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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 12.06.20

MISSION BRIEF: Having returned to 37 Tango, Excalibur has resupplied and is preparing to head out on patrol of the Agape sector.


Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM


William Chocox: ::is working at the Engineering Bridge Station::

Irene Mincine: :: Irene behaved herself this time! She's back at her spot at the science station on the bridge, not even hung over or anything. All of the captain's belongings are where they're supposed to be. ::

Indaura Ryssan: :: Clearing up her office ::

Indaura Ryssan: :: Watering the plants ::

William Chocox: Warp core is looking good. We're ready to go when cleared.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Reviewing manifest and other reports from the starbase to ensure that none of his crew had gotten up to anything while on leave.::

Maryse Dubois: ::Checking off the supply reports. Everything seemed in order.::

Cptn Swain: ::Enters the bridge, tea in hand, looking refreshed.::

Irene Mincine: "New haircut, sir?" :: She says as Swain walks in. ::

William Chocox: (m) Three days old Ensign.

Cptn Swain: ::Smirks and takes his seat::

Cptn Swain: Status reports?

William Chocox: Engineering is good sir.

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Sensors are all good, sir."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> We've been restocked and refueled, sir.

Cptn Swain: ::Glances over to Jalen::

Cptn Swain: Excellent.

Cptn Swain: Sound departure stations.

Irene Mincine: Val> ::At helm. :: "We're cleared for departure on your command, cap."

Cptn Swain: Good. Clear all moorings.

Irene Mincine: :: A few seconds of console-typing later... :: Val> "We are free and clear."

William Chocox: Warp Drive is ready.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Leans back in his chair.:: She's running smoothly.

Cptn Swain: Take us out, 1/4 impulse until we're clear of the perimeter.

Cptn Swain: Then engage warp 6. ::sips tea:: I think they managed to find a sector along the neutral zone I've never been.

William Chocox: I almost thought I'd seen enough of the neutral zone for one lifetime.

Irene Mincine: Val> "One quarter impulse, warp 6 for the destination sector." :: The ship slides away from the docking platform, then forward toward the space doors. ::

Irene Mincine: Irene> "What's special about this sector?"

Cptn Swain: Nothing in particular.

William Chocox: Which means we're either going to discover an advanced Romulan invasion fleet, or 5 black holes within a light year of each other.

Cptn Swain: ::Smirks::

Irene Mincine: Irene> "It's always one of the two in the neutral zone, isn't it?"

Cptn Swain: There is a brown dwarf I thought we might check out.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> Why must everyone always think the worst? I read the reports from your rescue mission and everything seemed quiet. A minor hiccup, but you resolved that admirably well.

Cptn Swain: ::Nods:: Yes, they did a good job.

William Chocox: ::to Stanton:: Is that the only mission report you've read?

Maryse Dubois: ::Takes note that the ship is moving. She grabs a tea from her replicator and finishes up the report.::

Irene Mincine: Val> "Cleared the perimeter. Going to warp, sir." :: EXT. Space: The ship goes to warp.

Indaura Ryssan: :: Walking into the sickbay ::

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Thank you." :: She beams, proud that the commander had words of praise for her for once. ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> I read all of the mission reports. ::Glance at Chocox.:: Something you neglected to include?

William Chocox: So you've read all of the mission reports for our various missions and you're questioning why we think something unexpected might happen?

William Chocox: Sir?

Maryse Dubois: ::Hearing someone enter sickbay, she steps out of her office.::

Indaura Ryssan: Ah Doctor, I see we are getting underway.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene lowers her head to look at the science console and stifles a laugh. ::

Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: So it seems.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Smirks.:: You think the ship attracts unfortunate circumstances?

Cptn Swain: ::Drinks his tea::

William Chocox: Sir, with all due respect. The only other ships that have these sorts of things happen to them are named Enterprise.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> I've known of a lot of 'cursed' ships in the fleet, but primarily I find it isn't the ship. ::Gives Will a long look.:: It's typically the people.

William Chocox: Are you saying that I sabotaged an entire planet sir?

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Well, I didn't sabotage it."

William Chocox: ::shrugs:: (m) Would be my most impressive engineering feat.

Cptn Swain: ::Smirking, turns to Irene:: Other than the brown dwarf, why don't you compile a list of stellar phenomena in the Agape sector, Ensign.

Cptn Swain: Perhaps we can find time to check out a few while we scan space dust for hidden Romulans.

Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Nods. :: "Will do, sir... any particular type you want me to focus on?" :: She hmms at the mention of hidden Romulans. :: "Maybe tachyon-emitting pulsars?"

Cptn Swain: Sure.

William Chocox: Sounds like fun.

Cptn Swain: Those are always interesting. ::Wrote his thesis on them::

Irene Mincine: Irene> :: A knowing smile. :: "I'll have a prospective search list for us by the time we get to the neutral zone, sir."

William Chocox: ::William had written his thesis on Applied Engineering Methods as Applied to Violent Combustion in Military Contexts::

Irene Mincine: :: Irene’s was on slime mold DNA sequencing. ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances at Swain.:: The neutral zone is always a hazard, but Starfleet didn't give any specifics on current threats in the area.

William Chocox: We'll need to keep our heads on a swivel anyway.

Cptn Swain: ::Nods:: As always.

Irene Mincine: Irene> “We did get a new software package that’s supposed to increase sensitivity for Romulan engine emissions but I’m sure the Romulans had a copy 3 months ago.”

William Chocox: Probably 6

Cptn Swain: Now, now. The Romulans are many things. They're clever, sometimes too clever.

Cptn Swain: And I have one of the best crews in the fleet.

William Chocox: But?

Cptn Swain: No but.

William Chocox: Hm

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Back to reading reports, this time on current Romulan excursions.::

Indaura Ryssan: (I'm just not getting the chats tonight)

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Best geneticist in the fleet at your service."

William Chocox: (m) Best explosives expert.

Indaura Ryssan: :: She sits :: So where are we going this time?


Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM


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