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The Growth of an Empire II

Growth of an Empire II

“Green man say eat plant.  Taste good. Get information.”

The security complex had been active throughout the night, hunting down anyone who might, even remotely, look for the Pakleds’ “green man”. 

At 0630, Lt Jeremy Garand entered the security squad room to pass the latest information from night patrol to alpha patrol at 0700.  Captain Chirakis slipped in behind him, hoping that she would not disturb the lieutenant’s report.  It didn’t work.  Within seconds, every security guard in the room almost overturned a chair and stood to full attention.

Garand nodded with a glance at Kirel.  Kirel crossed her arms, walked slowly to the back of the room and leaned against the wall.  “As you were.  Proceed, Lieutenant.”

A screeee of chairs moved across the decking as the guards settled down.

“Very well, Captain,” Garand replied as he plunked his PADD on the podium and began  with, “Listen up.”  

“I’m sure you’re aware of the Pakleds who have been quarantined.  Unfortunately, most of them have died.  Just before one died, he said that a green man had given them the green plants that you probably have seen in several areas of the station.  The green man encouraged them to eat the plants and gather information.  Now….” Garand leaned against the podium for their full attention. “If you see one of those plants, do… not… touch it.  Do not allow anyone else to touch it.  If you see even a piece of that plant, leave it alone.  Cordon it off and report it immediately. Understood?”


“As for the dealer… the one who gave the Pakleds the plant?”  Garand threw up his hands. “The dealer could have been an impostor. He could be a she or could have been masked with green paint.  We don’t know.  What we do know is to be vigilant. If you see anyone even brushing against a plant, take them immediately to medical. Carry your medkits and gloves at all times.  Do not attempt to provide medical care.  Leave that to the corpsmen.


“Yes, sir,” a tall focused woman stood.  “I understand that decks 98 and plants found growing in the arboretum have been neutralized.  Are there other areas we should patrol?”

“If you find any plants that have not been neutralized, standard procedure, Lieutenant.  Cordon them off, report, wait for medical, and then investigate. Anyone else…?  

“Very well, the rest of your patrol information is on your PADD or tablet—whichever you use.  If nothing else, move out.”

As soon as the teams moved out, Kirel walked to the security office in step with Garand.  “I’m sending a report to October, Lieutenant,” she said as soon as the door closed.  “I believe that there is more to this than Pakleds and plants.” 

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