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Out of the Deep

Out of the Deep
Aboard Starfleet Command’s Runabout Osprey, Nebula 231

A constant 180 degree sweep through nebula 231 continued as Osprey moved through the nebula, searching for the three missing Oberth class ships Rodman, Chi Song, and Agincourt.  The Osprey continued on its way while Lt Cdr Moore focused his thoughts on the missing ships.  Arms crossed, he leaned back to focus on the situation.

Lt t’Jana had honed in on a signal in the area of sector 503.  It had a cluster of different colors, but as soon as they approached, the mist disappeared.   Moore had reduced nebular frequencies 1.75 times to make areas of the nebula audible.  It was interesting.  The lieutenant said it sounded like dancing, or an orchestra.  It echoed through the main system, but as soon as they approached the sounds faded away.  Why?

Osprey had moved farther into the nebula, towards the last coordinates of Rodman, Chi Song, and Agincourt and the nebular mist, coordinates two seven zero mark one three five.  Hoping beyond hope, Moore continued to stare at the forward viewscreen until Lt Case called out, “Commander.  Think I got something.”

Moore swiveled his chair.  “On screen.”

“Nothing on screen, sir, just this sound.”  

“Mayday, may..y, may... .   SS Rodma… assistance…. I say again…. USS Rod… nebu... 231…  requir…. assistance…. Mayd..…. Ula….. 31, coordinat…. to follow.  May..., mayday, may... .   SS Rodma… assistance…. I say again…. USS Rodm… nebu... 231…  requir…. assistance…. Mayday…. Ula….. 31, coorr...…. to follow.

Moore swiveled his chair.  “Mason, target the coordinates.  Stay on it, max warp.  It’s not getting away this time.”

Osprey flipped around, zoned in, and went to max warp.  Within the hour Rodman, Chi Song, and Agincourt were dead in the water.

USS Rodman, this is Starfleet Command Osprey.  Respond,” called Moore as they closed in.

A weak, “Osprey…, USS Rodman..., Commander Julian Trajan,” came through the wire.  “USS Chi Song….”  Trajan paused, trying to take a deep breath.  “USS Agincourt…. Need assistance.

“Understood, Commander.  Stand by,”  Moore responded turning to Ling.  “What’s our closest station, Lieutenant?”

“That would be Sky Harbor Aegis, sir.”

“Get Aegis on the horn.  Give them the coordinates, let them know the situation, and request assistance.  And…”

Commander… no large... ships… mist drinks… into it.”

“The mist drinks it?” he said, incredulous.  

Yes.  Mist Commander.  Small… ships only.  Runabouts… best.”

“Hang in there, Commander.  Small ships on the way.”

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