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The Growth of an Empire

The Growth of an Empire

On the first day of the year 2387 a new universe emerged. Determined to conquer the universe, the Breen fashioned what they believed to be a perfect subspace corridor—one that would allow them to disappear into subspace, suddenly appear and take over Aegis, then move on to take over the Joint Allied Powers.  They would control the universe. In their mind, it was the perfect ploy.  However, entering subspace was one thing.  Exiting subspace was another.  Locked in subspace, the Breen vanished, never to be heard from again. 

Word soon spread throughout the Joint Allied Powers.  They could now breathe a sigh of relief.  There would no longer be a problem with the Breen… except for the problem of freed Breen slaves. 

No longer slaves, some returned to their homes to enjoy a relaxed, simple life. Others formed groups of marauders, bandits, looters, and the like.  Unfortunately, there were more of the latter, led by an exceptionally clandestine operator by the name of Ragor Tal.

On the 22nd day of October in the year 2387, a new Sky Harbor Aegis was moved into the neutral zone between the Joint Allied Powers and former Breen space. Border Patrol ships USS Missouri, USS Iowa, USS Calgary, and USS Toronto along with their substantial Task Forces secured that area of space as much as possible.  Security on station grew exponentially, but that did not deter Ragor Tal.  

First came the Argesil Conspiracy: the Joint Allied Powers’ Watergate.  Then came the disappearance of the USS Vladivostok, an Oberth class science vessel that explored areas of high radiation, stellar prominences, and emission nebulae. Then USS Byron, a stealth destroyer was destroyed, Nei’rrh and Argos II were rescued from a nebular burst, Aegis experienced a technological virus—reason unknown, the Pakleds came on station to look for a place to live, and deadly plants began to emerge on station….

Kirel's  office door secured and her hands pressed together, she sighed into a relaxed position and closed her eyes to consider the past, the present, and the possible future.

Captain Chirakis, Captain Kelley is here to see you, ma’am,” interrupted her thoughts.

A glance at the security screen and she sighed. “Send him in,” she replied, pushing herself slowly away from the desk toward the liquor cabinet.  Kelley always enjoyed a good ale.

He stepped in, the door closed, and he crept slowly toward the cabinet. “Hey. Kir. You okay?”

“I look that bad?” She forced a grin.

“Well, you don’t look that bad. But you’ve looked better.”

“Ale, Terran beer, cognac,... enl’licdh’a?”

“Ale works,” he replied, walking toward the window to stare at the Iowa.  “Had a few bad days, I hear.”  Kirel handed him the ale and leaned against the window with her enl’licdh’a.

“A few problems. Nothing we cannot handle.”

“A few….?”

“A few,” she responded, downing her drink  “We have a command conference in... five minutes.  Care to join us?”

“Sure,” he responded on a shrug.  “Gonna be interesting?”



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