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Callista Tyrel

Agent Callista



Secret Agent Callista


(Note: The following occurs recently but is independent of our current plot) 


The  throne  room was dimly lit with torches mounted on what appeared to be golden floor lamps.  Tall black marble columns supported the ceiling which appeared to have latinum bars embedded into it.  The floor was also of black polished marble with a prominent row of gold tiles leading up to the throne itself. On that throne, was an opulently dressed Ferengi with two well dressed Bolian henchmen, one on each side.

Callista looked forward, her wrists handcuffed behind her. She was secured to a stone pillory that looked out of place in such an opulent room.  Her black tactical suit almost blended in with the floor in its color, but it apparently was not dark enough not to remain unseen. A sinister laugh came from the familiar Ferengi before. It was  Mork the Sentient Cooker.

“So Ms. Starflleet did you think you could just enter my lair on your wits alone to plunder my treasures?  Well not this time!  I have not forgotten your Federation’s raid on  my exquisite culinary storerooms.  I tripled security at all my properties including here at my Latinum Nest. So, what WERE you after this time? “ Mork asked.

“You stole something capable of imploding the galaxy you idiot!”  Callista answered. “Why else would I be here?  That little rock on your ring is not a jewel. It has a very technical term.  Would you like me to enlighten you?  She said bluntly as she could. Callista was taking advantage of Mork’s longwindedness while using a  tool agent K provided her  to unlock the handcuffs securing her to the pillory. Just a few more seconds were required.

Wait..did he just call me Ms. Starfleet?

“I know what this is, Ms. Starfleet.”  Mork proudly displayed his ring. “ And I did not steal the Uberlithium crystal, I bought it!  Mork replied with a snivel and began  laughing.  “And now I have something else, a tasty new morsel to shish kabob over a grill. You!!! Guards take her to my seasoning room!!”

Before the two latinum threaded Bolian thugs could lay a hand on her, Callista had already freed herself.  She quickly sprinted for the nearest floor lamp and lifted it knocking over the torch and began to spin it over her head.

“Get her you Morons!!!!”  Mork commanded as he rose.

The Bolians charged with golden stun batons.  Callista almost superhumanly attacked the first Bolian with a well placed swat to the head knocking him to the floor unconscious.  The second Bolian did not have a chance to respond as the black clad Starfleet engineer swung her improvised  weapon behind his knees causing him to fall backwards. The finishing blow came to the second Bolian’s head via the lampstand’s base.  Somehow after that combination, “ Ms. Starfleet '' finished with a  superhero landing.

“Well never let employees finish an employer’s job!.”  Mork exclaimed while revealing what appeared to be a disrupter made of latinum. He aimed the weapon at Callista with a big smile on his face.


  “ I would have preferred to roast you over a fire pit Ms. Starfleet. Maybe with some soy sauce and sprinkled with....

Before Mork could finish his diabolical recipe, Callista reached for her tactical knife in her black boot and threw it with all she could. The blade flew straight into Mork’s forehead, sending the Ferengi stumbling back into his jewel encrusted throne.

“Gordon Ramsey was going to..”  Mork was unable to finish the sentence before he breathed his last.

Callista approached the throne to quickly retrieve her objective, the Uberlithium crystal mounted on Mork’s ring.  After a few gentle tugs she removed the ring and checked the crystal’s authenticity.  The unique purple pulsing of the crystal in response to localized graviton imbalances indicated Mork was not wearing a fake. It was mesmerizing, in size and beauty but extremely dangerous in the hands of one who wanted to weaponize it. She quickly secured the ring a mission designed pocket on her suit.  It was time to go..

Suddenly a loud klaxon sounded in the throne room and an audible countdown began.  Callista ran as fast as she could to the exit. Oddly it seemed as if she was running in place while the alarm became louder and louder.

Lieutenant Tyrel finally woke up and deactivated the familiar chrono which displayed 0700 .  Callista caught her breath and let her heartrate return to normal before resting her head on her pillow for a moment.  The ceiling was not made of gold pressed latinum in her quarters, just that Starfleet standard beige paint. Reality had returned.

“Ms. Starfleet..yeah right.” Callista sighed and followed with a smile..


 It was only a dream but a good one.

( RIP Diana Rigg )





Edited by Callista Tyrel

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