil tr'Korjata: ::Arrives at his situation table. For some reason, things look different ::
Alexis McFarland: ::walks closely behind Miana::
Tarisa: @ ::Enters warp control.::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::files another report:::
Scott Coleridge: @ Hmm… the verterium cortenide in the nacelles is conductive.
Amanda Davis PhD: :::suddenly turns, hearing a gasp and choking sound:::
Sierra Robinson: @ So ...between the coils and, as Tarisa you pointed out....the Ramscoops there might be two ways for some...anomalous charge propagation to take place up here.
Dacia Sandero: ::also hears the weird sound and heads towards it::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Swears he sees equations in front of him where the status display is ::
Scott Coleridge: @ Exactly. If the Bussard collectors picked up some of the nebula mist, and it passed along the coils…
Amanda Davis PhD: ::moving quickly in his direction::: Doctor Graylock, Lt Karien is choking.
Tarisa: @ ::Nods:: It could shed some small light on what has happened.
Sierra Robinson: @ :: opens her kit to produce another small APU :: Shall we try to glean something from this console?
Amanda Davis PhD: ::turns with the doctor::: Dacia? :::looking around:: Room three A. Now!
Annisha: HD> :: dusts herself off ::
Dacia Sandero: Room 3A. Right. ::heads over there and readies it::
Dacia Sandero: Ok, good to go here. What's going on?  Have you tried the Heimlich maneuver yet?
Scott Coleridge: @::Sierra:: It's your show, Lieutenant.
Amanda Davis PhD: Dr Graylock> ::working on the Lieutenant::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: opens the console hatch...this time she has to lie down and sort of work underneath the console....::
Alexis McFarland: ::looks around and heads to the tower:: How do we get in?
Sierra Robinson: @ :: inspects data chips and EPS connections to the console...and then places the small APU in place :: Okay, I am going to...power it up ....now.... :: beep ... click ::
Tarisa: Miana> One moment. ::Spots the ward she was looking for. With a small pulse she activates it, which opens the door.::
Dacia Sandero: ::helping out as well, checking the Lt's bio signs::
Sierra Robinson: @ I can't see the console from down here...I hope it did something...
Tarisa: @ It is coming online now.
Alexis McFarland: Nice. ::Peeks inside::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::assisting Dr Graylock, but it doesn't seem to be helping:::
Dacia Sandero: ::scans the Lieutenant's airways to find what's blocking::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: decides to scan the console itself for any anomalies that may be present ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: breathes deeply ::
Amanda Davis PhD: Graylock> ::checks everything he can, but nothing helps and the Lt fades away:::
Sierra Robinson: @ :: begins to wiggle her way out from underneath the console ::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::standing over the Lt, he makes the call::: Set the time at 1109 hours, Aegis local. :::looks to the assistants:: He's gone.
Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis: Thank you
Chirakis: Well done. Next week is Christmas Day. There will be no sim that day. The week after is New Year's Day. If anyone is interested, I will be there.
Chirakis: TBS will be two days, at what time, the crew will gather in the conference room to report findings.
Chirakis: Questions?
Sierra Robinson: none tonight
Chirakis: Commander Coleridge, Comments for the crew?
Scott Coleridge: Nope
Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew?
Chirakis: Very well... Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah to everyone.
Tarisa: night night
Dacia Sandero: Goodnight, Merry Christmas Happy holidays
Chirakis: Enjoy yourselves....
mimipavilion: night all see ya next week
Scott Coleridge: No, Mimi
mimipavilion: or next year
Chirakis: Heh.
Scott Coleridge: That's better :P
mimipavilion: ::head slaps Scott::
Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.


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